Junk Yards are small bases used by The Pickup Merchants to collect and distribute the goods and information they collect, normally sending the supplies to the main base, the Junk Tower.


Soon after the establishment of the Pickup Merchants by Thantos the Linoone and the construction of the Junk Tower in the Great Forest, near Knothole, it became clear to the former thief that his organization was not going to thrive without a global reach. However, his ideas of a nomadic scavenging force met short shrift with his second in command, Starina the Ambipom. However, as the two argued, they both came to an epiphany - a network of convoys and smaller bases, each with a watcher, who would analyze the items that flowed into their little home base, then sent the items along as part of a regular run. Each of the little bases would also have their own complement of finders, who would deliver supplies to the yard for evaluation. Quickly, people were contacted, and bases set up - the Junk Tower counted as one, the rest scattered around the planet.


More locations being uncovered


The bases are all fitted with a wide array of defenses, from laser-based walls and plasma cannons to mounds of dirt and catapults, depending on the location and the risk of attack the base faces. As such, most bases have at least five defensive turrets and high walls, with the watcher safely encased inside the reasonably expansive grounds. However, the base in the Space Colony ARK has only two turrets, due to there being only one wall available for a threat to get access from a corridor from, the other sides being thick bulkheads to prevent people from getting access.

Within the base, there is a digital scanner and a variety of computerized devices which the watcher can use to appraise items, before having them sent to the Junk Tower for storage and eventual distribution. Normally, important or classified information is simply transmitted straight to the Junk Tower in an encoded burst, allowing for the information to be either decoded and analyzed or sent straight to auction.

Also in most bases is a refueling depot for Junk Freighter and Salvage Transport Star Freighters, as well as Junk Trucks and Salvage Flyer aircraft. The bases with naval ports also hold fuel and supplies for Junk Freighter cargo ships.


Within each Junk Yard, there is a single Watcher, who's role is to protect the yard from attack, and also the analysis and appraisal of all items brought in by the finders, deciding what goods has highest priority to be sent to the Junk Tower. Alongside the Watcher is a team of up to ten Finders, depending on the size and importance of the Yard. This can be increased by visiting nomadic Finders, who drop off whatever they have collected and often relaxing for a couple of days before returning to their traveling hunts. Finally, these bases can hold the crews of convoy units, letting the pilots recuperate before returning to the Junk Tower.

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