Julia is a Native American based character and the daughter of Cheif Knacku who rules Kingdom Kon(A kingdom that neighbors the star village). The chief is very protective of his love sick daughter who is always on cloud nine.


Julia the Hedgehog
Julia The Hedgehog

Current Years and Days
Name Julia the Hedgehog
Weapons Bow & Arrow
Profession(s), Occupation(s) N/A
Chronological and Physical Info
  • Age: 16
  • ??? lbs
  • Fur: Brown
  • Skin: Tan
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Gender: Female
  • Birthday:August 19th
Description Julia is a Native American based character and the daughter of Cheif Knacku who rules Kingdom Kon(A kingdom that neighbors the star village). The chief is very protective of his love sick daughter who is always on cloud nine.
Attire [Clothing]
Affiliation(s) Good
Romantic Interest(s) (Peding)
Likes Nature, Plants, Animals, Love, Adventures, Stars, Rock-Climbing
Dislikes Being bound, Her village (at times),
  • Kingdom Kon
Current Residence
  • Kingdom Kon
Alternative Names N/A
Super Form(s)


English Voice Actor
  • Irene Bedard
Main Theme


As daughter of the Cheif and inhertitance to the throne Julia always had a good life. She valued nature as did all of the kingdom, and she was taught the values of nature.Julia however wanted more.She wanted to rome and venture past her home. Julia would often climb up rocks or trees to see the stars at night. She would often say the stars were the one thing she could have outside of her village. Julia was always the quite girl, and no-one seemed to think she was sad. However, as a young girl she began to dream about finding her soul mate through a soul touch.

When Julia was young her mother left. Julia swore one day she would leave and find her mother. Julia looks for her mother everyday, but is bound to the forest and her village. Julia knows what she has to do. She knows the dream giver waits for her around the river bend so she cna follow her dreams and find her mother.


Julia is a kind but some what spoiled child. Also Julia tends to fall in love very quickly. She is often blindsided by love and it makes her naive. Julia highly values nature and can't stand when anyone disrespects the Earth. Not only is Julia a women's activist and environmentalist, but Julia also loves animals.She infact protects the forest from robbers or people who seek to harm the forest.Julia (being that she can talk to all animals) has a strong bond with non anthros looking at them all as family.She hates when they are harmed or scared. Julia sees all of life's positive aspects, and can connect with nature. She welcomes strangers (unlike her father) with open arms. Julia is very sensitive about her ears so she hides them without within her hair.


As an aerokinetic Julia has access to the wind and to certain lenghts even oxygen. Julia hasn't fully mastered her powers however. Julia is a treasure hunter and rivals Knuckles and Rouge in the area. She likes to look for ancient artifacts and relics. She finds peace at doing this(as she has done it since she was about 5) She has feeligns when a relic is nearby.This can however get her into trouble as she some time comes across other treasure hunters.Julia is as jewel crazed as Rouge, but she doesn't mind them.It is also said that she knows her way around the mining field. Julia is excellent at fighting.She was trained ever since the age of 5. She like all females of the village are expected to be leaders that are strong and independent(It is believed in this village strong women birth storng sons{sexist I know but what can ya do?}). Julia has bested many of the female warriors of her viallge(except for the physically dominant females). Julia was trained by her fatehr being that her mother was a pacifist. Perhaps one of Julia's strongest attributes is her natural ability with a bow and arrow.She is extremely talented at this(the best in her tribe).She is said to be able to hit a bullseye 10 miles away from it! She uses this as a primary attack(either combining it with soul energy or Aerokinesis) Julia has the ability to talk to non-anthros,talk to nature, and see through people.She uses this to see when people are lying. The soul energy was passed down from her mother who had the same ability. Julia uses this to try and find her mother(the one thing she still has never found). Julia can also travel more swiftly through forest terrains allowing her to rival Knuckles in speed, but only in a forest.


Julia's first and most obvious weakness is earth, though it may be ironic. Anyone who wields earth type abilities can deflect many of Julia's aerokinetic attacks. As stated above Julia is still not fully developed in terms of her Aerokinesis so it can leave her open for attack. Julia is highly weakened in urban or unfamiliar terrains, so she gets highly nervous, and is unable to properly defend herself. While Julia is a great fighter her attacks pale in comparison to those of Knuckles. Therefore she is better at long distance fighting, and is weakened in close range fighting though she can still hold her own. Julia is slighty faster than very fast human, however in terms of Sonic or Shadow's speed she would not come close to keeping up. Finally, Julia has the tendency to be very trustful, and somewhat naive towards opponents allowing them to take full advantage of her.



Sonic the Hedgehog

Chief Knacku (Father)

Nakoma the Fox


Members of her Village



  • Originally Julia was going to be a twelve year old echidna and the object of Tyson The Echidna's crush
  • Julia is believed to be a Shoonin Warrior(Like Tifu and Tiku) meaning her and Tyson may cross paths
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