Jullie is a teal hedgehog with blue eyes. She has a crop haircut  and has a school girl dress. She has blue boots with white stripes. She also has a heart-shaped mark on her left side of her cheek. She also has a forelock. and has long eyelashes


She is a very sweet character and helpful character. She cares for Photon and loves him. She loves many cute things and animals. She also loves to go shopping at a mall like most girls usually do. She always cares for her friends.


Ever since she met Photon, she fell in love with him and followed. When Photon was inside, sleeping in his cabnet, Jullie found him. When he woke up, he was freaked out and ran away. She always followed him for asking him to be her boyfriend. But, he refused. When the time Photon got saved by Jullie, he saw her caring for him. So, he finally accepted to be her boyfriend. Jullie was joyful about this.

Powers and Abilities

She normally does not have any powers. But she is very acrobatic and skillful. She can still do a spin dash and spin attack. She can even jump as high as Photon can jump.


S rank-"Photon is going to love me!"

A rank-"Get ready for our date Photon!"

B rank-"Great!"

C rank-"Maybe next time."

D rank-"I will not give up!"

E rank-"Photon is not going to love me.."


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