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Juniper the Antelope

Juniper the Antelope (ジュニパー・ザ・アンテロープ Junipā za Anterōpu) is a fan character owned by Nikki-Kaji. She is a nineteen year old antelope strongly connected to animal and plant life.


Juniper is a female, brown and light brown-furred antelope. She is a bit below average height and weight, standing at 3'4" but her exact weight still unknown. Her blonde hair is short, reaching about her shoulders, and a fluffy bang covering her left eye. Her eye color is one of the things that stand out about her, their light blue color filled with life.

Naturally, flowers and leafs grow from Juniper's body. Two unbosomed, pink tulips sprout out of each side of her hair, almost acting like bows. Vines and leafs also grown around her feet, arms, and wrist, though sometimes they fall off.

For clothing, Juniper wears light brown, bandage-like material around her chest with a one-strap leaf attach on her right shoulder. Her skirt is styled like a pink, blossomed tulip, which appears poofy and somewhat curls around her legs. On her left arm, a leaf wraps around a map of Myrica Grove. Juniper doesn't wear any shoes.


Juniper is very genial and free-spirited, her powers and appearance reflecting that. She's usually very nice to people, but can be very protective and quiet at times. Others don't often see her unhappy, because she tries to wear a smile no matter how she's feeling so others don't worry about her.

Juniper can also be independent at times. This occurs when helping others or even just with personal things. After growing up in Myrica Grove for so long with no one else but her animal friends and nature, she had to care for all the plant life herself.


Powers and Abilities

Plant Manipulation

Plant manipulation, otherwise known as chlorokinesis, is Juniper’s ability to control plants and other things in nature. She can cause plants to grow or revive them to their living state. Juniper can also increase the natural rate a plant grows, or make them bigger than their supposed to be.

The manipulation of these plants can be used for battle or protection. Things like lightning strikes, other plants, or earthquakes do not affect her much, and she hold a huge advantage against water, as she is able to absorb it. Her powers also used to provide Juniper and the other animals in Myrica Grove with a good supply of food. Juniper can create anything that grows from seeds or has seeds in them, so this is usually fruits or vegetables.


Because Juniper is heavily tied to nature and relies deeply on plants, she has the same weaknesses a plant would have. This includes fire, ice, and poisons, which are also things that chlorokinesis wouldn't have much effect against.


  • Juniper had never tried meat until she was 18.
  • Juniper is able to manipulate venus fly traps to look like green piranha plants from the Mario series, and fight too.
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