Physical Appearance

Judd the Cat is a violet cat with curly spines that resemble hair more than anything. He has yellow eyes and a white mouth. He wears a white andred tank top and short black basketball shorts. He dons red Converse on his feet, and the occasional slippers while at home. He prefers to wear casual clothes, and hates any kind of business attire or more of a fancier dress. 


Judd is a chill person who doesn't much care for a lot. He tends to be quiet, and enjoys a cigarette every so often. It seems the only things he gets any bit of excited about are hacking, coding, working, and his boyfriend.He doesn't tend to speak about his emotions, and has a bad habit of letting them bottle up. They usually come out while he's drunk.


Judd was born in 1991, on the day of January 12th. He lived a normal life until his sister, Sunni, was born. After his sister was born his mother left him and his family. He was then raised by his single father for the rest of his life. Him and his family lived on a farm, away from any kind of adventure. He was just a normal cat that helped his family on the farm.

After he turned 18, he moved to the city. He then bought himself a laptop and slowly fell into the world of hacking and coding. He became obsessed with this, his new talent. This led him to becoming his online persona, "JHex". He became popular among hacking groups online where he started his own. Sometime when he was 25 he became employed to Doctor Jay the Hedgehog after meeting him online. He currently lives with, and is dating, Doctor Jay.


Hacking and Coding

Judd knows how to both hack into the most difficult of technology while also being able to create new programs and such with coding.


Judd isn't the best fighter around. Being a cat, he can be quite agile and fast, but that is just about it. He usually stays on the sidelines, seeing if he can make technology help the fight.


  • Judd's favorite color is red, despite being entirely purple.
  • Judd used to have a pet cat named Sunny. He named it after his sister.
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