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This continuity the aftermath of the Genesis Wave affecting many people- especially those who have memories from before the Genesis Wave. 

This continuity also features many characters' stories, such as Hikaru Youko the Kitsune (owned by Chica Nunnally), the main character of Hikaru the Kitsune: A Future Hope. Another example is Ion (DUBSTEPxSonic's character), the main protagonist of a two-part story arc- Ion the Hedgehog, Part 1, followed by Ion the Hedgehog, Part 2

In the alternate reality known as Medieval Mobius, Princess Penelope (a.k.a. Zeal Smith) leads a group of rebels in an attempt to take Colona back from a notorious conqueror.

Two thousand years later, in the Prime Zone, Rhyna the Echidna is set to appear in the upcoming series Rhyna the Echidna: Dark Flames.

Creators of this continuity: Julia Finitevus, Reens the Hedgehog, Chica Nunnally, DUBSTEPxSonic, Clairebear165, Lunari64, XophPsycho, Celestia879Nitrogen218, WaterKirby1994, MaxGothic

Hikaru the Kitsune: Continuums of the Past

Hikaru the Kitsune: Continuums of the Past is a series of fanfiction stories written by Chica Nunnally (main author) and myself (co-author). It takes place in the Pre-Genesis Wave version of Light Mobius.

The series starts out with Hikaru the Kitsune: A Future Hope. This story details how Hikaru becomes a Freedom Fighter... and how she stops the tyrant Shadow from retaking the throne of Castle Mobius. The story first starts with one of Hikaru's childhood memories.

After the prologue, we skip to when Hikaru is seventeen. She wakes up from a rather fitful sleep due to dreaming about the memory, and she comes out of her room for some air. Hikaru sees a figure in another room speaking to Shadow's right hand woman Lien-Da... and the events that follow show how Hikaru becomes a Freedom Fighter...

(Notice: This story begins just a day after Chloe-Su the Echidna: The Beginning ended. And it takes place concurrently with the Chaos Collection.)

(Notice 2: Chica Nunnally is no longer the main author of this series. I'm now the new main author, and Clairebear165 is the co-author.)

Chaos Collection

The Chaos Collection is a series of stories revolving around Finitevus and his past, as well as other characters, including Ion the Hedgehog (DUBSTEPxSonic's character), Chloe-Su the Echidna, and Lara-Su. This series takes place during the Post Genesis Wave era: when Ion the Hedgehog arrives in Sonic's world due to the Genesis Lord, Dr. Finitevus resides in the Prime Zone with no memory of his wife and daughter and leads the Genesis Freedom Fighters, and Chloe-Su tries to find answers to her origins.

Basic Info of the Chaos Collection

The storyline starts with Lara-Su as the main character, taking her family to Riki-Le's daughter's unveiling only for it to end in panic when Finitevus is shot with a beam of Chaos Energy. Finitevus is taken to the hospital, only to escape later and be abducted by the New Dark Legion. Turned against his will into Enerjak, Lara-Su is forced to fight against him to protect Mobius... and her family.

The second part of the storyline occurs eleven years later, when Chloe-Su (Finitevus's and Lara-Su's daughter) is sixteen years old. The story begins when Chloe-Su refuses to go to her unveiling but then changes her mind, only for her to later question what her mother told her about Chloe-Su's father. Later on, Chloe-Su becomes desperate to find the truth to her father's disappearance... and finds information she wished she never knew.

The third part of the storyline occurs from the point of view of Ion the Hedgehog, a hero from a dimension alternate to that of Silver the Hedgehog's. Ion, driven from his homeworld due to an attack from the Second Devourer sent by the villain known as the Genesis Lord, enters Sonic's world and goes on the adventure of a lifetime.

The fourth part of the story is actually a roleplay involving some of the characters from the previous stories... and some new heroes and heroines join the fight.

The fifth part is titled Chloe-Su & Xavis: Mobotropolis Mayhem.

(Note: Plot will not be listed until the story is started- to prevent spoilers!)

Light Mobius Future: The Origins

Light Mobius Future: The Origins is a fan game that takes place six and a half years before the Chaos Collection. Lara-Su attempts to travel back in time to eliminate the Enerjak threat before he even becomes corrupted, only to be interrupted by Dr. Finitevus. The two are sent back in time to the Forgotten War Era... and become Mammoth Mogol's worst enemies...

This game takes place in the Pre-Genesis Wave timeline, but is considered noncanon to this continuity.

The Genesis Series

The Genesis Series is a group of upcoming fanfictions featuring groups such as the Genesis Freedom Fighters and the New Destructix fighting against Dr. Eggman and his newly formed Egg Chaotic Presence, a secret organization involved in the revival of Perfect Chaos and other projects threatening Mobius.


Rhyna the Echidna: Dark Flames

Rhyna the Echidna: Dark Flames is a series of stories that will take place two thousand years after the Genesis Series, with Rhyna the Echidna as the main protagonist.


(Special thanks to XophPsycho for picking out the name for Rhyna! :) )

Sonic Genesis Fan Game Series

Sonic Genesis is a fan game series that takes place during both the "Chaos Collection" and the "Genesis Series." The series includes every single character that is included in this continuation (including the Freedom Fighters, Team Dark, Silver, etc.) but mainly focuses on the main heroes and villains in the story in this continuation. Each installment includes 2D platforming with some kind of gameplay gimmick and deep storylines to make the player immersed into the story, mostly light toned stories. There are many dark moments in each story, but usually end up for the better in the end. Post-Genesis Wave versions of the real Archie Sonic cast are most likely cameos or a part of the story as a minor character. Sub-Games are also being included, such as fighting game crossovers, RPG's and 2D multi-player platform brawlers.

This is canon to this continuation and will have some flashbacks to the stories involving each character and will have references to events within each story, these are however, different adventures. (Except the spin-offs)


(Section by DUBSTEPxSonic)

Origins of Colona

Origins of Colona is a fanfiction series involving the main protagonist Penelope, a.k.a. Zeal R. Smith and many other characters across Medieval Mobius - including the notorious Zak-Ryder. 


Who Was I?

Who Was I? is a short fanfiction about an amnesiac Echidna who tries to find out who she is- or was.


Sonic the Hedgehog: (Untitled Story)

Sonic the Hedgehog (Untitled Story) is a fanfiction taking place on Light Mobius after the Genesis Wave. Shadow has been overthrown and things were peaceful. But when Sonic mysteriously leaves ruling over Mobius and a disturbing rumour puts Sally in a distraught state, Manic takes the throne and reigns over the planet with an iron fist. Sonic now must work to stop Manic at all costs- especially when the tyrant threatens to abduct the Prowers! Question is, can he stop his own son from destroying everything? And just where is Sonia Acorn in all this?

Main Characters (Franchise Characters and OC's)

Prime Zone


Light Mobius

Pre-Genesis Wave

  • Hikaru Youko the Kitsune ( originally created by Chica Nunnally- currently owned by Julia Finitevus)
  • Kara-Ne the Echidna (originally created by Chica Nunnally- currently owned by Julia Finitevus)
  • Clara the Echidna (originally created by Chica Nunnally- currently owned by Julia Finitevus)
  • Hecate the Hedgehog (Clairebear165)
  • King Sonic (Archie Comics)
  • King Shadow (Archie Comics)
  • Lara-Su (Archie Comics)

Post-Genesis Wave

  • Kuromi Meganeko (WaterKirby1994)
  • Aomaru Meganeko (WaterKirby1994)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie Comics)
  • Manic the Hedgehog (Archie Comics)
  • Zortarius (WaterKirby1994)
  • The Resistance (???)

Dark Mobius

  • Jani-Ca (Archie Comics)
  • Knuckles (Archie Comics)
  • Khione the Hedgehog (Clairebear165)

Dark Flames 


​Medieval Mobius (Alternate Universe)

Luminous Mobius

Chaos Mobius

The Lamak Zone

The Fractured Zone

Moebius Future

The Dark Mirror Zone

The Genesis Nexus

  • Genesis Lord (DUBSTEPxSonic)

The Forces Universe

Dark Mobius- Post Genesis Wave

Rules about creating things in our continuity

  • Do not use our OCs without our permission (this goes for us continuity creators too. For example, I have to ask Reens or DUB for permission to use their characters and vise versa.)
  • DO NOT write anything involving sexual contact. It is PROHIBITED, NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • During role plays in this continuity, if a person is trying to edit and can't due to edit conflicts, LET THEM EDIT.
  • No F, D, C, or P bombs, please. Other swear words are okay, such as hell, bloody, deuce, etc. Be sure to put a reasonable limit on them though. Not everyone wants to see a bad word in every single sentence.


  • The true start of this continuity would have to be the two-part story arc about Ion the Hedgehog and a certain major roleplay.
  • Reens considers only part of the role play Sonic Universe Fanfiction Story 1: Dr. Finitevus, Post Genesis Wave canon to her character, not the whole thing.
  • Although the new version of the Dark Presence was renamed the Chaos Legion, it has many other names as well. (Example: The New Dark Legion, Presence Legion, etc)
  • It is currently unknown why defeating the Genesis Lord became Dr. Finitevus's new priority. 
  • The "Chaos" part of the name "Chaos Legion" is actually a reference to Shadow's Chaos abilities.
  • Medieval Mobius is an alternate universe based on the original reality that .:.TellZeal.:. had created.
  • The two-part story arc Legends of an Echidna (written by Julia Finitevus) is considered noncanon to this continuity.
  • I'm thinking of giving Chloe-Su a new Chaos transformation called "Isotope Chloe-Su". Whether or not I will do this has not yet been determined.
  • The Forces Universe is based on the SEGA game Sonic Forces.
  • The multiverse in this continuity is very unstable, so some events may be altered due to said instability, as well as time shifts.
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