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Josephus the Butterfly is a member of the Dry Lagoon Freedom Fighters, where despite his youth his knowledge of magic and mythology has served to make him quite potent.


As with many butterflies; Josephus is fairly long and lanky with very faint musculature to his build; with the vast majority of his body covered by iridescent silver-grey exoskeletal plates; barring his tan muzzle area and his rather unusually large and sharp teeth, as well as four arms; a somewhat uncommon trait among Mobian insects. His eyes are of a very similar color to his muzzle; a shade very similar to the standard Mobian skin tone. However, more dramatic than his eyes is the butterfly's wings - iridescent blue and green patterns mark them out in a very eye-catching and flamboyant manner.


Typically; Josephus wears a simple navy blue bandanna around his neck, and a comfortable pair of black trainers; as with many other Freedom Fighters; he simply cares little for clothing.



As a Mobian Butterfly; one of the key facets of Josephus's abilities is his ability to fly with his large iridescent wings; often taking great joy in his ability to cover a distance.

Josephus has one art in particular that stands out - pyromancy, the magical control of Fire. While many others draw power from within, generating their elemental power from the motion and strength they build up; Josephus takes an approach closer to that of an Elemental Clan Battle Mage; learning incantations and building up magical might over extended periods of time to be able to unleash when needed. Indeed, for a sixteen year old; he seems to have made this kind of power into an art. Indeed; while he routinely utilizes highly basic techniques such as Ember, Josephus has learned of and taught himself a wide range of magical techniques. Among the most powerful arts he has shown are things such as Phoenix Rebirth; a rare technique that removes the user from the fight; but reconstructs their wounds and body in a cocoon of wildfire, and an unnamed ability where he creates and throws a concentrated beam of black flames that almost seem to explode with concussive energy, though each of these powers seems to only be usable once a month at most frequent. He has also shown the ability to create digital interfaces out of fire; though this power quite literally melts down the information source being viewed making it only an emergency ability.

As far as his ability to protect himself without his powers, however, Josephus falls short. While his teammates offered him some training in hand-to-hand combat, he lacks the confidence and practice to reflexively resort to these skills while in combat, often flailing with wild scratches or multi-handed finger-stabs. Instead, he will often attempt to get space from the fight long enough to create armor of fire; and even that is prone to fail.

As a pyromancer; Josephus has a lot of trouble fighting anybody capable of wielding Water or Earth; though as a Freedom Fighter these have rarely been issues seen from Eggman's forces.








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