Joseph Mista is a famed former resident of Ocearia and one of the prisoners within the Abbadon State Penitentiary who sparked the Abbadon Uprising and overthrew the Dark Legion-sponsored government.

Joseph Mista

Biographical Information
RelativesMista Family
Romantic InterestsMost women
Physical Description
SpeciesMobian/Sea Lynx
  • Fur: Black, w/ dark tan skin
  • Hair: Grey
  • Eyes: Orange
  • Black aviator sunglasses
  • White tank top
  • Blue skinny jeans
  • White trainers
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Possesses the genetic ability Delta Storm
  • Col'nesian genetics
  • Intermediate combat - hand-to-hand
  • Intermediate geokinesis
  • "Skilled at lovin'"
  • Trained in his family's secret techniques & skills
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorFlashfire212

Physical Appearance

Joseph prides himself on being in peak physical condition, the result of many hours bodybuilding to get a body that merely needs to flex to get women to flock to his bed. As such, he's rather muscular, not to the point of over-exaggeration, but rather having the physical structure of a professional swimmer - thick muscles all over his body, without much fat at all. He has dark black fur & ragged gray hair which he rarely ever touches, complete with a goatee on his dark tan chin.


In order to emphasis his musculature, Joseph wears a tight white tank-top that seems to cling to his skin, plus blue skinny-jeans & white trainers. However, he is rarely seen out in sunlight without his sunglasses, a set of black, silver-framed Aviators that adorn his face.

While imprisoned, he wore a standard set of prison overalls, which he undid down to the waist when he was able to access the women's dorms.


Early Life & Training

Joseph grew up in the city of Ocearia, the son of a Sea Fox and a Lynx. His earliest years were rather standard, but from his fifth birthday, his father, Meizu, began to encourage Joseph to drink alcohol, starting with a small glass of lite beer on his birthday. From that point, his father would continue giving the boy alcohol, until by his twelfth birthday, Joseph could drink any kind of alcohol, without ill-effects. It was then that his true training started. Now that he could consume alcohol without effect at a fast rate, Meizu began to teach him about the family's skills, not just the genetic ability Delta Storm, but more on the family's history from Col'nesia, and how they were immune not just to becoming drunk of alcohol, but off any member of the alkanol family, from methanol to the strongest the family would brew, dodecanol. On top of that, he gave Joseph the basis to create his 'signature move' around the family ability to 'purify' alkanols and store the purified liquid in a special gland in the throat, allowing for each member to create a move around expelling the built-up alcohol after a shot of any alcohol, as long as they'd drunk alcohol in the last six months.

Joseph was ridiculed for taking his family training seriously. His peers ignored him, while younger kids found him to be kind and gentle. In particular, he became friends with Acqua the Sea Fox, before she joined the Water Clan. After his tenth birthday, his father began to take him to the 'family meets' in Col'nesia, where Mista family members would meet and demonstrate their skills by drinking a variety of different alcohols from standard ethanol-based drinks to the ultra-strong dodecanol, a shot of which taking three months to fully process. For eight years, training was first for Joseph. Everything else was secondary. Then, at his eighteenth birthday, he was given the 'rite of passage' - drink a shot of octanol, a level of alcohol based on octane, without passing out. Not only did Joseph succeed, he did it with flying colors. Suddenly, when he returned to Mobius, he started to notice women. And notice he did. Everywhere, there was beautiful women. When he asked his father about it, the elder Mista simply laughed, and told him that this was the Mista family curse - they couldn't help but love two things - the opposite gender, and any form of alkanol.

Life as a wandering 'lover'

Joseph found himself beginning to wander. In fact, he would move from city to city, attracting women like a light attracts moths, had some fun with them, and then kept moving. Nothing seemed to slow him down, he'd found his perfect lifestyle - free. Granted, he was sure he had kids with some of the women, but to him, that was a minor inconvenience - as soon as the child turned five, while he wasn't there personally, the child would receive a computer, via which he would teach his progeny of their history and powers. It was like that for twelve years.


Unfortunately, the twelve years of paradise were brought to an end when Joseph arrived in Abbadon, a country not known for it's people's freedoms. Joseph was lured in by an attractive woman, and couldn't help but find him sleeping with her only to be caught by her husband - the chief of police. Instantly, Joseph was arrested and tried, charged with being an 'adulterer'. Without public trial, he was convicted - the sentence being twenty years in Abbadon State Penitentiary, the same punishment given for minor offenses. Astonished and stripped of everything he had, Joseph was forced into prison. No alcohol of any sort. No laptop to communicate with his kids. Gruel of an uncertain type to eat. And, on top of all, an inhibitor collar around his neck, preventing him from not only using his Delta Storm, but also his geokinesis. Trapped, with women barely a kilometer away, the lynx found himself lost in depression... only for hope to be reignited nine months later when a new figure, a young lad arrested for transporting alcohol, arrived and mentioned the cyborgs that caught him. Instantly, Joseph pointed out that as a member of the United Federation, there shouldn't only be cyborgs in command of the country, which told him that this was all Dark Legion. And that meant, this was an illegal government. With that, he immediately pressed one of the other prisoners to steal him two bottles of methylated spirits from the janitor's closet, sculling one and most of the second.

While he waited to process the sudden addition of alcohol to his system, he was asked why he was drinking poisonous substances, forcing him to explain about his ability. He then revealed his signature technique by drinking in a shot the final part of methylated spirits: Shot Bolt: Acid Spit. By converting the methanol to methanoic acid, his spit simply ate through the metal. Using some of his remaining spit, he also broke off one of the other prisoner's collar, allowing him to free the others and retrieve the tired lynx more spirits from the cleaning department. With that, the group set off in two teams - one lead by the newcomer, who would secure an exit point and retrieve the prisoner's stuff, and the other one, led by Joseph, to free the women.

It was chaos. One second, the walls were fine. The next, Joseph's spit had eaten them to rubble and male prisoners, some of whom hadn't seen a woman for years, burst into the women's sector, and instantly, Joseph had half of his overalls off, walking around with a woman under each arm as he drank more spirits, breaking the women into their equipment. From there, fully equipped, the newly formed Prisoner's Resistance escaped and fought their way through an array of Dark Legionnaires. Suddenly, they were joined by an array of other resistance groups, the day ending with the Abbadon government being revealed as a front for the Dark Legion, Joseph's freedom, and a free country. From that point on, the lynx spent most of the next six years helping his allies out where needed, but aside from that, simply slacking off in a private shack in the Abbadon wilderness with some of the women he'd freed, and more often than not his children, who needed to learn the true skills of a Mista man.


Joseph has the genetic ability made well-known by his family - Delta Storm. The ability basically makes everyone in a large area of play vulnerable to being affected by afflictions, such as poisons, burns & sensory alterations. This ability simply serves to make the family members more dangerous while they attempt to retreat from a fight they can't win - trying to stop them with an affliction simply causes the attackers to suffer from the same thing at the same time.

As a hybrid between a Sea Fox and a standard lynx, Joseph can breath and walk underwater as if he was in air.

On top of that, Joseph has inherited his family's variation on the traditional Col'nesian alcohol immunity. As he drinks an alkanol of any kind (up to a certain mass), the liquid is processed, and all the actual alkanol is transferred to a specified gland in the throat, which stores the alcohol for six months before releasing it. This has allowed Joseph to create an acidic technique based around a simple biochemical conversion, turning the alkanol into an acid which he adds to his saliva. For example, after drinking pure ethanol, he converts it to ethanoic acid, and then adds it to his spit. While the acids are reasonably weak in comparison to an acid manipulators, and as such can easily be diluted, when heated by Joseph's core body temperature and the chemical conversion (performed right before it is launched), it is capable of eating through most metals over a reasonably short period of time, although it wears off quickly as well. This family trait also cancels out the effect of all known liquid poisons, due to the chemicals passing through his body.

Joseph isn't reliant on alcohol and genetic powers in combat. He is a moderately skilled hand-to-hand combatant and geokinetic, and as such is capable of defending himself, even while feigning drunkenness.

Joseph is known to have a talent for smooth-talking women, and his sheer charisma and physical appearance has been known to instantly win over some extremely dirty women, simply on sight. However, his claimed "skill at lovin" is uncertain, due to the fact that these events are only recalled by him afterwards (believed to be due to the alcohol his body slowly emits through his sweat intoxicating the women) and he refuses to tell his stories to anyone.

However, due to his moderate skill in combat, Joseph is more often than not involved in battles against dedicated combatants, often resulting in his rapid retreat. His regular involvement with women often lands him into such trouble, thanks to the women often having partners. He is unable to attack a woman, and often resorts to simply running from them instead. In situations where he can't, Joseph will try to talk his way out of a fight. He also suffers the same weaknesses as all Earth-wielders.

Earth Abilities

Elementless Abilities

Signature Skill

Shot Bolt: Acid Spit - All of the alcohol in Joseph's system in channeled from his storage gland to his saliva glands, undergoing an endothermic conversion from the alcohol to an acid. This acidic spit is then shifted into Joseph's mouth, before he launches it at the opponent. Due to requiring a shot of alcohol to be consumed before use, it is reasonably limited in combat use. The more alcohol in Joseph's system, the longer he has the ability to spit acid for. However, the acid is reasonably weak and is easily diluted, unless he gets some in the eyes of an opponent.


Alcohol-addicted, lazy and a womanizer. Essentially, Joseph loves two things - alcohol, of any kind he can drink, and women. As such, he spends most of his life with alcohol close at hand, and has children scattered around the globe.

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  • Above all - this character's last name is pronounced MEE-sta, not Mister.
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