Justin the Dog is a mobian dog and the fursona of Kagimizu

Justin the Dog

Biographical Information
Age 17
  • Mary the Sheep (mother)
  • Bill the Dog (father)
  • Pandora "Pandy" the Cat (deceased)
  • 2 Half-brothers (Fraternal)
  • Half-sister (Fraternal)
  • Numerous other relatives
  • Mr. Badger (By Catalyst)
  • God of Love (Once used by Flare
  • Master Matchmaker (By Cameron)
Romantic Interests
Birthplace Portland, Oregon
Current Residence Portland, Oregon
Birth Date June 20, 1994
Physical Description
Species Mobian/Dog
Gender Male
  • Dark Brown Fur
  • Dark Brown Hair
  • Caucasian Skin
  • Anything comfortable, typically sweatpants/jeans and a maroon hoodie
  • White Sneakers
  • Grey fingerless gloves/mittens
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations His friends
Weaponry None
Super Forms None
Other Information
Likes Video Games, Books, TV, Nature, His friends, Day-dreaming, Relaxing, Having fun, People who do the right thing, Fair treatment, Respect towards others, Music, Manga, Drawing
Dislikes Taking risks, Bad games/books/shows, Evil, Oppression, Disrespect towards others, Unfair Treatment, Destruction of Nature, His friends being hurt or insulted, Heights, Taking risks, Awkward/Uncomfortable Situations, Loud Noises, Dancing, Being forced to do something


Under Construction

Justin has a complex personality. He generally tries to be a good person, but has his fair share of flaws. He is rather lazy, and will only do something if he wants to, or has no choice in the matter. When forced to do something, Justin will only go as far as what is acceptable, only putting actual effort into something when he wants to or is under great pressure. Justin believes that his mind "works in those devious grey areas", as while he tries to follow a sense of morals and do the right thing, he is not above usong under-handed methods to get what he wants. Justin is very loyal to his friends, and will do anything in his power to protect and help them. This especially shows when his friends are upset or having trouble, as he will try everything in an attempt to comfort and help them. However, Justin can sometimes be the one who causes the trouble (most of the time unintentionally), but will try to make make things right when this is the case. Justin often causes this by making jokes which are intended to be funny, but end up hurtful.

Despite his loyalty, Justin is not above criticizing or chastizing his friends when they do something wrong, though he will defend them if the action was by mistake. Justin isn't one to care what other people think of him, as he is perfectly happy with who he is, and is more than willing to admit his flaws or shortcomings. His biggest flaws, including his laziness and sense of humor, are that he can be incredibly dense at certain times, needing things to be spelled out for him, when others understand it perfectly, and his forgetfulness; he will often forget things that aren't priorities to him, and sometimes will forget things even if they are important to him. Justin is incredibly imaginative, to the point of being over-imaginative. Justin can (most of the time) easily come up with numerous characters, stories, and concepts, though they are often vague, missing various key points, such as detailed plots and even character names.

Justin loves watching TV and playing video-games, but also enjoys a good book, though he is extremely selective about what he reads. This stems from his great dislike of taking risks, as he worries that the book may not be interesting and a waste of money. Justin can often be a worry-wort, and isn't one to take risks, always wanting to be sure of something before actually attempting it, though he'll take risks when neccessary. Justin can also be quite a hot-head, though he usually tries to maintain an even temper. Early in his life, Justin was quite emotional and very sensitive, but due to suffering from much teasing and bullying in his, Justin is completely unaffected by even the harshest insults, or someone's negative opinions of him.

Justin tries to stay out of the center of action, as he has a great fear of suffering injury, and can often be considered a worry-wort, though he tries to be optimistic. Justin follows his own personal philosophy, "to each their own", which means to let others live there lives as they want to, and to not criticize someone for what they believe, or try and force your own beliefs on another person. Justin is quite passive and quiet, and never attacks anyone, without good reason. Justin is also quite sentimental, and could be considered a bit of a "pack-rat", holding onto things that have long since fallen into disuse. This stems from his own knowledge of his forgetfulness, because he fears that if he does not hold onto something, the memories associated with them may disappear.

Justin is also quite impatient when waiting, and will usually ask for a good reason for the delay. A unique fact about Justin is the fact that he lacks almost any ability to truly hate someone or something. No matter how much he dislikes something or someone, he always sees a positive aspect in almost everything, which keeps his dislike from ever growing into actual hatred.


Justin doesn't really have any extraordinary abilities. He has a certain degree of strength and is somewhat fast, but without motivation he quickly runs out of stamina, squandering these abilities. However, Justin does have above-average reflexes, and is able to keep up with and avoid or even deflect high-speed attacks. Justin, while usually quite the opposite, can actually be quite perceptive when he focuses, able to see and hear things that he might otherwise miss. He is also supposedly quite intelligent, though he himself does not believe it. While he is usually fairly quiet, Justin can make his presence quite well known through powerful roars or howls.

Justin is also is extremely imaginative, allowing him to come up with at least a basic idea in a few moments with the slightest bit of inspiration. This allowed him to come up with the J-94 Dragon Maw, which he has named after himself and his favorite mythical animal.

Special Power

At first thought to have no unique powers, it is later shown that this is quite the opposite. This power manifests itself as a unique flame with a white core and orange border, which seems to flow almost like a type of liquid. When in use, the "flames" ignite on his outer hands, tail, and eyebrows, flaring up at the ridges. Despite looking like a type of flame, this power does not burn, and instead acts as a form of solid construct power. Despite not being actual flame, it can still be used in much the same way for thrust and acceleration. This power is actually an extension of Justin's own body, and as such is controlled by his own physical and mental commands as his muscles would be. When pushing to his limits Justin can transform his entire body into this energy and manipulate his form, but doing so leaves Justin with mental strain and a bleeding nose. His techniques include:

  • Boom Claw: The lower half of Justin's forearm is converted into the "flame" and thrust towards an opponent in the form of a five-clawed hand. The speed and size of this attack can often vary, and at its maximum speed can break the sound barrier.
  • Wave Blade: Justin converts his hand into the "flame" that seems similar to a machete, and widens from the base up to the tip. Despite its questionable solid form, the blade carries cutting power enough to block both solid and energy attacks.
  • Soccer Bomb: Forming a soccer ball-sized sphere of the "flame", Justin seemingly drops it, only to launch the orb with a "flame" -empowered kick. Though imperfect in aim, the explosive power of the sphere is still quite dangerous.
  • Gaia Fist: Justin transforms his forearms into "flame" and increases their size to about three-times the previous size, with strength increased in-scale.
  • Drop Kick: One of Justin's more brutal moves yet also one of his favored ones, Justin launches a "flame"-boosted kick in between the opponent's legs. Against male enemies this is quite debilitating, and can usually fell said enemies in one hit. Its effectiveness against female enemies is limited, however.
    • Reverse Drop Kick: A variant of the above move, Justin generates the thrust from the front of his foot, usually doing a full-spin to perform an axe-kick on the enemy.
    • Pendulum Axe: A combination of the above move, Justin boosts his foot upward, then generates thrust to force it back down, hitting the enemy with even more impact.
  • Magma Roar: Creating a compact orb of "flame", Justin then swallows the compact orb, which explodes within his body. Lethal to most, Justin is able to survive and contain the explosion within him due to the "flame" being his own. Justin then launches a Hyper Voice attack, which when combined with the "flame" energy, generates a powerful beam-like blast. Powerful as it may be, the attack causes strain on Justin's stomach through distension, and repeated use can cause tearing and internal injuries.

Artist's Gauntlet

Under Construction

A special gauntlet Justin had Flare make. The gauntlet is designed to be worn on either hand, with the fingerless grlove having only four fingers, and openings on the side for the thumb. The section covering his forearm is a deep-blue metallic armor, with a sharp "palette" on top.


Justin, while not having a large amount of Pokémon, is an intermediate-level Trainer, able to handle average opponent's fairly easily. While Justin adores his Pokémon and enjoys Pokémon Battles, Justin believes that his skill in training and battling with his Pokémon is lacking compared to others. As such, Justin prefers to simply enjoy the company of his Pokémon in a domestic environment, while taking up the occasional battle to keep his Pokémon in shape. His currently known Pokémon are as follows:


Due to Medabots requiring easier maintenance, the greater intrigue of Robattles, and the ability to actually have conversations and get assistance from them, Justin has taken up Medabots and Robattling. While by no means intending for anything grand, Justin enjoys Robattles and the company and assistance his Medabots can offer. Justin owns several different Medabots, in addition to a wide variety of different parts for different situations.


A DrakeBlaze Medabot with a compatible Phoenix Medal. While Justin's newest Medabot, GenDrake has quickly proven to be his most powerful, and is the one Justin uses most often in combat. GenDrake is quite fast, and while his raw power is hardly noticeable, his specialty in inflicting Burn damage to his opponents makes GenDrake a dangerous opponent with a prime ability to break through defenses, especially when using his Dragon Crasher to finish off an opponent's weakened parts all in one shot. GenDrake is loyal and obedient, but not without a penchant for smart-alec quips. GenDrake is one of Justin's only Medabots capable of Medachanging, and greatly enjoys being able to fly through the air in his Medachanged form.

  • Head: Flame Jaw
    • Skill: Aim Shot
    • Action: Fire
  • Right Arm: Draco Fang
    • Skill: Strike
    • Action: Fire
  • Left Arm: Dragoon Crash
    • Skill: Strike
    • Action: Fire, Chain Reaction
  • Legs: Scaleblazer
    • Type: Two-legged

In this form, GenDrake changes form to look more like a winged serpent. His forearms become attached to his back and act as silos for his Missile and Napalm attacks. GenDrake becomes much faster and more evasive in this form, but has to rely on raw power rather than his penchant for Burn damage. The homing nature of his Missile and Napalm attacks make this little trouble, however.

  • Drive A:
    • Skill: Strike
    • Action: Fire
  • Drive B:
    • Skill: Aim Shot
    • Action: Napalm
  • Drive C:
    • Skill: Aim Shot
    • Action: Missile


A Stingray Medabot with a compatible Tortoise Medal. Cray is a fast-paced speed-loving Medabot who enjoys "blading", riding, and robattling through the city. A big fan of parkour, Cray enjoys turning the city into his own personal skate park and using the environment to his advantage in combat. However, Cray is a big-time "city-bot" and greatly dislikes having to be out in a nature-based environment; partially because his Leg Parts are designed for urban environments and are thus inhibited in natural terrain. Despite a penchant for speed, Cray is anything but a bad shot; on the contrary, he's able to make critical shots while moving at max speed.

  • Head: Plasma Laser
    • Skill: Shoot
    • Action: Laser
  • Right Arm: Track Laser
    • Skill: Shoot
    • Action: Laser
  • Left Arm: Chase Laser
    • Skill: Aim Shot
    • Action: Laser
  • Legs: Shadow
    • Type: Wheel


A Sharkkan Medabot with a compatible Bear Medal. Due to being built for combat in the water, Whirl finds himself getting little time on the Robattle scene. This makes Whirl highly aggressive and eager for combat, so much that he somewhat frightens the rest of Justin's Medabots (and a few Pokémon). In battle Justin is barely able to control Whirl, only really able to give directions on the best means to attack. Justin even went so far as to by a different set of Bear-compatible legs that would allow Whirl non-aqua combat, in the hopes that would ease Whirl's battle-lust. In Robattle Whirl uses his Gravity-based Break attacks to the very limit in highly destructive blasts, while using speed and diving to evade any incoming attacks.

  • Head: Power Driver
    • Skill: Shoot
    • Action: Break
  • Right Arm: Plus Driver
    • Skill: Shoot
    • Action: Break
  • Left Arm: Minus Driver
    • Skill: Aim Shot
    • Action: Break
  • Legs: Smacker
    • Type: Sea
  • (Alt) Legs: Anti-Grav
    • Type: Float


A Bayonet Medabot. Unlike many of Justin's other Medabots, Nano actually has an Alien Medal, which is incompatible with his shooting-specialty parts (Alien Medals specialize in transforming parts). Because of this Nano has a strong desire to prove himself and is always ready to fight whoever he has to in order to prove his handicap is minimal. Despite not operating at peak ability, Nano is a skilled and powerful shooter, able to hit at long distances and let off a rapid barrage of shots. Nano has a habit of speaking rapidly, referring to himself in the third person, and finishing his sentences with "Nano-Nano". Part of the reason he prefers his Alien Medal in the Bayonet model is because of his powerful Medaforce "Dice Attack".

  • Head: Reaction Bomb
    • Skill: Shoot
    • Action: Missile, Chain Reaction
  • Right Arm: Revolven
    • Skill: Shoot
    • Action: Rifle
  • Left Arm: Sumachinegun
    • Skill: Aim Shot
    • Action: Gatling
  • Legs: Ochitsukan
    • Type: Two-legged


A Octoclam Medabot with a compatible Squid Medal. Kama is very quiet and introverted, and rarely speaks to anyone outside of confirming the orders given to him. Otherwise, Kama prefers to be left to his own thoughts. He isn't very aggressive, and usually goes along with his fellow Medabots or friends in various escapades or adventures, with little objections. However, trying to pressure him into a decision or some other situation, he'll eventually lash out with an attack, and escape while his aggressor is bound. In combat Kama is best at counter-attacking his opponent with his strikes before making his own move, but in rough terrain Kama can use his multi-legged Leg Parts to their full ability, continually striking opponents to keep them slowed down while he maintains an advantage.

  • Head: Hatchin
    • Skill: Strike
    • Action: Hold
  • Right Arm: Catch
    • Skill: Strike
    • Action: Hold
  • Left Arm: Twist
    • Skill: Berserk
    • Action: Hold
  • Legs: Swick
    • Type: Multi-legged.


A Icknite Medabot with a compatible Jellyfish Medal. Fuchsia is sassy, cheerful, bold, and energetic. Opposite Kama, Fuchsia is extroverted and outgoing, gladly and willingly speaking her mind to anyone about almost anything. Fuchsia has a headstrong and take-charge personality, and often attempts to take up the role of "leader" among Justin's Medabots- only to be challenged by those of the likes of Cray, which usually results in GenDrake reigning in the both of them. Despite her loud personality, Fuchsia is quite capable of operating effectively and silently, as a true ninja. In battle Fuchsia is fast and ferocious, using her speed to dazzle and confuse enemies before striking them with blitzes of precise and powerful Napalm attacks, all the while evading incoming attacks and dodging defensive measures.

  • Head: Charm Point
    • Skill: Trap
    • Action: Shot Trap
  • Right Arm: Explosive Ball
    • Skill: Shoot
    • Action: Napalm, Chain Reaction
  • Left Arm: Hand Grenade
    • Skill: Aim Shot
    • Action: Napalm, Chain Reaction
  • Legs: Tabi
    • Type: Two-legged


A Saldron Medabot with a compatible Alien Medal. Sally is fiery, passionate, and short-tempered, with plenty of aggression to boot. Sally is the type of 'bot who doesn't take any lip without severe consequences for the foolish offender; and with Medaparts that can transform into any possible attacking Medapart, this makes it very dangerous to get on Sally's bad side. Sally is the only one among Justin's Medabots who's more than willing to put Whirl back in place, as even he is afraid of her. Outright insulting or aggravating her ensures an immediate assault of vicious proportions. Sally lacks any true strategy in her attack methods due to the nature of her Medaparts transformations being mostly random. However, since they always transform into offense-based Medaparts, Sally is guaranteed to be aggressive and in-your-face, with little let up or defense.

  • Head: Sala-head
    • Skill: Interrupt
    • Action: Attack Change
  • Right Arm: Sala-hand
    • Skill: Interrupt
    • Action: Attack Change
  • Left Arm: Sala-arm
    • Skill: Interrupt
    • Action: Attack Change
  • Legs: Sala-Tail
    • Type: Float


A Auroraqueen Medabot with a compatible Queen Medal. In contrast to Sally Craia is cold, dispassionate, and distant. Craia's personality is haughty and superior, often looking down on the other Medabots and always ready with a snide remark towards their antics. She is more than willing and happy to prove her words with her attacks, and is absolutely brutal in terms of combat. Her cold demeanor and nasty attack methods put Craia on bad terms with most of the other Medabots- excluding GenDrake. Craia is often finds herself in the company of GenDrake, who tries to get her to loosen up and be nicer to the rest of the group. Craia often acts as if she merely tolerates his behavior, ready to snap at any moment, but in truth enjoys it much more than she would ever possibly let on.

  • Head: Blizzard
    • Skill: Strike
    • Action: Freeze
  • Right Arm: Ice
    • Skill: Strike
    • Action: Freeze
  • Left Arm: Freeze
    • Skill: Berserk
    • Action: Freeze
  • Legs: Sled
    • Type: Two-legged


A Papyrak Medabot with a compatible stag-beetle Medal. Russel is Justin's ace-in-the-hole, and- to the chagrin of most of his other Medabots- the strongest Medabot Justin owns, rivaling DrakeBlaze in terms of fighting capability. Russel is the child of the group, and is usually the most naive over matters (alongside DrakeBlaze) and easily manipulated and deceived. Russel has a deep thirst for adventure and excitement, which often gets him involved in the antics of the other Medabots. Beneath this childish demeanor, though, is a powerful and lethal fighter. Fast and incredibly strong, Russel specializes in quickly decimating opponents before they can get off a single hit, leaving no room for countering or attack. However, this is due to the fact that Russel is a "glass cannon"; all of his Parts are light in armor, and can usually be taken out with a single solid hit. Assuming one can even get a hit on him in the first place.

  • Head: Feeler
    • Skill: Defend
    • Action: Strengthen
  • Right Arm: Metakiller
    • Skill: Berserk
    • Action: Sword
  • Left Arm: Thudarm
    • Skill: Strike
    • Action: Hammer, Chain Reaction
  • Legs: Tatakick
    • Type: Two-legged


A Metabee Medabot with a compatible rhino-beetle Medal. Blister is Cray's best friend and partner in crime, always ready to join in or start up crazy escapades with his Stingray friend. Blister shares his friends love of parkour, and adds to it a flare for freestyle and break-dancing, making Blister surprisingly maneuverable for his model. Brash and as big a show-off as his pal, Blister never misses out on a chance to prove himself and sweep away the competition. Despite this, Blister is a nice guy with a big heart and a strong generosity streak. It's this aspect that causes him to tutor Nano in sharpshooting and long-range combat. Blister himself is a sharpshooter shooter with a run-n-gun strategy; he keeps the opponent off-balance with a series of Rifle shots, looking for a weak spot that he can blitz with a precise series of Chain Gun rounds. He usually finishes with a powerful missile shot to take out the opponent's weakened parts with one shot; a strategy inspired by GenDrake.

  • Head: Missile
    • Skill: Shoot
    • Action: Missile
  • Right Arm: Revolver
    • Skill: Shoot
    • Action: Rifle
  • Left Arm: Submachinegun
    • Skill: Aim Shot
    • Action: Chain Gun
  • Legs: Ochitsuka
    • Type: Two-legged


Justin has has extremely dark brown fur, almost black in color unless in light, and has a large amount of fairly messy hair on the top of his head. His skin is caucasian, and a little on the pale side, and his eyes are somewhat hazel in color. In terms of attire, Justin will wear anything that he feels fits (including clothes that might be a tad short on him), but most often wears long-sleeved clothes and sweatpants or jeans. His shoes are white sneakers. He also has a long tail, which, while not fluffy, also isn't very thin. He is somewhat stocky, and as said in his own words, he "isn't exactly a model". Since losing a good amount of wait, most of Justin's jeans are too big for him, so he has to wear a belt to keep them from slipping down, though he occasionally forgets his belt. Ever since Christmas, his most often worn clothes are blue-jeans or sweats, his white shoes, a maroone thermal hoodie, and grey fingerless gloves that can double as mittens.


Asayla Kamaria

Aki the Wolf

Aki is another close friend of Justin's. The two share many of the same interests, and will often talk to each other about such things non-stop. This often irritates others around them, who either can't follow the conversation, or don't see the rellevence to the current situation. Sadly, they rarely have time to speak to each other. Justin occasionally feels a large amount of guilt over all of the favors and advice he asks of her, while rarely doing anything for her in return. Justin sees Aki as one of his closest friends, and as a little sister.

Ryushu the Cat

Ryu is a good friend of Justin's. Justin sees Ryu a little bit like an older sister, and is amazed at not only her artisitic ability, but also that her imagination far outclasses his own. Justin also played matchmaker for Ryu, and hooked her up with Flare the Wolf.

Tectonic the Thylacine

While Tectonic is a close friend of Justin's, and one of the ones he's known the longest, though they also have a bit of a rivalry. This rivalry stems from the fact that Justin often makes jokes about Tectonic's real name. He will also make jokes about the fact that he once told Tec that she would end up falling in love at some point, which she denied, only to end up falling in love with someone a while later. Justin sees Tectonic as a little sister, and always looks out for her well-being. At the same time, he realizes that Tectonic is capable of handling herself, and makes sure to avoid being over-protective.

Flare the Wolf

Flare and Justin don't interact with each other much, but they have very similar interests and personalities, though Justin has stated that Flare might be the more hot-headed one. Justin knew of Flare's possible feelings for Ryu, and helped get Flare together with her. Becaus of this, Flare has called Justin the "God of Love" on at least one occasion.

Jake the "Wolf"

Justin cannot stand Jake, and he is one of the few people that Justin genuinely hates. He despizes Jake's lecherous and abusive ways, more-so that he is sometimes mistaken for Jake. A huge pet-peeve of Justin's is that Jake has full control over his power, which Justin lacks. Despite this, Justin is still capable of beating Jake. The reason for this is because Justin is one of the few people who actually knows about Jake's inferiority complex, and not only does he take advantage of it during battle; his hatred of Jake makes him go so far as to verbally assault Jake even after he's been defeated. Ironically, Jake is most-often the one who drives Justin to draw out his power, by threatening and insulting his [Justin's] friends and family.


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Theme Songs

  • Hero-Skillet: This song describes Justin's own belief in his lack of strength or ability, but his willingness to fight to protect his friends.
  • Just The Girl-The Click Five: This song describes Justin's ongoing feelings for someone, despite her rejection of his feelings, along with her often teasing and messing with him.


  • "To each their own"- Personal quote, which reflects the philosophy he lives by.
  • "Eh, I'm a wimp."- Whenever someone calls him weak.
  • "Look, I don't give a damn what you think about me, so f*** off."- Whenever someone he doesn't like/know very well criticizes or insults him.
  • "Stay away from my friends!!"- Whenever someone tries to hurt his friends.
  • "Actually, I'm a dog. Woof-woof."- Whenever someone who's attacking him calls him a "stupid wolf".
  • "Hope for the best, prepare for the worst."- When encouraging someone, but also warning them to brace for what might happen.


  • Justin's above-average reflexes are inspired from his creator's above-average reaction time in video games.
  • Justin's species was inspired from the fact that his creator was born in the year of the dog.
  • Justin can sometimes be seen pondering whether or not to dye his fur blue. This is a reference to the fact that his creator's favorite color is blue, and that in his early designs, his fur was gonna be blue, and his hair still brown.
  • Justin's name means "Fair, Just", something reflected in his personal philosophy.
  • When needing to get somewhere quickly, Justin will usually run on all fours. He comments that it is a force of habit, though it actually lets him keep up with much faster characters.
  • Justin's "Mysterious Power" seems to work very similiarly to Sage Chakra from the Naruto series.
  • Justin has a habit of using Dig to pop up out of nowhere in the middle of a conversation and make a comment concerning the suggestion.
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