"Don't worry. My name's Joy. I'm here to help you!"
—Joy introducing herself to some Station Square civilian witnesses
Joy the Hedgehog is a super heroine and a young teenage Hedgehog born and created from a
cryogenic chamber similar to that of Dr. Robotnik's. In an last ditch effort to save people's lives when their lab was under attack, the doctor that created her (Dr. Valentine) gave her various injections mixed with both elemental powers from meteorites and Alien DNA. She was also mixed with both Shadow and Sonic's DNA, granting her super-abilities both in speed and invincibility. She is sixteen and currently one of the newest Freedom Fighters to work with the Sonic Team. She is voiced by Tara Strong.


Desperate Times/Joy Is Born

In a secret lab not far from Station Square (being on the island which is one of the three Chao Garden islands in Sonic Adventure),

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a lab doctor (dubbed by the Station Square citizens as a "mad scientist") by the name of Dr. Valentine was hoping to conduct several experiments that he hoped would one day save the lives of countless people if disaster were sure to strike. So studying the fragments of Alien DNA found on meteorite pieces which also contained fragmented meteorite powers, he decided to animate the meteorite fragmented powers and Alien DNA using several unconscious willing test subjects. Unfortunately, none of them made it out alive except for one: JOY. Joy was the last hope Dr. Valentine needed as the island was under attack by Dr. Robotnik (Dr. Eggman) once again. So, he tried it again, this time using a different tactic and soon, Joy sprung out of the lab, fully armed and fully grown. Even Dr. Valentine was amazed by the results! Though sooner or later, the lab doctor would only have to tell Joy the truth about her origins...

Saving the city and Meeting the Sonic Heroes

While Joy was still trying to put the pieces of her life puzzle together, every cheered in Station Square! She was so pleased until the Sonic Team (Sonic and his crew of heroes) showed up to find the mysterious new hedgehog. They didn't know what to make of her. She was not clearly a villain. Not an adult. And all anyone could whisper to themselves was "Sonic, are you sure she's not related to you?". Joy didn't know what to think except that she had a lot in common with the new strangers: they were Superheroes! Sonic face-palmed himself thinking to himself that Joy couldn't possibly be related to him if they just met. She wasn't his sister...Or... Then Shadow showed up and things just complicated the matter. Everyone in the group started 'Ohhing' and 'Awwing' in amusement, thinking that Joy could've possibly being a long-lost relative of Shadow's. Not knowing who's to decide on the matter, Joy just decided to show off her moves, demonstrating her variety of superpowers to the Sonic Heroes. The group watched in awe, complimenting her in the crowd. While Shadow and Sonic just looked at each other in worry and disbelief as this kid clearly had super abilities that BOTH hedgehogs possessed.

After the demonstrations were over, the crowd cheered on Joy in applause. However, this just raised more awkward questions than answers as neither Shadow, Sonic nor Joy herself even knew just how could she be possibly related to both hedgehogs in having both their super abilities. One Freedom Fighter asked Joy who was her mother. All Joy could say was: "I don't know. I never had a mother..."


The Gossip

While Joy adjusts to her new life in Station Square, things quickly get out of control when the townspeople of Station Square question who Joy's father(s) are. And when they find out that both Sonic and Shadow are Joy's "fathers", gossip spreads and everybody starts making up false rumors about the two rival hedgehog's connections to Joy, everything from "who's your daddy? love triangle" to "possible homoerotic hedgehog couple?", causing Sonic and Shadow some embarrassment. Luckily, Joy and her creator Dr. Valentine are quick to act and correct some of those nasty rumors spread by the Station Square townspeople with Joy bravely announcing something about herself: she was simply created in a science lab to help save others. While this news amused people ("...Well that explains it!, ect"), Sonic and Shadow tell Joy that well she was nice to save their reputations, she didn't have to reveal to the townspeople she was born and created in a science lab. Joy then tells them both that she wasn't afraid and she was willing to do anything to help out her "two dads", leading Joy to hug them both in a group hug and Sonic and Shadow to smirk at each other in annoyance from their rivalry.

Fast Times At Station Square High

Joy's First Chaos Emerald

The Island Hedgehog (Parts 1 & 2)

In the two part special, "The Island Hedgehog" Parts 1 & 2, Sonic and his team crash landed onto a mysterious island. Three weeks prior to the events leading to the plane crash, Joy has gone missing. Joy received an invite from a couple of friends in her neighborhood to join them on a trip to the mysterious island that was once a tourist attraction known as "Dinosaur Planet". Joy hopped onto an airplane accompanied by some of her friends and some other curious tourists. Unfortunately, things went haywire and once the plane experienced mechanical difficulties, the plane crashed and everything went black. Everyone on the plane was asleep but Joy was the only one who woke up from the rubble and though she tried to help the others, she had to make a break for it as she (and a wounded pilot) soon discovered that she wasn't alone on the island. In those three weeks, Joy makes use of her survival instincts, staying away from any dangers the island inhabited while making use of a heavy equipped backpack, batteries, boxes of food, flashlight, smoke grenades, cable trappers, rope, and other tools for use. Later on her survival journey, (after Sonic and his friends crashed) she runs into a red echidna fighting for his life who is introduced as Knuckles the Echidna. Making use of her homemade smoke grenades, Joy stuns and distracts her enemies while she rescues Knuckles from his attackers and both take protective refuge in the shelter she built out of scrap metal left over from the plane wreck which she dug into the ground. After facing off more dangers (box cages, water rapids, a T-Rex and Spinosaurus battle, ect), Joy and Knuckles work together in an attempt to locate the X Tornado and (thanks to a irritating ringtone) are reunited with Sonic and his team of friends. Soon, Joy, Sonic and the rest of the team had to make their way together through the challenged back through the forests to the X Tornado while avoiding many hungry cannibals and dinosaurs inhabiting the island around them. Soon, the X Tornado was repaired and Joy escapes with Sonic and his team. Making joyful use of her memories of the intense adventure shared, with her newfound friendship with Knuckles and introducing him to her bestie and biological father Sonic (much to his shock and her surprise, as she had no idea that both blue hedgehog and red echidna were already familiar with one another) Despite this new information to the echidna, their friendship is never differed and Joy sarcastically and humorously remark, "Boy, I got a whole other story to tell you about myself...".

Joy's Nightmare

Some time after the events of escaping Dinosaur Island, Joy begins having severe nightmares that almost make dread sleeping. Desperate, she seeks the help Knuckles under the misguidance that he "hunts monsters", Tails for sleep-dream technology that would help them teleport into her dreams and Cream for emotional support as well as tea that helps her sleep. After shared REM-sleep dreams, Joy manages to conquer the "monster" in her dreams and her sleep returns to normal, with the reveal that the "monster" chasing after her in her dreams represents a subconscious desire of her not wanting to let one down of her friends whom she's grown to greatly admire.

The Search For Joy's Mother

After winning her first soccer game on Chris' team at Station Square High and seeing others bond with their mothers, Joy feels desolate and is left wanting to reconnect with her mother whom she hasn't seen since she was born nor it was known whether or not that said mother was living or deceased. Seeking guidance, Joy goes on a journey to the Mystic Ruins, then the tiny Flicky Island where she was "born" (created in Dr. Valentine's lab and subsequently born and spontaneously matured to 16 in just a few minutes), then eventually, Red Mountain. After receiving no news on her mother, Joy is almost willing to give up and return back to Station Square when she is attacked by a dark malevolent spirit monster called the Dark Sprite. Joy is powerless and is soon triggered (for the first time) to morph into her "dark form" causing her to resemble Shadow and use darker kinetic powers to attack the monster. Before she could slay it, a hedgehog appears out of the mists and defeats the creature, saving Joy. It is revealed that hedgehog saving her life was her long-awaited thought-to-be-deceased mother and her name was Melanie. Turns out, Joy's mother was taken by the evil creature and a hedgehog powerful than her and possibly related by blood had to use to "Chaos Control" to defeat the creature causing it to release Melanie from her misty mountain prison alive and unharmed. Joy was happy and, overwhelmed with emotions, hugged her mom. They both returned to her home to Station Square safely.

Aquatic City Battle

When Chaos is released by a malevolent doctor named Hexxus and unleashes it upon Station Square, it's up to Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Joy to work together and defeat the aquatic monster once again. During the battle, Joy nearly defeats it but gets injured by one of Chaos' laser blasts and nearly falls to her death. Knuckles suffers a blow to the head from the monster as well but luckily, Tails manages to distract Chaos with a fake Chaos Emerald allowing Super Sonic some time to save both Joy and Knuckles before Tails and Knuckles recover and deliver the first two attacks to the aquatic monster Chaos before Super Sonic finishes the monster by delivering a super-sonic blast and saves the city thanks to his friends (and daughter). After defeating Chaos and sealing it back away into the Master Emerald, Joy gets back on her feet and immediately starts repairing some of the damage done to Station Square by Chaos (though luckily not as bad as before) and Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and the rest of the gang help out as volunteers with the rest of the team.

Book Reports and Bad Cookies

In Station Square High School, Joy writes her first book report about what she done spending the weekend with her family. Only what little does the entire classroom and her teacher know is that the weekend spent with her family involved the families (including Sonic and his friends) getting into some drama of their own while Joy searched around the Thorndyke Mansion for her misplaced Nintendo Wii console. When Sonic and his friends learn of Joy's "book report", they panic.

Twinkle Park Wild Roller Coaster Rides!

At Twinkle Park, Joy is invited by Amy Rose and Cream to test out one of the newest giant roller coasters that supposedly goes "faster than the speed of sound", referencing Sonic. Sonic is thrilled and joins them as well. Once aboard the roller coasters, Amy and Cream panic while Sonic and Joy cheer wildly as the roller coaster ride went full speed. After the ride was over, Amy and Cream felt wiped out and a little embarrassed but with Joy's help, Sonic consoled them and Amy blushes. As soon as Sonic arrived with chili dogs for the group, the mere sight of the food caused some of the brave roller coaster rider "survivors" to suddenly turn blue and puke their guts up all over new arrival Sam Speed, leading Sonic, Joy, Amy and Cream to take their lunch somewhere else literally "to go".

Red vs Blue = Purple Bruises

Dr. Eggman hires a trained spy to steal the Master Emerald so the gem could power his machines for "Eggman Land". Once its done, Knuckles is then tricked again by Dr. Eggman into thinking that Sonic stole his Master Emerald and this leads to a confrontation fight between hedgehog and echidna which escalates to a nearby children's park (for hilarity!). Joy sees this and sought to resolve the fight between the volatile besties, reminding them (from her experience) that Dr. Eggman has turned people she's friends with against others. Knuckles and Sonic get this and the three decide to teach Eggman a lesson. Once they've defeated Dr. Eggman and the the new spy jailed for his crimes of theft, the three then spend time hanging out in the same children's park, which Knuckles and Sonic have accidentally destroyed in their ensuing fight but have since quickly rebuilt it back to perfection.

Rising Star

At Station Square High, Joy is suddenly burst into the school's popularity limelight when she is discovered by the student body to be the daughter of the 'famous blue hedgehog'.

Battle Of The Blues (Part 1)

Joy's loyalties are put to the test when both fathers -- Shadow and Sonic -- go against one another and one of them is sent into outer space!

Rocket To Space (Part 2)

After losing the battle, Sonic nearly dies and is then sent into space on a rocket by Shadow -- as payback for his recent memory loss at the prison base months ago. Joy is distraught, one by the loss of her father sent into outer space on a rocket and angered at the other who had taken a dark turn for the worse. This causes her to seek resolution for the deadly events.

Starbursts (Part 3)

After trying (and failing) to seek and rescue her father from outer space on a lone desolate rocket ride, Joy falls into a deep depression which slowly causes her grades to drop and neglect her friendships, causing them to despair. Sonic, however, manages to use the power of a fake Chaos Emerald given to him by Tails' and Joy as a gift before his untimely take-off and manages to change the rocket's course causing him to come crashing down on Earth. Returning to Station Square, Sonic manages to find his friends (Tails, Chuck, Knuckles, Amy, ect) who welcome him with open arms and despite his obvious blood-lust to seek and get back at Shadow for his betrayal, something else was on his mind. Meanwhile, Joy visits Sonic's grave (which was an empty buried casket; obviously) and mourns him which she has continued to do for the past three weeks. Sonic finds her thanks to some information of her worried friends and he consoles her. Joy is shocked and in utter disbelief that Sonic is alive and back on earth but nonetheless happy and in emotional tears being reunited with her father again. After hugging, both hedgehogs head back to the Thorndyke Mansion where everybody gets together and catch up with Sonic who himself is shock to learn that, while he was up in outer space for only a mere seven days (due to a different rate of time warp) back on earth he will have be presumed dead for three weeks! Still seething from the recent cause of his disappearance, Sonic seeks to destroy Shadow but Chris, Chris' parents and Chuck Thorndyke all warn him not to do anything drastic for he had just got back on earth and that while his revenge is understandable, he needs to rest for a while and in the mean time, catch up on those three weeks and spend time with his friends and family Joy. Sonic reluctantly agrees for a moment then goes into the living room, seeing Joy comforted by Cream and Vanilla and making amends with some of the friends she neglected. Sonic cheers her up, helping her of her depression, telling her "no matter what happens when life gets tough, never give up". Joy smiles and spends the rest of the night at the Thorndyke Mansion telling stories with her friends.

Where's Barbara?

Things would go normally at school but things take a dark turn for the worst when one of Joy's friends, a shrinking violet-esque koala named Barbara, suddenly disappears and everyone is taken in for questioning including Joy. Meanwhile, aside the investigation of Barbara's disappearance, Joy's friend, a wolf named Iris takes up an art class and goes to the gym afterwards to find it occupied by the Chaotix team members Espio, Vector and Charmy who were in the middle of a argument and another chameleon accompanying them, a dark green chameleon named Jack simply rolls his eyes at the trio's bickering. Upon locking eyes, Iris becomes smitten with him and befriends him and the Chaotix members but as the days pass and Jack dives more and more into his "art work" and people start disappearing, Iris becomes curious and more obsessed with Jack who despite her obvious crush on him, continues to rebuff her for unknown reasons.


Following the recent disappearance of her classmate Barbara the Koala, authorities continue on their search and learning that Joy used to be friends with Barbara, they ask her some questions. Joy takes offense to their remark of "used to be friends" and corrects them, telling them of the history of her friendship with Barbara. Going back three months, the two girls first met as strangers at Station Square High and being constantly rebuffed by some of the classmates for being "weirdos", this bonded the two girls and they became friends, eventually bonding more over art classes and video games. She even took her on a trip rock-climbing in the Mystic Ruins once. That was before Barbara disappeared and even Joy doesn't know why. Later on, all the students assignments for the week was a report about their dad and Joy was excited to tell hers. Chris Thorndyke was a little worried about this, not knowing which father she was going to be speak of on the topic to the class but nonetheless Sonic watched proudly.

Later on, as Joy went home, she was walking when she recalled the last time she talked to Barbara. They went walking to her home on the exact street covered with the Autumn leaves when Barbara confessed to being bullied for quite a while and that was how she got a black eye. Joy asked who did this to her but Barbara refused for if she told anyone, he/she/they would hunt her down and make her pay so for her friend's sake, Joy kept quiet and they went to Joy's home to play video games and do homework together but Joy couldn't help but feel something was up....

Spooky Ghost Castle!

After returning to the Spooky Castle, the same castle which Sonic and his friends visited before back when Chris and his family were filming a movie, Joy, Sonic and Knuckles were visiting upon hearing word of a missing piece of a Time Stone when they are suddenly attacked by strong malevolent forces of ghosts, all of whom are led by their respective ghost leader King Boom Boo. The ghost manages to play tricks on the trio's minds eventually rendering both Sonic and Knuckles incapacitated but Joy (due to being a genetically engineered hedgehog) manages to avoid falling under the effects of the ghosts' powers and attacks King Boom Boo and his ghosts by unleashing the sunlight upon them using the Time Stone they recovered, Helping Sonic and Knuckles to their feet, the three work together and combined with the power of the Time Stone, blast King Boom Boo and his ghosts back into the fifth dimension where they belonged. Upon sealing the portal, they run back up to the outside, narrowly avoiding being trapped again. After all their commotion, Joy gives the Time Stone to both Knuckles and Sonic suggesting that they should use the stone again 'in case danger should strike again'. Sonic suggests a different idea, that they place it back into the broken Moon statue which stood previous where the entrance to the tunnels before it was destroyed by the ghosts. With the Time Stone inside the Moon statue, it repairs itself and the sun shines brighter in the day, signaling its heightened and restored power. Everything is sealed and back to normal and the three could go back home but before they could, they are stopped by a stray camera crew who are baffled that no one could escape the ghosts in the tunnels before. As Sonic, Joy and Knuckles are taken aback by this, the camera crew tell them once again of a man who gained possession of a Time Stone, a Moon statue and was warned not to break the statue on a Blood Moon night or else the ghosts would be unleashed. He laughed thinking nothing bad would happen and as predicted, he accidentally broke the statue which unleashed the ghosts who attacked him and he suddenly disappeared never to be seen again. Rumors spread by the townspeople who were attacked by the ghosts who believed that the man who disappeared was simply taken away by ghosts into the ghostly fifth dimension simply as 'punishment' by King Boom Boo and his ghosts for no longer having the Time Stone as he had dropped it back up onto the higher grounds during his struggle. By the end of the camera man's story, Sonic Joy and Knuckles are obviously a little creeped out by this knowledge but decide not to let it get to them and they all head home, as one of the littler ghosts of King Boom Boo's suddenly escapes from the Fifth Dimension due to a group of kids experimenting with a Ouija Board and cackles evilly....

Stone Cold Jam

After the events of Battle Of The Blues (Part 1), Rocket To Space (Part 2) and Starbursts (Part 3), Joy's bond with her father Shadow grows weary and distant due to his evil actions and hostility, causing her bond with her other dad Sonic to grow more stronger and for him to become more of a greater parental surrogate to Joy better than his rival Shadow. Shaken by this recent experience of betrayal, Joy seeks to distract herself by indulging in various activities such as after-school activities (painting, soccer, making unicorn magic rainbow glitter glue, ect) baking sweets with Cream and taking piano lessons with her mother Vanilla, taking up jam sessions on the guitar with Sonic and helping Chris and the Thorndyke family around the house with fixing stuff up. On the weekends, she even goes to Knuckles in learning to take archaeological digging and exploration of ancient abandoned ruins.

Rose Quartz On The Run

One day, Amy Rose goes grocery shopping and Joy accompanies her on the walk there. On the way back to their homes, they are distracted by a large ship passing overhead and are suddenly knocked out by a little Birdy colliding with them. Amy takes to the new Birdy, a cotton candy pink colored Flicky whom she names Garnet. Then a huge robot appeared out of nowhere and started tracking down Amy just like before. Amy tries to fend it off with her Piko Piko Hammer but the robot proves to be infected by the hammer and blasts Joy with a laser attack, knocking her unconscious. Amy fears for her and her birdy's life and takes off running. By the time Joy awakens, it's night time and she immediately begins to worry about Amy and goes to Sonic for help. Sonic, given his history of running away from Amy due to her intense crush, refuses to help but Joy reminds him that he's helped out plenty of others before in times of crisis and he's never complained before. Whenever a person ("normal" or Freedom Fighter) needs help, he always rushed to be there.Joy also berates Sonic for his hesitation in saving Amy when he should be rescuing her. She also pushes the conversation on a emotional note, telling him that if he's not going to rescue her, she will for Amy's her friend and friends don't abandon friends when they need them. Almost in tears, Joy takes off running and Sonic is now left with his regret over not caring about Amy.

Joy takes off on a crazy journey, visiting to the places Amy has been to (Mystic Ruins, Twinkle Park, Egg Carrier) and finds Amy fighting off the same robot that's been following her. Incensed that the robot had injured her new birdy friend, this anger gave Amy the courage to take on the robot and stun it, long enough for Joy to perform a spin dash and blast it into the oceans far away. After this, Amy and Joy hug, happy to be reunited again and immediately get help for the birdy Garnet who heals quickly and flies into the sky. Soon enough, Sonic shows up to the rescue and Amy (almost) lets her crazy love for Sonic get the best of her but Joy pulls her aside and gives her some advice telling her to play it cool. Taking this advice, Sonic asks Amy if she's alright and she tells him it was nothing she couldn't handle without her trusty hammer and Joy and Garnet had been a real great help to her in her time of crisis. Sonic apologizes to both Amy and Joy to which Joy apologizes back for yelling at him days earlier. Amy shows off a more cool demure heroic side to her by talking about fending off the robot and helping her birdy Garnet find her home and Sonic puts an arm around for a hug, a sign that he's comfortable around her. Joy gives her a wink for the advice working and Amy blushes before a blue Flicky appears out of nowhere which Joy recognizes as the blue Flicky she rescued and named Pearl. Pearl sees Garnet and unexpectedly, the two Flickies fall in love and fly away to their new home together while the three hedgehogs look on. After that the three head home to Station Square safely.

Crisis City Ruins

During school time, Joy goes on the field trip which to the whole class' surprise -- to the ruins of Crisis City which were still being repaired. While the students took in all the glorious view of the ruins (albeit from a destroyed city), they were ambushed by a group of trained mercenaries called The Trinity sent by Dr. Eggman sent over to locate a Chaos Emerald buried among the ruins of Crisis City. Joy fought them off and led the class to safety but when she went to board the school bus, they all got so scared that they forgot her. Despite being captured and tied to one of Dr. Eggman's ships at the Crisis City ruins as bait, Sonic showed up and thwarted both Dr. Eggman and The Trinity, captured the missing red Chaos Emerald among the ruins and rescued Joy -- all while managing a long chasm jump over across many falling ruins. After returning to the school safely, Sonic and Joy checked up on the other school staff and students and they thanked both Sonic and Joy for their heroism once again.

On The Run

What started out as an ordinary day at school turns into a horror show for Joy when she discovers a strange and harmful virus has taken over Station Square. Almost everyone had to be evacuated and those who were infected had to stay behind and be quarantined. Joy was nearly mistaken for infected (her eyes turn red because of sharing Shadow's DNA; the infected carry red eyes as part of the 'infected' traits) and left in quarantine until Sonic showed up and saved her. The two hedgehogs almost escaped the city until Dr. Eggman attacked them. This time, blasting both hedgehogs with a strange ray rendering them in pain and then once awakening, Sonic and Joy try to run only to discover to their horror that their super-speed shoes were stolen by Dr. Eggman and swapped with plain ordinary look-alike speed shoes. The fact that many of the infected were closing in on them didn't help so Sonic had no choice but to run in his (temporary) normal speed shoes and carry Joy around in his arms until they got to safety. Taking refuge into the Mystic Ruins, they reunited with Tails and Knuckles who helped them evade many of the infected until they could figure out their next plan. Joy suggests they go back to the city to see if they could rescue any of the uninfected that were left behind. Sonic, Tails and Knuckles thought that was crazy but they decided nonetheless to try and so they hopped a ride in the X-Tornado back to Station Square to try and find more survivors. Unfortunately, their plane ride malfunctioned and the four ended up crashing into a laboratory which happened to be next to a nurse's station. Staying behind to keep an eye out for help and get better, Joy decided to take off running to look for help. This caused Sonic to worry for her and he runs after her. In the building, a massive fire accidentally breaks out from Joy managing to crash Dr. Eggman's ship. The noise draws in more of the infected causing Joy to reluctantly seek shelter in Eggman's crashed ship. Just as things seemed bleak, a doctor announces on the news that they've found a cure for the virus that has infected Station Square. Unfortunately, it only works best in water. So Sonic had to run back and seek help from Tails and Knuckles to break into one of Dr. Eggman's ships (one of which had a machine that control weather, outing him as being responsible for the harsh weather conditions in Station Square) and unleash the virus cure through a massive thunderstorm upon all of Station Square, allowing all who got wet and covered in the water to become cured and turned back to normal. Which came as a relief as Joy just had to fend off an infected Amy Rose (the virus makes the inhabitants 'fighting machines'). After Amy is cured, she realizes to her horror what she had almost done and cries, causing Joy to become emotional too and console Amy. Out of nowhere, Shadow swoops in and pulls the two hedgehogs off the ground and out of danger. Meanwhile, now that Dr. Eggman's ship is crashed, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles land back on the ground and decide to give Dr. Eggman 'a taste of his own medicine'. Eggman battles the trio but is finished by a Team Sonic Blast (like in Sonic Heroes). Defeated, Dr. Eggman gathers up back in one of his wrecked ships and leaves, but not before dropping Sonic and Joy's super-speed shoes. It turns out he was not responsible for the virus but he was attempting to steal Sonic and Joy's shoes to make duplicates out of them for his robots so that he could have a super-speed army. Luckily, that plan was thwarted and thanks to Sonic, Joy, Tails, Knuckles and Shadow, the virus was cured and everyone and everything in Station Square went back to normal.

Shadow's Crisis

In the weeks following since the virus/cure in Station Square, Joy thanks her other dad Shadow for his hospitality and tries to get to know a little more about the sullen dark hedgehog. Unfortunately, the clouds darken and soon aliens have taken control of Metropolis. Seeing the commotion, Shadow dashes off into the city while Joy follows after him. It is during this crisis (and thanks to the Black Arms DNA from Shadow's DNA within her blood) that she discovers her darker powers that she also inherited from Shadow which include teleportation, Chaos Control and Chaos Blast all within a strange dark super-form she takes on during such use of powers.


Joy is a blue hedgehog (though her blue fur is slightly darker than Sonic's Cobalt blue color) with red lines in her quills (similar to Shadow's) and has long flowing red hair with some curls and parting bangs. She has a peach muzzle, arms and stomach. She has Sonic's green eyes but sometimes, when triggered into her Dark Form, her eyes turn red and her fur color turn into a dark black matter similar to Shadow's. She wears a red shirt and blue jeans which are sometimes ripped due to action packed adventures. She wears gold ring bracelets, white gloves and a black sparkly belt which contains device mechanisms for her use of advance technology on her journeys. She wears red sneakers which also resemble closely to Sonic's classic speed sneakers.



Dr. Valentine (Creator)

Sonic the Hedgehog (surrogate/biological father; shared DNA)

Shadow the Hedgehog (surrogate/biological father; shared DNA)

Melanie the Hedgehog (biological mother) (presumably deceased)


Sonic the Hedgehog

Shadow the Hedgehog

Amy Rose

Miles "Tails" Prower

Cream the Rabbit

Knuckles the Echidna

Espio the Chameleon

Vector the Crocodile

Charmy the Bee

Cream the Rabbit

Vanilla the Rabbit

Molly the Rabbit (bestie and roommate)

Michelle the Hedgehog (bestie and roommate)

Julia the Rabbit (high school bestie)

Frankie the Panda (high school bestie)

Linda the Fox

Dustin the Hedgehog (high school bestie)

Darlene the Wolf (high school bestie)

Nadine the Wolf (high school bestie)

Barbara the Koala (bestie at school)

Jack the Chameleon (high school bestie)

Joan the Rabbit (high school bestie)

Ruby the Rabbit (high school bestie)


Dr. Eggman


Frankie the Panda (Runaway teen Freedom Fighter escaped from foster home)

Linda the Fox (new Freedom Fighter who struggles to reunite her missing family)

Dustin the Hedgehog (Newcomer Hedgehog with a hidden agenda and a search for vengeance)

Darlene the Wolf (Twin sister of Nadine who befriends Joy at school)

Nadine the Wolf (Twin sister of Darlene who befriends Joy at school)

Barbra the Koala (Local scholar at Joy's high school who's disappeared mysteriously...)

Jack the Chameleon (friend of the Chaotix and homicidal espionage ninja / painter)

Julia the Rabbit (high scholar bunny who can levitate, fly and make objects disappear with an "eye-blink".)

Joan the Rabbit (One of Joy's friends from school who enjoys sports, dancing and music)

Ruby the Rabbit (mysterious field leader of a group aiming to stop Dr. Eggman before he strikes)


Knuckles the Echidna (teammate, crush)

Jake the Hedgehog (one-sided crush; she's unaware he likes her)

Joan the Rabbit (BFF, secret crush)


  • Joy's first appearance, being that she sprung out of Dr. Valentine's lab fully grown and fully armed, references and is inspired by the The Birth of Athena
  • Shadow once described Joy as having "his heart, that meddling hedgehog's [Sonic's] personality and Maria's soul"
  • Joy was born and created from a unknown willing female Hedgehog subject with the unique combination of both Sonic and Shadow's DNA and Alien DNA.
  • Despite being a Hedgehog, Joy has the ability to swim in water
  • She was named and slightly modeled after one of the main character emotions in Disney Pixar's "Inside Out"
  • She aspires to become a great Freedom Fighter and eventually forms her own team with a group of her friends calling themselves "Team Joy".
  • She has a complicated yet strong bond with both fathers Sonic the hedgehog and Shadow the hedgehog and knowing of the two's rivalry, she tries to be "the heart" to the both of them and keep them both from killing each other, often by frequently intervening into their fights. Her bond with both father figure hedgehogs increases over her journey and despite her her strained relationship with one (Shadow; though in his defense, he only pushes her away to keep her safe) and a strong bond with the other (Sonic), Joy nonetheless loves and cares deeply for both fathers and tries to make sure nothing happens to them.
  • Until the episode "Rising Star", only Sonic, Tails, Chris, and Amy only knew about Joy having two fathers through shared blood and DNA and that she was created and spontaneously born in a science lab before everyone knew.
  • On her adventures with Sonic, she swims across first and then uses a series of puzzles to help him cross over to the next location.


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