Junichi is a blonde colored hedgehog with green hair and the tips of his quills are tinted with green and a green
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stripe is presented in his forehead. He has violet eyes but they are slightly lighter than the usual violet. He is seen wearing the Kyokukou Academy school uniform.

Junichi's casual clothes are a long sleeved white shirt and a silver T-shirt over it with knee long pants.


Junichi is a sweet and caring boy and he is less hiperactive than his brother Isao. But on the down side Junichi is easily embarrassed and when he does the slightest mistake he would constantly say he's sorry. He is also somewhat inocent when it comes to women. It is also known that he is ashamed of his brothers pervertedness and he often has to put him in his place or in Yuffi's words 'keep him on a leash'. But other than that he very much cares about his brother and is also very protective. He also has his brothers love for a challange and he cant say no to one.

What he doesn't notice is that he sometimes plays hero when he sees anyone in trouble, usualy when he does he is saving a girl or a child which is what happens most of the time.


Not much is known about Junichi's past but what is known is that when he and his older twin brother were born their mother died durring their birth and that they were abandoned by their father soon after they were born. Both were raised by their grandparents and they had rather happy childhoods. Junichi discovered along with his brother that they posseseed Electrokinesis and with the encouragement of their grandparents they learned how to control it.

Even though he and his brother were teased often cause of their powers they managed to be happy. When they got to middle school they met Yuffi the Hedgehog. Upon discovering that she also had powers and with their new group of friends they all decided to form the Kamihime Jiyuu no Faita.


Just like his twin brother, Junichi has the power of Electrokinesis and he is able to control any electrical current and his is unefected by other electrical blasts. He doesnt use a weapon to fight but he is seen able to shoot large amounts of electricity with the use of a bronze coin.

His only known move is called Rail Gun and with the use of his bronze coin he can shoot a large rail of electricity defeating many of his opponents in the process.


Isao the Hedgehog (Older twin brother)

Yuffi the Hedgehog (Best friend)

Rin the Wolf (Good friend)

Ichiro the Fox (Good friend)

Asami the Fox

Aya the Fox

Kaiko the Wolf

Chikane the Dog

Amy Rose (posible love interst)

Miles 'Tails' Prower

Sally Acorn

Bunny Rabot

Knuckles the Echidna



"Ah I'm so sorry I wasn't watching where I was going!"

"What am I going to do with you"

"Now is not the time for that"

"Uh...Umm...Ah...I'm sorry!"

"I...umm...well...that's not the case here"

"Are you okay?"

"Sorry it's not my place to tell you that"

"Sometimes I need to keep my brother on a leash"


Voice actors

His Japanese Voice actor is Mimiko Noto

His English voice actor is Spike Spencer (Imagen Hanataro Yamada from Bleach)


  • Junichi is talented with photography.
  • A running gag is that Junichi gets very embarrassed when Rouge, Yuffi or Rin toy with him, although Rouge takes it to a larger extent than Yuffi and Rin.
  • Junichi's personality compares to Kouta Oyamada from Kanokon, both are innocent when it comes to woman and tend to get easily embarrassed.
  • Junichi is nolegable when it comes to the types of anime characters, like moe, shota, etc.
  • Junichi has a habbit of playing hero when it comes to saving people.
  • His favorite anime is Baka and Test.
  • His favorite bands are Skillet, Sum 41 and Linkin Park.
  • His favorite song is Headstrong by Trapt.
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