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Cquote1 My name is Voltric! Cquote2
Joseph "correcting" his sister.



Joseph Watts was born on March 16th 1998 to a very rich family. Right from his first day on Mobius, Joseph always got what he wanted, whenever he wanted it. This contrasted with his sister, Nicola, greatly. Joseph's attitude was never to do with any disorders or disease, he was just and still is a brat.

When he was four years old, it was discovered by his parents that just like themselves and their daughter, he too had electrokinetic abilities. They had discovered this after saying "no" to their son, which made him answer with a violent temper tantrum. When they tried to go near him, he exploded with childish anger and electricity blasted from his hands. After the discovery, his father taught Voltric how to control his powers so that when he got mad, which he often did, he could control his powers from firing off unwillingly.

Throughout the rest of his childhood, Joseph was home schooled as his parents believed that he would pose to be a risk to those in a school. As a result of this, Joseph didn't make many friends and even if he did, he would rarely see them.

When he was 13, Joseph and his sister were kidnapped and taken to a crooked old house in the middle of a dense forest. They served as hostages to a group known as "The Clan" and were eventually going to be killed. One night, one of the assassins killed all of the other members of The Clan and freed the two of them. The assassin revealed herself to be Astrid, the only initiate of the group of assassins at the time. After his sister thanked Astrid, the two siblings traveled until the found a phone box, where they would call their parents to find them.

At the age of 14, Joseph ran away from his home. He was sick of everything, especially his sister and so that's why he decided to leave. On his travels, he stopped at an internet cafe and overheard some people talking about the Warrior Stones, artifacts of great power. He looked up these stones in a search engine and read up on their awesome power. It was at that moment that he wanted to find and own all seven of them.

Recent History

The Stone

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Very early in the morning, on 2nd November 2013, Joseph was out at night making a deal with an associate who knew the locations of two of the Warrior Stones. After paying a rather large sum of cash, the associate, going by the name of "S", told him that one stone was in Soleanna and another on Springbreeze Island. He decided to head for the Soleanna stone first. Once he had learned of the stone's rough location, he had hired a private mercenary group to protect him from anyone that tried to stop him.

Once in Soleanna, he began to use various pieces of expensive equipment to find the stone. Eventually, he had tracked it to the Great Forest and quickly told his hired mercs to set up a camp around it's location and defend it.


Physical Appearance

Joseph is a hybrid of a wolf and a coyote, with somewhat thin, grey fur that covers the majority of his body. His hair and muzzle however are white and quite thick and fluffy. His eyes, like most wolves and coyotes, are hazel. Joseph is quite tall for his age, standing at 4 feet and 1 inch and is slightly muscular as while.


Joseph tends to wear mostly dark clothing, for example he wears a grey cotton shirt and a thin black overcoat on top of that. His shoes are also black. The only part of his attire which is not a dark colour are his jeans which are blue.


Joseph is a person who believes that he can get whatever he wants, whenever he wants it. This has lead him to be extremely forceful on everyone he meets, demanding nothing less than perfection in whatever task is being carried out. If things do not go the way that he wants them to be, he will become enraged and usually kill the person responsible. However, if they are useful to him, Joseph will let them off after being tortured for lengthy amounts of time.


Joseph is one of a few people in his family that have electrokinetic abilities, the other people being his sister, mother, father, uncle, cousin and his deceased grandfather. However, his and his sister's electrokinetic powers are stronger than everyone else. This is mainly due to the fact that both their mother and father have these abilities. Voltric has a list of attacks that he can perform.

  • Thunderbolt - This attack lets off a short range blast of lightning. This can injure someone but it is not powerful enough to kill a person in one blast and does minimal damage.
  • Thunderstorm - This is an ability where he rains down many thin bolts of lightning from above. One blast is not powerful enough to kill someone, but if many are used one after the other constantly, which is what Voltric tends to do, it does have the ability to kill.
  • Chain Lightning - Similar to thunderbolt, a short range blast of lightning is released and does a small amount of damage. However, unlike thunderbolt, it jumps from one person to the next, injuring multiple people. This takes more effort to perform though.
  • Stormrage - This is Joseph's most powerful move. This is where he slowly gathers energy from local objects, such as street lamps, buildings or even thunderstorms, and gathers it up into a ball of electricity. Once he feels that he's gathered enough or he cannot gather any more, Voltric unleashes the pure energy upon his target. The blast is large in size and is very powerful if charged up enough, therefore, it has the ability to kill a target. There are downsides to it however. The fact that it has to be charged up means that he can be attacked and the action can be stopped. He also needs to be near items that use electricity.


One of Joseph's main skills is his ability to strike terror into someone through the use of weapons or his electrokinesis, which makes them very easy for him to control. He has advanced training in hand-to-hand combat and as well as basic firearms training. When he is not attempting to control the world, he is known to be very skillful at recreational activities such as tennis and badminton.


  • 9mm Pistol - He keeps it with him at all times, but he's never used it.



  • Unknown


  • Unknown Mercenary Group - Joseph paid this group a hefty sum of money to protect him during his mission to collect the Warrior stones.


  • Ember the Leopard - After trying to kill him for attempting to steal a Warrior Stone, Ember now dislikes him and considers him an enemy.
  • Astrid the Fox - After finding out that Joseph had a Warrior Stone and is looking for more, Astrid deemed him to be a very dangerous enemy.


  • "My name is Voltric!" - After his older sister calls him by his "correct" name.
  • "Good, more to add to my collection. Where are they?" - Joseph asking an associate about the location of two Warrior Stones.




  • None


Attack 7/10
Defence 6/10
Speed 4/10
Agility 3/10
Strength 5/10
Kinetics 6/10
Intelligence 5/10
Social 5/10


  • Originally, he was known as Voltric The Seeker, rather than Joseph Watts.
  • His surname is a pun.
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