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A simple child born into Kenshines family. meaning he's darkness's older brother. but what happened to him was angels took him into their guidence and had him kill innocents. Angels were not a friendly race at the time and G.U.N. wanted powers so they captured jyscal ad forced him to work for them. eventualy Jyscal fought Darkness not knowing their brotherhood. After the fight that lasted a week Jyscal submitted to his brother and was expected to be slain, but wasnt instead he was freed from his control and given a set of books from their mother to read to regan his memories. Time took a toll on Jyscal because he was forced to re-enter GUN's services because they re-created the ties of control and this time they had no way of being broken.. or so they thought because one day a small baby girl no older that 1 hour old was teleported to him and in it had a note only saying "Semirez" and that broke the ties again and Jyscal raised her as his own. which is true because she came from the future that ended badly for her so the future jyscal and future fire sent her back in time to him to help fully sever the ties.

SFW Backstory (cuz i like having multiple versions)

A another and more simple version to his backstory would be that when he woke up after being launched into space he wound up in a distant planet unkown to him or his relatives. He walked through the streets trying to call his family and it attracted thugs and so they chased him into a back alley where they beat him until all of them were defeated by a fryinging pan to the head and his new adoptive mother Rey was taking him in and keeping him in a very good watch and home. That same night he showed Rey his books and also tried to call out through the stars to his family... they heard him but they couldnt respond Darkness being taken in by G.U.N unable to respond and Elizabeth not having enough energy to transform and call out to him either so he remained alone in his family with Rey who loved him like he was her own and after his training he decided to stay with her.


Flight - do i really need to say?

Angel Light - ?

Demon Bane - ?

more to come as i remember or make them.

Male Template

Jyscal the Angel

Biographical Information
RelativesDarkness, Tikala, Semirez, Fire, Espiata,Rey,Elizabeth
Alias"Angelic Demon"
Romantic InterestsFire
Physical Description
SpeciesDragon Hybrid
Descriptionread his backstories
Attirewhite overcoat hoodie black pants
Political Alignment and Abilities
AbilitiesBlood Art
Super FormsAngel's Bane
Other Information
American V.A.none
Japanese V.A.none
Theme Song(s)none
Original CreatorEAJ


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