The K-47 Combat Pistol is a service pistol in use with a large number of military forces, although most only have it in limited service. An elderly weapon, these pistols are regarded as almost indestructible, with few bugs or glitches even years after it's design.

K-47 Combat Pistol

Production Information
Manufacturer Hammerforge Industries
Type .45 caliber semi-automatic ballistic pistol
Technical Information
Length 21cm
Weight 1.1kg
Effective Range 100m
Ammunition 7 round magazine + 1 in chamber
Known Users
Other Information
Original Creator Flashfire212


Before the Col'nesian War, trials were conducted on six different prototype guns offered by a variety of Hammerforge designers. Very quickly, three were discounted on mechanical issues, while a fourth pulled out from the competition for unexplained reasons. The final two were trialed, and of those, only one lacked any faults whatsoever. The final remaining pistol was taken and converted into the K-47.

The standard sidearm for the Col'nesian Army, the K-47 rapidly developed a reputation as one of the best handguns available, with the standard rounds easily puncturing the armor protecting Eggman's units, both robotic and organic. Soon after the end of the war, export began, with the guns rapidly selling to G.U.N. and the Moebian Liberation Army, earning a large group of fans amongst soldiers. In addition, as the weapons were available for civilian purchase, many would buy these guns. However, despite it's success, the weapon was also showing it's age, and as such, both the Col'nesian Army and G.U.N. began phasing these pistols out, with a number of soldiers being allowed to keep the weapons, while the rest accepted a newer pistol. Even so, Hammerforge began to modify the pistol, and as such a resurgence is possible.

Design & Attributes

A small, light semi-automatic pistol with an eight-shot total, the K-47 is a favorite pistol amongst a variety of armed forces, including military, law enforcement, and hunters. These weapons are light and slim, allowing for it to be concealed with ease. Antipersonnel rounds fired from this gun are quite powerful, capable of piercing the light armor used by Eggman to protect his Egg Pawns, although the later model robots are often armored with heavier armor, and require armor-piercing rounds. It is rare for these pistols to overheat, with the amount required to do so being roughly ten magazines worth, approximately 70-80 bullets. These pistols are also reasonably accurate at a moderate range, without too much hassle from bullet drop, at least, not as much as over a long distance. The guns are easy to maintain, and just as easy to customize, as long as you know what you are doing. A small handful have elemental imbuing. However, the main version comes with no attachments. As such, Hammerforge has released two variants, the K-47L, with tactical light, and K-47S, with silencer.


Standard from Manufacturer

  • K-47 - standard
  • K-47L - standard, w/ tactical light
  • K-57S - standard w/ silencer.

Customized Examples

  • One example, known as Crimson and owned by Morpheus the hedgehog, has been modified to combat shadow beasts. The gun has been imbued with the element of light, allowing it to fire standard bullets with an elemental charge, or enhance the power of specially created bullets imbued with light themselves. The gun is also somewhat lighter in colour than usual, closer to polished steel than the darker gunmetal tone, with crimson-stained redwood providing the handgrip. The shaping of the grip has been altered to fit the user's unique shooting style.

Known Users

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