Jude the Fox

Biographical Information
RelativesUnnamed Parents
Romantic Interests
DOBJuly 2
BirthplaceNewtrogic High Zone, Mobius
Physical Description
SpeciesMobian/Gray Fox
  • Hair: Short and Black
  • Fur: Gray and white
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Height: 3 ft 5 in/104 cm
  • Weight: 79 lbs./36 kg
  • Blue Jacket
  • Sleeveless white t-shirt w/ black trim
  • Light Blue Jeans
  • Black/ White Tennis Shoes
  • Silver, blank dog tags
  • White Fingerless Gloves
  • Off-white bandage on his left cheek
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Basic Combat Abilities
  • Experienced street fighter
Super FormsN/A
Other Information
American V.A. (TBD)
Japanese V.A. (TBD)
Theme Song(s) Tuff Enuff ~ The Fabulous Thunderbirds
Appearances None as of now
Original Creator
Likes Street fighting, black tea, his girlfriend, Marcello, fighting crime, grilling, meat (especially pork), and his uncle
Dislikes His friends' and girlfriend's constant worry for him and being caught

Jude the Fox (ジュード・ザ・きつね Jūdo za Kitsune) is an adult fox that is one of the founding members of the Newtrogic Crime Stoppers and and is the long-time boyfriend of Serene the Foxcoon. He is also an underground street fighter.


Early Life

Jude was born in the Newtrogic High Zone slums and had a tough childhood. His parents cared for him very much and tried to provide the best for him. Worried about their son’s safety, they requested that his uncle, a self defense teacher, teach Jude ways to protect himself. His uncle was willing and trained Jude when he reached the age of 12. From then on, life for Jude became a little bit easier.

Highschool Years

Jude gained a fascination with fighting and to pass the time on lazy weekends, he would fight in short fighting circuits with friends and some other boys. He kept these a secret though, and always told he parents he got hurt while playing sports with his friends. During his second year in high school, his father had gotten a better job and they had to move to a better part of the city. Jude made the decision to stop his fighting, so that he would gain a new, clean image once they moved.

Despite not being accepted by his fellow classmates at first, he eventually was accepted and was well-liked by some people. During P.E. class, Jude had met Marcello the Hedgehog and the two became quick friends. Both were impressed by each other’s strength and enjoyed spending their free time together. He also gained admiration from Serene the Foxcoon, a shy girl who fell for his often calm and sometimes kind attitude. Jude knew who was Serene was and considered her an acquaintance. However, he seemed to not notice her feelings about him. During his final year in high school, Jude dated a semi-popular girl; even though he thought she was pretty she always nagged him and seemed to point out every fault about him. The two eventually broke up. The few weeks after the break-up, Jude was hanging around campus after school. He noticed Serene sitting on a bench alone and looked sad. Jude went over to sit with her and began to talk to her. Flustered, Serene told him how she felt about him and that she was jealous of the girl he had dated. Jude surprised at first, but then smiled. He told her how there was no reason for her to be jealous and that she was better than that girl and Serene was sweeter and never senselessly judged anyone. So, the two began to date and have been together since.

Adult Life and Team Formation

Jude was finally out of high school, but wasn’t planning to go to college. So, he had to work various odd jobs to get by. He still kept in touch with his close friend Marcello and the two spent a lot of time together. A year after an evil doctor was defeated by a red echidna and his friends, Jude got a call from Marcello about starting a crime stopping team so that they could stop violence that was going on in the city lately. Jude agreed and the two began the Newtrogic Crime Stoppers. The team garnered popularity from the public after capturing wanted criminals.

When clubs were reaching high popularity, the group gained a new an enemy: club queen and criminal Hearts the Cheetah and her lackey Radic the Dog. The group has had many run-ins with them, but has yet to catch them, even to this day.

A Dangerous Habit Resurfaces

After crime fighting for quite a while, Jude felt a yearning for something he had once done: fighting for entertainment. So, keeping his friends unaware of what he was doing, began to fight in underground street fighting tournaments. He often lost many tournaments on purpose to he could stay out of the spotlight, so neither the police or his friends would find out.

One night he was injured from a fight. He tried to shake it off, but eventually collapsed near his girlfriend, Serene’s house. She, whom had medical knowledge, was able to revive him and helped him with his injuries. Jude finally had to tell her about his fighting, much to her horror. Despite what happened, Jude still continued his street fighting and promised he wouldn’t get hurt like that again.

Current Life

Jude continues to work with Marcello as the Newtrogic Crime Stoppers and has recently recruited Kyle the Raccoon to become a full-time crime stopper. Jude also continues to participate in street fighting tournaments, much to the dismay of his friends and girlfriend.


Unfortunately, Jude has finally been arrested for aggravated assault charges and has been sent to prison. Serene and Jude end their relationship on a rather bitter note. Serene couldn’t take Jude’s fighting anymore and that he is now a convict.


Often quiet, reserved, and calm, Jude is someone who doesn’t let petty things get to him. He doesn’t voice or show his concern for something unless his girlfriend, Serene, or his closest friends are in danger. Despite his calm, rather bored attitude, he can be a very violent fighter. He used to participate in fighting circuits when he was younger, but decided to stop once things in his life got better. After the Newtrogic Crime Stoppers formed and fought off criminals; he gained a greater thirst for fighting. So, he began to participate in Underground Street fighting tournaments to quench this thirst, much to the concern to his friends and girlfriend. He often explains he doesn’t need a reason to fight; he does it because he likes it. He has also grown wary of his girlfriend’s constant worry for his safety, but still loves and cares for her very much. Despite his confidence in his safety, he is afraid he’ll get caught by the cops. Despite all this, Jude can be a kind guy when he wants to and feels some regret because of his street fighting. .


Ever since he was young, Jude has known how to fight. This skill was first used to defend himself, but was also used to entertain himself by entering small fighting circuits during his early teenage years. He eventually stopped for quite a while, until he started fighting crime with his friend Marcello. Unfortunately, his fighting skills are used for a dangerous hobby he developed after the crime fighting group started: Street fighting.

Jude also likes to cook things on the grill, pork being his favorite.


Due to his street fighting, he is always in danger of serious injury or death. He also has to deal with not being caught by the police. Jude also seems to have an addiction to fighting and can be very violent. Due to him thinking he won't get hurt, he ignores his friends and girlfriend's concern for him.


Marcello the Hedgehog

Jude has known Marcello since high school and the two have been best friends ever since. Both admire each other for their strength and like to spend time together. They are also sparring partners. Due to Marcello being one of the first people to learn of Jude’s life in the slums and fighting habits and also having known of this the longest, Marcello doesn’t voice his concern for Jude’s safety. This is because he knows that this is what Jude has done and lived with for most of his life, so it’s a part of him. However, Marcello still has concern for his friend.

Serene the Foxcoon

Jude and Serene have also known each other since high school and the two are high school sweethearts. At first, the two knew each other simply as acquaintances. Jude knew who she was, but who she was. Serene, on the other hand, admired him for his calm and sometimes kind attitude. The two eventually dated after Serene confessed her feelings for Jude after his break-up from another girl. The two have been together since then.

The relationship at this time is somewhat rocky, due to Jude’s street fighting and Serene’s pacifist nature. Serene constantly worries for her boyfriend’s safety; this bothers Jude so he often ignores it or assures her that he’ll be alright. The strain could also be caused by Kyle’s attraction for Jude. Kyle also happens to be Serene’s younger brother. Jude and Serene just ignore Kyle’s flirtations with Jude the best they can. Despite all this, the two care and love each other very much.

However, in the future Jude is arrested and sent to prison, which ends the two’s relationship on a bitter note.

Kyle the Raccoon

Jude and Kyle’s relationship in the very least would be described as awkward. Upon hearing about Serene mentioning her brother wanting to be recruited to become a member of the Newtrogic Crime Stoppers, Jude was more than happy and had high hopes for Kyle. Once Jude actually met Kyle, his high expectations were diminished, but he still had a little hope in Kyle. However, after knowing Kyle for much longer Jude began to highly dislike Kyle for his erratic, seemingly rude, and flirting behavior and his attraction for him.

Kyle on the other hand admires and is even romantically attracted to Jude. He sees Jude as a man who is won’t take anything from anybody and loves his muscular body. Kyle often flirts and even tries to get his way with Jude, but luckily Jude often finds his ways out of these situations or ignores his flirting.

What makes this relationship awkward though is the fact that Jude is dating Kyle’s older sister, Serene. Kyle knows of this, but still flirts and loves Jude anyway due to his bitter feelings toward his sister. This relationship is probably one of the causes of the strain on Jude and Serene’s relationship, as said earlier in the article.

Regina the Hedgemouse

Despite the two not talking much, they’re on good terms with each other. Regina however doesn’t agree with his fighting habits outside of crime fighting though.

Hearts the Cheetah

Jude, like the rest of the Newtrogic Crime Stoppers, is against Hearts. He is afraid that she’ll kidnapped and hurt Serene.

Radic the Dog

Despite Jude not having seen or met Radic, he considers him as an enemy due to his affiliation with Hearts.



  • Jude is similar to Cody Travers from both the Final Fight and Street Fighter video-games.
  • Jude’s cross necklace has been changed to blank dog tags to avoid religious critism.
  • Jude bandage constantly changes from being clean to having blood on it.

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