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Jonic X and a anime series, based on the Jonic franchise. Its Parody And Satire of Sonic X. Its Airs On 4ChipsVt (Parody Of 4KidsTV) And Betix (Parody Of Jetix)


The series recounts the adventures of Jonic, Dalus and Annia, three animals (a gold, a fox and other gold) that are friends, and fight battles against the forces of evil.

Soon in the series, they find new friends and rivals, like Breamy, the rabbit, Jass, the frog, Mella, the cat, Dikal the equidna and many others.


First season

  1. Pilot
  2. The Tonho
  3. The class at Praia
  4. The City Turned Dirty
  5. Meow meow! Here's Mella!
  6. Nautical Anniversary
  7. Vadotix Day
  8. Control Vaus!
  9. The Sumiko of Annia
  10. The Prelude to Collapse
  11. The Final Battle, Part 1
  12. The Final Battle, Part 2
  13. The last hope

Second season

  1. A New Beginning
  2. The Mysterious Dikal
  3. The Tribe of Dikal
  4. The Evil Puppet
  5. Dalus the Leader
  6. The Cosmic Flower
  7. A spring love
  8. Origin of Metamox
  9. The Arrival of the Metamox
  10. Metamox Attacks
  11. Sacrifice
  12. Final
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