Julia is a brown 5-year old otter girl who is James' adopted sister/daughter

Julia The Otter



Julia wears a yellow dress with a red and orange flower on it, a blue butterfly hairclip, and green sandals. 


Julia is very sweet and caring. However, when faced with her fears or people she doesn't like, she either just cowers behind James or starts to cry. She is very energetic at times and can make friends with anyone. She also likes getting dirty, especially on her feet. But she also never says no to a bath because she loves bubbles. But if it's one thing she hates, it's getting hurt. And she also hates seeing others sad.


Julia was found in an alley behind a diner by James as he was on his way home from the grocery store. Hee took her to court, where he legally adopted her. She gave him a room in the house that's next to Cream's and across the hall from his.


She can jump really high and her feet can give powerful kicks.


She has very amazing abilities, such as turn invisible, bend into any shape or form, and can fly by moving her feet in a pedaling motion. 


Julia is very skilled at puddle jumping when it rains. She likes it best if the puddles are muddy because she likes to get her feet wet and muddy. She also likes clear puddles so she can jump in them and get her feet wet.


To Be Announced


  • She is named after Julia Lennon, mother of John Lennon, a member of English rock band The Beatles, who was born on October 9, 1940 and lived 40 years before being murdered in New York City on December 8, 1980.
  • She looks up to James as her older brother, father, and hero
  • She has similar feelings for Sonic, Tails, and some of James other male friends.
  • She is very emotional and if anyone makes her cry, whoever's with her at the time will make them wish they hadn't.
  • She LOVES ice cream and bubbles.
  • She is afraid of the following: snakes, bees, wasps, big dogs, spiders, scorpions, needles, sharks, storms, blowflies, wolves, coyotes, and tasmanian devils (Though she doesn't mind the Looney Toons character).
  • She, through James, is also a fan of old musical groups such as The Beatles and The Monkees.
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