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Julian has a deep gold fur. He has long, golden hair, that reaches far down onto his back. He light brown eyes, and on one of his hears he has two earrings. He wears a long, brown trench coat, and khaki colored long pants. He also wears boots and a white t-shirt.


Julian is a rather laid-back fellow. He came from a well-to do family, and they would always visit museums when he was young. He grew a burning passion for artifacts, and started digging around his yard in hopes of finding something.

He had suffered many traumatic events, including his own village being destroyed and taken over, and seeing his family members vanishing before  his very eyes. He didn't understand it then, but he very well understands it in the present.

He always has a joking attitude, with a bit sarcastic humor in it. He likes to sit still and be calm for long periods of time. He dislikes too many events going on at the same time. He is a very reclusive individual, not liking to socialize with too many people. He tends to be a bit impulsive, acting on pure thoughts rather than thinking certain things through.

He seems to have a non-caring attitude, and he thinks the rules don't really apply to him. He is very carefree and wild about his life, wanting to "go where ever the wind takes him".


In Julian's youngest years, he grew up in a village. The village was a small one, filled with huts. Julian enjoyed roaming around and playing with the other boys and girls in the village. One day, the village was taken over forcefully, and Julian and his family were then living under another rule, not familiar to him.

They started to have a monsoon, after lots of time in a drought. He was determined to escape alive with his family, but, however, several attempts proved fruitless and also got him beaten by soldiers. His family slowly began to starve, his mother and father constricting disease. Julian's father quickly passed from his sickness, and his mother soon after that.

Julian, all left alone with his sisters, decided to escape in the seemingly endless rain. They escaped quickly and promptly once they found the right chance, then ran up a hill to safety. They continued running, not wanting to stop.

Julian and his sisters then reached Station Square after several days of survival, starving and exhausted. They were then taken in separate but close from each other. Julian was taken in by an archaeologist, which inspired him to do the same, which he did.

Later on, Julian met a young Carabat names Maeve, where they began working together as partners. Maeve's brother had mysteriously disappeared years before, setting Maeve on a quest to find him, separating herself from work.

One day at work, Julian found a glowing blue gem and stole it from the dig site, where he kept the gem. He became seemingly attached to it and wouldn't let it out of his sight. It slowly began to decay his personality, and it would rapidly change at most times after his possession of the gem. Maeve promptly took the gem from him, seeing this quickened decaying of his mind. She locked away the gem before anyone else touched it, and she scolded Julian from stealing a dangerous artifact.

Julian slowly reverted back to normal and resumed working normally again, besides having an occasional personality change.


Unstable State- This state is only achieved by the decay of one's brain through a gem he found at a dig site. The gem is easy to become to attached to, therefore making the decay process easier, and thoroughly transforming the person until they become completely insane and unstable.


Julian is an extremely gullible person, and incredibly mentally weak and not very strong physically. He can tend to get into fights easily, and is easily drawn to artifacts, and can be given fake or fraudulent ones easily. Julian would likely not win in a fight, because he is not necessarily a fighter.

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