DISCLAIMER: This is a subpage to Neo the Hedgehog, all info is specifically made for my character Neo, if anyone else copies this info to their page or rips it off (i.e. changing like two words and calling it original) I will have them reported to the admins.

Normal Quotes

"Heya, I'm Neo, the hedgehog.... cyberhog more accurately."

"Another weakass mobian who's acting big and tough, time to teach 'em that's not how life works."

"Leave me alone, I'm busy trying to ignore you."

"You think there being ten of you will make a difference? I'm still going to pound you all into the ground."

Pre-Battle Quotes

"Alright, I have some time to kill, let's go."

"I could use an exercise I suppose."

"You seriously want to fight? Well, guess having some doctor friends isn't so bad."

"Okay, that does it, you're about to be comatose."

"Now I'm pissed the hell off."


"Ya dun fucked up now."

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