Julian Robotnik
Biographical Information
  • 17 (At time of supposed death)
  • Doctor Eggman (Dimensional Twin)
  • Juliet Kintobor (Cousin)
  • Jules Kintobor (Manifestation of Memories)
  • Kaptain K. Jules
  • Baron K.Julianstein
  • Digi Emperor Jules
  • Twili Emperor Xanos
  • Alucard
  • Koschei
Romantic Interests
  • None
Physical Description
Species Human/Cyborg
Gender Male
  • Messy dark brown hair
  • Eyes: Black with red pupils
  • Cruel smile
  • Thin
  • Red military jacket with white stripes and gold buttons
  • White gloves with gold buttons
  • White Shirt
  • Black Cravat
  • Black trousers
  • Black boots with white markings
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • The New Robotnik Empire
  • High intelligence
  • Machinery
  • Dark Energy Manipulation
  • Sword Fighting
  • Guns
  • Master of Disguise
  • Hypnotism
Super Forms
  • None
  • Winning
  • Destruction
  • Michael Jackson's music
  • A holiday every now and then
  • Losing
  • Being humiliated
  • Sonic
  • The Freedom Fighters
  • The Eggman Empire
  • The Iron Dominion

Julian Robotnik is the dimensional twin of Doctor Eggman - hailing from the planet Moebius and arch-enemy of Sonic the Hedgehog. Appearing only as a teenage boy, Julian is what other people would call a cyborg, making himself stronger with each defeat by adding mechanical limbs. His most distinctive feature for showing this is his robotic right arm, which he blames Sonic for.

He has been locked up in an asylum several times, always managing to escape, simply because he is mad, being seen as a danger to others - which he wants - and to himself - which he doesn't want. He is known to be a dabbler in dark energy, and used this to power many of his machines. He has even used this for himself, making him more powerful.

He supposedly died at the age of 17 involving a fight with one of his oldest enemies from Moebius, and fell into a vat of chemicals. No body was found.


In his younger days, back on the planet Moebius, Julian was always seen as a brilliant student, with an I.Q higher than the average teenager's. All the students feared him, though - he had black eyes with glowing red pupils, and the doctors were unable to explain why. It was possible he wasn't born like that - a scientific experiment went wrong, and he was temporarily blind until he could see. This was one step closer to driving him to the brink of insanity.

He first realised he could conquer Moebius when he learnt that Scourge - king of Moebius - was preparing for some sort of battle with another dimension, leaving his defences open. He took this chance, created an army of robots, and stormed the castle, grinning like a maniac as he saw his robots destroy and kill every last guard that stood in his way. He then finally overthrew King Scourge, marking the darkest day Moebius had ever known - sure, it had been rid of a terrible ruler, but was replaced by a madder, more power-hungry leader.

When he took over, he looked through Scourge's plans, and found the Cosmic Interstate - a roadway between dimensions like Moebius. He then went on to build a replica of Doctor Eggman's Egg Carrier used in 'Sonic Adventure'. He used this to cross between dimensions and invade Mobius - the planet where Sonic the Hedgehog and Doctor Eggman were currently fighting. It turns out that by this time, Doctor Eggman had been driven mad, and was replaced by the Iron Queen. Julian saw this as an advantage - even though she was a dabbler in controlling electrical pulses through the air, he was a dabbler in dark energy - which he saw as much stronger. He raided her current base, and kidnapped the addled Eggman for his own purposes...

He uses disguises to hide his true identity whenever he goes out - basically because he knows that he's a wanted criminal - and the only ones he's used are Kaptain K. Jules, Baron K. Julianstein, Alucard, Koschei and Digi Emperor Jules.

Once, when a scientific experiment went wrong (when will it ever work for him?), and he woke several hours later with a bad headache, to find he was a hedgehog! He wanted to get rid of it, but he had that form for over a year - mainly because he didn't exactly know how to get rid of it. There is speculation he hated this form, calling it 'grotesque'.

He has been thwarted by Sonic many times, and many times gone completely round the bend - in other words, going insane - and has always found a way to claw his way back to his spot as Sonic's most dangerous enemy to date. He has sometimes enlisted the help of bounty hunters to complete certain tasks, such as capturing either Sonic or his friends, and when they ask for their pay, he simply refuses, and either kills or roboticizes them. He has also kidnapped Snively Kintobor - Doctor Eggman's nephew - and used him as a slave, combining both their brilliant minds. Snively has always found ways to backstab Julian, but Julian always anticipates this, and stops him just in time.


His appearence is that of a teenage boy, who has black eyes with glowing red pupils - the mark of a Robotnik - messy dark brown hair, a thin face and a row of sharp, vampire-like teeth that show when he smiles cruely. This would happen a lot, which was kind of creepy...

He had once worn Eggman-like clothes - in fact, it was precisely like Eggman's, apart from the buttons being half-spheres, but has settled with a red military jacket, a black cravat, white shirt, black trousers and boots with white markings.

Final Years

Julian was nearly on the brink of insanity, and had devised one final plan to bring Station Square down to it's knees. He would create an army of mutated henchmen to roam Station Square and take over. However, he needed to be brought back to the Asylum to do this, so, after months of planning, he raided Station Square Town Hall and held the Mayor hostage. He was brought back to the Asylum by GUN, only for madness to take over - in one single night, Julian had complete control over the Asylum, and had created dozens of the henchmen using his own goons as test subjects. The same member of GUN who had taken him in ultimately stopped him, but this ensued in a fight when Julian injected himself with the same chemicals he used for the henchmen, and had the upper hand. However, his weak spot now being his jaw, he was defeated.

Six months after the event, Julian realised his body was not healing well, and was confirmed by Asylum doctors that he only had six months left to live.

During his final months, Julian had plotted another revenge for Station Square, but was halted in his plans by an old adversary - Eddie Two-Face, who was previously a doctor in a Moebius Phychiatric Hospital before Julian threw a vial of acid at him, causing half of his face to become damaged and scarred for life. A fight ensued between them, and then managed to get themselves into a part of the Chemical Plant Zone, where Eddie had weakened Julian immensley, and went as far as to even give him a Glasgow Smile. Julian fought back, however, and the two fell in a vat of chemicals. Eddie managed to get out fast enough, but Julian supposedly wasn't so lucky.

No body was ever found...


  • 'I HATE THAT HEDGEHOG!!!' ~ After being thwarted by Sonic
  • 'Ooh, this is just too perfect!' ~ Realising he can win
  • 'YES! I finally did it!' ~ After either completing a project, or winning
  • 'YOU IDIOTS!!!' ~ To his robots, after realising they have failed in their tasks
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