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Jorg the Foxcoon is a young G.U.N. tactical officer, currently working with the G.U.N. Ninth Air Wing.

Jorg the Foxcoon

Biographical Information
Romantic Interests
Physical Description
SpeciesMobian/Fox-Raccoon hybrid
  • Fur: Forest green, with black eye-mask and fur markings & grey muzzle/belly fur
  • Eyes: Storm grey
  • G.U.N. standard issue fatigues
  • G.U.N. standard issue boots
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Possesses the genetic ability Natural Cure
  • Heightened tactical awareness
  • High intelligence
  • Moderate hand-to-hand combat training
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorFlashfire212

Physical Description

When Jorg announces that he is a G.U.N. employee, many seem surprised by the young foxcoon's lack of any real obvious musculature, or his long, limber body - especially when they hear that he's working alongside the Ninth Air Force; he simply does not meet the public expectation of a military figure. As a tactical advisor; that's to be expected.

With forest green fur over most of his body; Jorg also has black markings around his eyes as well as bands on his arms, legs and tail; inherited from his raccoon heritage. Similarly; his muzzle, belly and tail tip are all slate gray; an attribute gained from his fox side. His storm grey eyes are often said to be clouded over in thought.


Traditionally; Jorg has a finely pressed and maintained wardrobe of fairly upmarket clothes that he rotates through on a casual basis, somewhat pedantic about always making sure they are freshly laundered and ironed. His uniform is just as well maintained, with boots constantly shone and standard issue fatigues just as well cared for as his casual gear.



While not the most effective or notable skill to possess, Jorg has inherited the genetic ability known as Natural Cure. With it; his body naturally refreshes itself from afflictions as soon as he gets the opportunity to rest. As Jorg is not a front-line fighter by any stretch of the imagination; it typically only sees use to clear his mind from manipulation or exhaustion in a pinch.

As a tactical officer for G.U.N; Jorg is highly knowledgeable about strategy, and constantly researches to keep up to date with the capabilities of units and equipment possessed by the G.U.N. division he is assigned to; as well as some degree of knowledge of the gear commonly employed by hostile forces. With this; his entire job is to help piece together strategies in mission planning, as well as provide some degree of tactical command should events go bad. Currently assigned to the Ninth Air Wing; Jorg typically serves to assist the defensive aerial patrols whenever they encounter direct hostilities.

As a G.U.N. employee, Jorg has been provided with some degree of physical training, primarily in combat. However, as a HQ officer, he rarely employs these skills outside of sparring and training. Due to this, he has a tendency to panic in situations where he is in immediate danger, rather than taking the time to tactically plan out his movements or any instinctual aggressive moves. It has been noted in sparring that he is prone to lunging attacks, normally followed by an attempt to bind with his tail and then either keep the target bound; or knock them out.


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