This is the romantic adventure and pairing up of Apallo Jr and Jayla. After getting engaged on a ship, the couple decide to move out of Apallo's Home and settle in with the rest of the Solar Flare Crew. With news of a wedding in 2 weeks Junior, Jayla, Heart, Cloud and the others decide to make thier wedding the best there ever was. But Can They Do it?


The Couple

Apallo Jr. The Hedgehog (Apallo)

Jayla the demonechidnahedgehog(silver-and-jayla)

Guests And Wedding Helpers (Good Guys Who Are Friends of the Bride and Groom)

  1. Fiona Fox (Mother of the Groom) Apallo
  2. Apallo The Hedgehog (Father of the Groom)
  3. Heart and Cloud the Hedgehogs ( Best Friends and Teammates of the Bride and Groom)
  4. Josh the Hedgehog (JTH) (Guest; Friend of Junior's Father, Apallo)
  5. Yuki the Hedgecat (JTH) (Guest)
  6. Thomas the Echidna (JTH) (Guest)
  7. Jack the Hedgehog (Spongebob100) (Guest, Friend & Step-Brother of Junior's Father, Apallo)
  8. Patricia the Skunk (Spongebob100) (Guest)

Bad Guys ( Who want to Make the Helper's Hard Work Fail)

(Note No Mesing up the Couple)

Jordan the Cat(silver-and-jayla)

1900 {Max}

Layla the FoxSkunk (Spongebob100)

The Roleplay

(Ok after the Prolouge the story will split so that the Couple will have thier Adventure while everyone is setting up/sabataging the wedding)


Solar Flare Bounty Hunters HQ/ Junior and Jayla's Room 5:00 AM

Junior: -sleeping-

Jayla:*is also sleeping*

Junior:mmmm good mroning beautiful

Jayla: Good morning

Junior: k-kisses- ^^

Jayla:*she kisses back, smiles*

Junior: Look in your closet i have a suprise for u (it's a weddign ring that says : Will you Marry me)

Jayla goes to look in her closet and finds the ring, goes back hugging Junior tightly repeated saying yes

Junior: -makes out- The guys made break fest for us :3 but it's going to be at Dad's Place. You remember Mom And Dad Right? -puts his pants on-

Jayla: Yes, I remember them

- looks at u in your short skirt with your guns and the sword i\he gave u wih your tank top on-

Junior: love the outfit

Jayla: Thanks~

Heart: -behind the door- Jay Jay Hurry Up Silly!`

Jayla: coming!*goes to Heart*

Junior: Jay! :) -turns her around and makes out with her- I'll see u at Dad's Ok?

Jayla: Ok. I'll see you then

Galleria Mall Bridal Store (All Female Characters Here)

Fiona: -hugs her soon to be daughter in law Jayla-

Jayla:*she hugs back* Hi Fiona ^^

Yuki: Hai.

Jayla: Hi there ^^

Yuki: (appears in a formal outfit) Nice meeting you. You must be the bride! Your name is Jayla, am I right?

Jayla: Yes, it is

Yuki: Oh okay... Good luck on your wedding. By the way, I have some presents to give you.

Jayla: Oh really, thanks

Yuki: (gives Jayla a giftbox that has a beautiful dress, once used by Yuki since medieval times) That dress is still intact, so you can try wearing it.

Fiona: and here's a tiara

Jayla: Oh thank you very much for this

Yuki: You're welcome.

Apallo's House (All Guest Who are Male)

Apallo: Thats Great Son HAHAHAHAHAH!

Junior: yea Dad I know :)

Apallo: Your Mother is With your friend and your Fionce Right?

Junior: Yup

Josh: (appears) Ohai Apallo. And you too, Junior. I see that you'll get married, Junior. I'm happy for that.

Junior: Thanks Man

Josh: I'm Josh the Hedgehog, the Being of the Wind. I'm your father's friend. :)

Apallo: _grinning_

Junior: Hey I remember you from my child hood

Josh: :D Thanks.

Junior: -shows a pic of him and Jayla at the beach- :) She's a Keeper...and we alreay named our future child..

Josh: I think I know her... Is she Jayla? I met her with Yuki before they went to a mall.

Apallo; Fiona is there too to help her find stuff to use...i think it had something to do with cooking

Josh: Ohh... Yummy. XD

Wedding Crashers (All Bad Guys Here)

1900:I wanna do something evil,like crashing a wedding!

Eclipse: -drinking ginger ale ad walking in the room- There's a chick that is supposed to be here

Jordan:*walks in* so, your guys are also Crashers?

Eclipse: -makes Jordan Mistake him For Apallo Sience he is his Evil Counterpart- Yup Babe We Are

Jordan: Apallo, why are you here?

Eclipse: -snatches her forcefuly- Babe Apallo's Red and Orange, Im Purple and Blue. And Your Age So Yea. Thanks You

Jordan: Well, sooooorrry*has a dull tone in her voice*

Ecipse: Meh...-shed make a good wife-

Jordan: So, whats on the crash list?

Eclipse: My "brother's" Son's Wedding

1900:I got an idea,we put a bomb in the cake then when they go to eat it we blow it up in they're faces!

Jordan: Sounds good, but i feel like we need to do more..

Eclipse: How bout we summon us a creature to kidnap the wedding instruter shelia (girl)

Jordan: Eh, i guess

1900:I got the perfect idea to complete the sabatogment,we steal the decorations and presents!

Ecipse: -takes some of 1900's and Jordan's Hair and Some of his and puts it in the Summoning Pot- Now We Wait


Eclipse: Yo Toots sit ova ere -levatates and lays on his side-

Jordan: alright*goes to sit over there*

Eclpise: Why dont we sdtart us an..outlkaw group u n be babe

Jordan: I guess..

Eclipse: -smooches her cheeck- Now Dat's More Like It.=wiggles his finger and gives her wings= Now Come Snuggle ova ere with your mate. -levatates her up-

Jordan: *she now seems a bit confused*

Eclipse: -sighs- Just Hug Me

Jordan: Fine..*hugs him*

Eclipse: Good Lass. -holds her- You and me are gonna go places.

Layla: (appears from the Purple Fog that appeared out of nowhere) Hey.

Getting The Cake (All Members Meet Up Execpt Crashers)

Jack & Patricia: (relaxing on the Grass in the park)

Jack: Dude, what are we gonna do this weekend? Nothing's going on.

Patricia: I don't know.

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