Cquote1.png Bara-himahoor-ah-gah-simahoo-bobilabita-chimagoor-sama-sukmahdihmarooh-sharah-cha! Cquote2.png
Joshaua "Wolfgang" Caesura, warming up his voice.

Physical Description

Joshua "Wolfgang" Caesura is an albino, meaning his fur, hair, skin, and eyes lack pigmentation. What does that mean in plain English? It means his fur, hair and skin are all pure white while his eyes are blood-red. This makes it extremely hard to blend into a crowd, so when stealth is required he dies his fur black and wears blue or green contacts.

Wolfgang normally wears a tee-shirt and jeans accompanied by a jacket, with the colors of these items varying by day. Wolfgang's hair is a stylized mess of spikes and may contain various sections obviously died in color. He never goes anywhere without his favorite electric guitar, Amadeus.


Wolfgang loves to have fun, be it in a brawl or jamming with his friends. He will never go to a "party" unless he's performing, however, and the reasoning behind this only he knows.

He loves music to the maximum, and is near constantly listening, practicing or performing the stuff. Even while in an intense battle, Wolfgang confesses to having his nanobots continue to run music through his ears, saying "A good beat helps me beat on folks," when asked why.

Like many "heroes", Wolfgang is loyal to his friends and has put his life on the line to help them before and fully intends to again should the need arise.


The most well known of Wolfgang's abilities are granted by the experimental nanobots that he accidentally injected into himself at a young age. These nanobots now have a direct link to his central nervous system, along with all of his other body systems, and can use these links to stimulate the various functions of his body through the use of electricity on a micro scale. This allows him to move faster, hit harder, hear, smell and see farther and think faster than many a mobian.

Wolfgang's 'bots may also use electricity on a macro scale, allowing their host to manipulate electricity like a skilled Electrokinetic or Fulgamancer.

Harmelo Magic

Wolfgang also may tap into the magics of music, Harmelo Magic. While Harmelo Magic is not a particularly well known form of magic, it is potentially one of the strongest. This is because, with just a few users, Harmelo Magic can and will defy the laws and rules that define both the corporeal and the incorporeal, overriding all defenses and guards in order to achieve whatever task that the binding Song directs it to do.

Fortunately, Wolfgang does not know any "proper" Harmelo Songs, "proper" meaning Songs that have been passed down for centuries. All of the Songs Wolfgang uses are actually variations of modern songs, meaning he could be working a spell over the crowds that he performs for... If he was of malicious intent, anyway. As is, Wolfgang's Songs are used almost exclusively for combat.


  • God is Crying, by Joe Satriani: When played while channeling the magics of Harmelo, this song creates a highly resistant barrier of energy that can and will turn aside all but the strongest attacks while it is in full strength. However, barrier's strength is determined by his place in the song, only getting to full power after a minute and a half of playing, and will only weaken incoming attacks until it reaches full power, at which point it will reflect anything not strong enough to pierce it.



Amadeus is Wolfgang's favorite guitar, and also a potentially deadly weapon. While it looks and sounds like your average electic guitar, Amadues is, in actuallity, full of hidden surprizes:

  • The body of the guitar has retractible blades allowing Wolfgang to use it as an axe while the blades are out (The battle-axe kind of axe, not the guitar kind of axe, mind you)
  • The neck of the guitar is detachable and bladed similarly to the body (save for a patch just below the tuning keys where one would grab it by) allowing it to be used as a short-sword.
  • On the back of the body, located within a hidden compartment, there are several knives fit for throwing which Wolfgang can either take out and launch by hand or (by some hiden mechinism) have Amadues launch them out its bottom at high speeds

The Spirit Weapon: Rusalki the Microphone

Wolfgang encountered Rusalki whilst exploring a system of caverns that were particularly echo-y. For centuries Rusalki had called this place her home, and had survived by singing to draw adventurers to the caverns and place them under an enchantment of the fatal sort; so long as they were within earshot of her voice they could do nothing but seek her out. This spell brought nearly everyone under it to their deaths as they unwittingly walked off an underground cliff or into a pit of spikes. The energy of dying adventurers was the only sustenance that she needed, unlike her songs promise.

Wolfgang was similarly subjected to Rusalki's spell, and similarly followed her voice throughout the caves. Unlike the other people to seek her out, however, Wolfgang had (and still has) the ability to channel the magics of Harmelo, and because of this he wasn't affected quite as much by the enchantment, and thus could still recognize and avoid danger. As such, he was one of few people who was able to actually make it to Rusalki's cavern. The shock of having someone actually make it to her (thus having gotten past the copius number of traps she had set to prevent this from happening) caused her to drop her spell. Wolfgang attacked in response, managing to paralyze her and thus render her incapable of retaliating. Because of the binding magics that were placed over her, this rendered Rusalki the servant of Wolfgang, and she reverted to her weapon form (a staff with a microphone head at one end) then explained what his victory meant. He has been seen using her in battle frequently ever since.

Whilst in contact or near to Rusalki, Wolfgang has an advanced control over all things that pertain to sound. This control is so great, in fact, that he can generate music without an instrument and thus may channel Harmelo Songs while wielding her. It is important to note, however, that Wolfgang must sing with the Song in order to channel it correctly, which means he is incapable of channeling instrumental Songs with her.

Also, being the maser of Rusalki allows him to hypnotize through prolonged eye contact or Rusalki's Song of Captivation, a song that only has a vocal part, as well as granting him immunity to both. Please note, however, that while ocular hypnotism may work on anyone who is organic, the Song of Captivation only tends to only on the opposite gender.


Wolfgang may use any and all commonplace electrical and sonic attacks as well as a few he's cooked up himself.

  • Concussive Blast: Due to his ability to manipulate sound, Wolfgang is capable of creating pressure waves strong enough to blow through brick (and in some cases, cinder-block).
    • Concussive Bolt: Combining pressure waves with electricity renders the blast more versatile and capable of electrifying foes, metal fixtures, and bodies of water.
  • Fortissimo: Wolfgang may the volume of all sounds his vicinity to confuse opponents or overwhelm them, making them easier to dish out.
  • Pianissimo: On the flip side, Wolfgang my also decrease the volume of all sounds in his immediate area to allow for easier concentration.
  • Impression: Using either hypersonic or subsonic patterns, Wolfgang my implant subliminal messages in people's minds. In order for this to be successful he must be able to expose the subject to at least a half hour of the signal, but more commonly it takes a hour to a hour and a half to get it done right. These messages may force a person to do something drastic or against their nature.
  • Caesura: A complicated and potentially devastating technique, Wolfgang may gather the sounds around him into a small point, then compress and empower them to explosive potential. Once he is happy with their power he may let them loose, creating what can only be described as an explosion of sound that tears up the ground, blows through walls and ruptures the eardrums of all present. While gearing up for the big blast, Wolfgang must remain relatively stationary and can only walk slowly if he must move. If anything breaks his concentration the sounds escape early and will not be near as damaging. As a side effect of the gathering of the sounds the area he draws from goes completely silent, making it easy to tell something's going on.
    • Lesser Caesura: As the name suggests, this is a less powerful version of Caesura in which Wolfgang lessens the energy of the blast by doing one of several things: (1)Reduces the area from which he draws sounds, (2)reduces the time he compresses them or(3)lessens the amount of energy adds to the sounds. Due to it lessened power, the blast that results from a Lesser Caesura does not rupture everyone's eardrums, only those near enough to the explosion to be damaged.
  • Voltage Orb: Wolfgang forms an orb of electricity and hurls or launches it at his intended target. The orb will home in on bioelectrical currents but only effectively when launched slowly. While moving quickly they are only capable of small changes in direction. On impact, they will explode and cause only minor damage to an area that’s size is comparable to a grenade blast. The real danger in these orbs is not in the initial explosion, however, but in what they do after exploding; scramble bioelectrical signals. Being hit by one makes moving properly harder for a short while and getting hit by several in rapid succession leaves a target either completely paralyzed or flailing about on the ground with no control of their movements.
    • Gatling Volt: Based off of an attack Cheryn used on him as punishment for trying to keep Dalton away from her, Gatling Volt features Wolfgang gathering electricity into his paws and leaping into the sky before rapidly throwing Voltage Orbs down at his target(s). Due to the nature of these orbs, getting hit by this brunt attack generally leaves foes unable to fight. This, combined with the drain it has on his electrical reserves, makes it Wolfgang's finisher of choice.


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  • Hunter the Fox - Wolfgang met Hunter a few years back and now they are the best of friends.
  • Dalton the Cat - Wolfgang looks at Dalton as both a student of the musical and martial arts and as a good friend.



Romantic Interests

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God is Crying by Joe Satriani


Joe Satriani- God Is Crying (NEW TRACK 2010)

This song lacks any kind of vocal track, consisting of strait up jamming, which Wolfgang likes greatly. In fact, he says "God is crying because Joe just plays that good."

If you can't tell from that quote, Wolfgang idolizes Mr. Satriani.


  • I had a cat named Wolfgang, buuuuuut... He had to be put down on April 18th of 2010...
  • Wolfgang's last name, "Caesura" is the musical term for a sudden and complete stop in a song, followed by more music.

Joshua "Wolfgang" Caesura

Biographical Information

Joshua Caesura




(All deceased)

  • Wolfgang
  • Genius
  • Sparky
  • Snowflake
Romantic Interests
Birthplace Unknown
Current Residence Unknown
Physical Description
Species Mobian Cat
Gender Male
  • Fur: Pure white
  • Eyes: Red
  • Height: Average
  • Weight: Average


Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Amadeus
  • Rusalki

(See section of same name)

Super Forms
  • OverStim Wolfgang
  • Harmelo Wolfgang
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