The Justified Alien Species, is/was a diverse species of alien that varied from bipedals, quadruped, flying, digging, swimming, and even dragon-like species. Many of them had lived on the alien planet Victorius Justificus (otherwise known as the Victorious Planet) which was later destroyed by the Black Arms in an aging war between the two alien species. Many of the plants and aliens that had dwelled on the planet were obliterated, but Pure Justice the Justified Aliens' hive mind and paternal father recreated his species, flora, and fauna from their destroyed planet through special technology, and escaped before the planet was destroyed with several survivors and space-crafts in tow. The Justified then began their journey to find a new, hospitable, accepting planet for them to colonize and live on.

Appearances & Biology

The Justified Aliens' body colors consist of white and black, occasionally grey, and their eyes are red for the sclera, and black for the snake-like pupils.

Their bodies are composed of many kinds and types of textures; furry white and black speckled bodies, scale-covered bodies like that of dragons, feathery bodies, spike covered bodies, and sleek, thin-haired bodies for the species that swim.

The Justified also vary in size and form, some spanning to 14' 56" to smaller sizes of 8'-6' 0". Pure Justice was the same size as Black Doom was before his death. The young of the Justified is often 3' 3" in size, a teenager either 4' or 5'. Simha, though humanly aged to 16, is 6' 5" and 7' 0" when in her Princess Form.

Another thing to know about the Justified, is that they humanly age, which might mean something about the aging process on their home world.

The Justified use long black retractable claws on hands and feet, retractable black spikes, and long black fangs to attack. They have long tails that allow for balance and to wrap around, or grab/latch onto objects.

The young are produced through plant eggs, three or so being produced at a time. The aging and development system is the same as for human and Mobian babies.

Food sources

The primary foods of these aliens are composed of fruits, vegetables, and occasionally meat. Thus, most of them are omnivores, only a few being carnivorous and herbivorous.

Life Span

Each member of their species has a different age limit, from the plants to the aliens:

  • Pure Justice supposedly lived from 6 - 8,000 years due to space travel and war with the Black Doom.
  • Simha was created in 2006 and has been still living since 2016. Thus, she has no memory of her as a child. Her age limit can still continue.
  • Justified Battle Grunts/Warriors can live to 500 years.
  • Justified Alien Flyers, Diggers, and Swimmers can live for 300 years.
  • Justified Alien Fauna and Flora can live for a shorter period of time, some living for 65 years, others living for an even shorter time, 18 - 16 years.
  • Justified Alien Dragons can live for a period of 400 years.

Those before mentioned can be taken by disease, starvation etc. which is a reason they are human/Mobian related in some ways. Their life spans can be cut short if they succumb to diseases, starvation etc.


Justified Alien Hybrids (human/alien created)

Known Hybrids: Simha the Justified Alien

Info: The hybrid species are Justified Aliens that can turn into any and every species of their own, and also turn into a human form, they're also known as Morphers.

Plant life

Many of the types of Justified plant-life consisted of humongous life trees, Justified plants that produced young, and living and non-living plants. Very few Justified were given with plant summoning powers that gave them the power to produce plants from out of their organs and body tissues, and laying seeds into soil. Simha was one of the few to be given this power to exercise it, in an attempt to restore the alien race and return out of near extinction.


  • Pure Justice (hive mind, deceased)
  • Justified Battle Alien Grunts/Warriors
  • Justified Alien Fauna and Flora
  • Justified Alien Dragons
  • Justified Alien Flyers, Diggers, and Swimmers


For years, the Justified had tried to cherish and protect other species of alien and human life and they will continue to do so, no matter what threats and dangers stay in their way.

Base of Operations

The Justified are known to operate deep in the sewers of Station Square, the Viridian Jungle and deserts of Soumerca. The largest population of aliens is known to reside in Station Square, the second largest in Mobius.


They used to live in Sub-Alien Universe, on the Victorious Planet, until its destruction at the hands of the Black Arms. They now currently reside throughout Mobius and Earth.

Uniform and Weapons

Most of the more feral aliens don't wear uniforms, but the more intelligent, human like, bipedal species were known to wear black skin tight suits fashioned out of their alien technology.

Their weapons were known to consist of laser cannons, guns, and gauntlets. They also had weapons which they used for combat such as:

  • Electricity Manipulation Staffs
  • Fire Manipulation Swords
  • Laser Gauntlets
  • Earth Hammers
  • Other unnamed weapons


Early Ages

When the Black Arms and the Justified Aliens came into existence, both groups were inconsistent with the other. But, as the Black Arms' carnage and dominance on other planets and their residents continued throughout the Sub-Alien Universe, Pure Justice sent his own aliens into the midst of the Black Doom's mindless slaughter, to try to reason or stop him in any way possible. Unfortunately for them, Black Doom saw their reasoning and attempts as a point of challenge, and the Justified Aliens were dragged into the endless war, which also led to the strong, defiant hatred towards both alien's species categories.

Out with the Old, and In with the New

Black Doom and his alien warriors, sick and tired of wasting their time with Pure Justice and his peaceful, yet persistent aliens, took their chance to unexpectantly destroy the entire planet of the Justified, an unexpected turn of events that even Pure Justice failed to notice, until it was too late.

And so, after traveling the Sub-Alien Universe, and other universes and planets for decades, the Justified at last found a new planet to call home- a planet in the Universe of Mobius and Earth- Earth.

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