Juri the Bat

Age 18
Gender Female
Species Bat
  • Fur: Black hair, peach skin
  • Eyes: Fluorescent Pink
  • Wears a designed belly top with green decors, long purple fingerless gloves and baggy pants, adorned with a black belt around the waist with two pieces of cloth that hang from it around the back.
  • Unknown
  • "I'll crush you beneath my foot!"
  • "Oh? Is that the best you can do? Aw, poor baby..."
  • "If you don't like the taste of my foot then don't let your head get in the way of my kicks."
  • "You won't survive!"
  • "Hmmm... I'll guess I'll just eat you up; bones and all!"
  • "Oh, you think you can handle the heat? Then let me turn it up. Be careful; things are about to get HOT in here!"
  • Quick running speed
  • Amazing agility
  • Master Taekwondo practicioner
  • Flames of Chaos
  • Flight
  • Feng Shui Engine
  • Heightened senses
  • Size shift
  • Power steal*
Super Forms
  • Feng Shui Juri
Cquote1 Juri... That power... Those eyes... She's no ordinary fighter. She is an untamed animal who seeks to destroy and consume all that enters her sight...She has altered her own body in her insatiable quest for power. She respects no law. No morality. She does whatever it takes to achieve her goals and quench her limitless thirst. Cquote2
Dr. Eggman

Juri the Bat (Juri za Batto) is a powerful fighter who is described as being "Mean, nasty and evil". She only strives to gain more power wherever she may find it by facing strong opponents.


Juri grew up on a small island just below North Island itself, together with her mother and father. Juri's father worked as an officer of a small governing body, while her mother was a lawyer. Because she was often left with a housemaid or childcarer, most of which only did it for the money, she didn't not have much parental upbringing, and thus didn't know much on rules or morality. However, to compensate for this, her father sent her to a Taekwondo school, where she learned the values of respect and discipline.

It wouldn't last long though. While her father was surveying the ARK space station, he became apparent of some of Gerald's scientific "breakthroughs" while accessing some old cache files. Because the ARK and all data on it were under jurisdiction from G.U.N., Juri's family were arrested for crimes against the government. In actually, it was because they had found some of Gerald's research that was too dangerous for anyone to know that not even G.U.N. themselves were allowed to look at. Because of this, they were sent to life inprisonment. Juri disliked the idea, and tried to escape, but much like on the ARK 50 years ago, her parents where killed, but she managed to escape at the cost of her eyes.

Years later, she began to hate G.U.N., and developed an almost psychopathic personality; her teachings of respect and morals were gone, and replaced with a renegade murderous intent. She, like her father before her, managed to locate the files on the ARK, and discovered about a power that rivals Chaos Energy called Feng Shui Energy. She decided to have a retired G.U.N. scientist work on her eyes and, following one of Gerald's plans to utilize this energy as a weapon, constructed her a new pair of eyes; optical reserves that could channel the Feng Shui Energy, called the Feng Shui Engine.


Juri is considered to be cruel, means and nasty to everyone she meets, only wanting to fuel her own powers by any means necessary. However, she is also very flirtatious, even towards other girls, which gives her some form of lesbianism, although it is not entirely known if she is or not. She seems to enjoy fighting men a lot more than women, which could be because she views other women of being much more better off than her, and thus shows signs of feminist aggression towards them.

Juri cares a lot for her own body, even applying cosmetics to herself on a daily basis, such as skin lotion, mascara and nail polish, even though most people with evil interests don't do as such. She especially takes care of her skin, but mainly her feet as they are her main attacking instrument; this could be similar to a swordsman taking care of their sword or a hunter cleaning out his gun; a well cared for weapon will never falter was her mentality of it. She also enjoys attention to her body as well, enjoying it if people flirt back with her; however, she gets angered easily if they try to make a pass at her, which usually reults in the person getting a beating.


Feng Shui Engine

The Feng Shui Engine is a robotic eye that can channel Feng Shui Energy; Energy that, like Chaos Energy, is basically a person's Ki or spiritual energy, except that the Feng Shui Energy is born out of the potential energy of all matter. While Chaos Energy is created internally from within an organism, Feng Shui Energy is always present and can not be extinguished or exhausted. Her Feng Shui Engine allows her to draw upon the Feng Shui Energy from around her to use herself, normally in the form of the Flames of Chaos.

Flames of Chaos

Much like Nightshade the Echidna, Juri has the power to draw upon her own Chaos Energy and to manifest them as flames, although her practical capability is nowehre near as good as Nightshade due to her lack of Chaos Energy within her, but is still enough for her to take on many opponents. Juri instead uses her Feng Shui Energy to act similar to Flames of Chaos except that it does not ignite any flammable materials.

Size Shift and Power Steal

Juri has altered her body not externally but also internally; her stomach is now filled with a liquid compound of Feng Shui Energy and amino acids, which allows her digestive system to, instead of dissolving food, to drain the energy of whatever it comes in contact with. Coupled with this, she can now manipulate the body tissue of her opponents by injecting her own feng Shui Energy into an organism, causing the victim to shrink. This is often done by her biting her victim on the neck. When they have finished shrinking, which is about to a 1/50th scale of themselves, she will swallow them, in which when they land inside her stomach, the liquid compound will drain their energy, giving her more power. She will often play with her victims first, pinning them down with her foot and taunting them.

Feng Shui Juri

This is considered a form of sorts, but it is merely Juri extending the complete use of her Feng Shui Engine, expelling as much energy as she can to channel throughout her body. The eye switches to that of a Ying-Yang symbol, glowing a bright pink. The ability causes her skin to darken to a tan and her eyes to brightly glow pink, while her hair turns to a pure white color. In this form, she is always circled by a powerful aura of Feng Shui Energy, enough to burn anything in contact but not ignite anything. Her strength and speed are increased, but her defenses are lowered, making her take more damage but it does not cause her any kind of stopping force, meaning that her body damages easier but she cannot feel the attack or flinch.

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