Cquote1 What's the point in going back to Dark Mobius if I'm just going to sit on my tail all day while E.J. mopes over Braveheart's death? No. I like it here, and I'm going to stay. Besides, I never knew my grandfather or mother, and this is my chance to finally get to know them. I'll miss you Jani-Ca, but I've made up my mind.[...]Make sure Duke doesn't try anything funny. Cquote2
Jones explaining his decision to stay in the Prime Zone, Lucky's Quest(Prologue)

Jones Smith is a character who appears in the story Secrets of the Dark World: Aftermath. He is one of Austin Smith's confirmed grandsons, the other being Jones' cousin Duke, being the son of Dallas. He is currently a Storm Fighter, and has an odd appearance for a black German Shepherd. As of the end of Rise of Darkness, Jones has chosen to permanently stay in the Prime Zone.


Jones is officially a black German Shepherd, but is rather odd-looking for one. He is a lean but broad German Shepherd with jet black fur, and several white patches on his flanks and chest. He has a white patch on his right eye, a white left ear, a patch on his right forepaw, and a white tail-tip. He also has pale blue eyes, thought to be inherited from his grandfather Austin, whose eyes are a deeper blue.


Jones is a laid-back fellow, and idolizes the warriors, having heard of them as a puppy from his father Dallas. Despite Duke's fanaticism about Dark Enerjak, Jones still feels loyal to his cousin. He has an uneasy respect toward Dr. Finitevus, but has inherited his grandfather's mistrust of the villain. As shown in Reign of Terror, while E.J. sulked and grieved for Braveheart's death, Jones grew bored with life without a challenge to fight, deciding that life in the Prime Zone would give him the activity he so desperately wanted to have. This decision shows that Jones hates being bored, as he decides his life in Dark Mobius was boring purely because of E.J. moping over Braveheart's death.


As will be explored in Secrets of the Dark World: Aftermath, Dallas Smith, his brother Dakota Smith, their respective mates Samantha and Annie, and sons Jones and Duke, were hiding in Nekronopolis, trying to find the warriors, and were found by Dark Enerjak. The demigod mercilessly killed Dallas, Dakota, Samantha, and Annie, but was convinced to spare the pups by Duke's frantic pleading. Feeling Duke might be useful, Enerjak kept Duke, and let Jones run under the condition that if he successfully ran away, he would be spared. Jones did make it away, and remained in hiding until modern times, after the Battle for Red Gate City, when Duke began to call out the warriors for Enerjak's defeat. After a confrontation with Duke, Braveheart accepted Jones into the Storm Fighters. Much later, Jones was allowed to help Rogue Tribe, since Fang(Dark Mobius) was tired of his constant complaining of being bored. Jones and Jani-Ca remained for the massive battle against Mephiles the Dark, and afterward, Jones decided to stay at the Storming Base for a couple of reasons: 1. He wanted activity, as he had become bored since Dark Enerjak's defeat and Braveheart's death. 2. He wanted to get to know his grandfather and grandmother, as he had never met them in his own World, and his parents and aunt and uncle had been killed when he was a pup.


Due to years on his own as an orphan, Jones is very thin for his size, and tires easily.


Braveheart the Fox

Because his own father was a warrior, Jones has heard of the warriors from him, and was eager to meet the Storm Fighters. Jones treats Braveheart with great respect, and already knew the typical warrior acknowledgements of "Aye sir!" or "Aye ma'am!"

Dr. Finitevus

The Dark Mobius Finitevus isn't hostile toward the warriors like his Prime Zone counterpart is, but is very mistrusted. Having heard of the villain's crimes against his grandfather, Jones does not trust him, but has a grudging respect toward him, and Finitevus likewise acknowledges the young man's survival of Enerjak's rule.

Duke Smith

Jones and Duke's relationship is rather complicated, as Duke's fanaticism about Enerjak has put a heavy strain on them. While Jones is thankful to Duke for giving him the chance to escape, but does not approve of his cousin's fanaticism of Enerjak's rule.

Dark Enerjak

Like many other people, Jones has a strong hatred for Enerjak, as the demigod mercilessly killed his family, and turned his cousin against him.

Austin Smith

Jones chose to stay at the Storming Base partly because he wanted to know his grandparents, who he never met in his own World. He respects Austin greatly, and is proud to be descended from him(in his own World). Despite Austin insisting Jones just call him by his name, or use the common "sir", Jones refers to him as "Grandfather".


Despite officially being classified as a black German Shepherd like his grandmother Rosa, Jones has white patches, which are not seen on black German Shepherds in real life.

It is currently unknown why Enerjak let Jones run, though it's possible this is due to his sadistic nature, and wanting to entertain himself by hunting the pup down.

  • This is alarmingly similar to the behavior shown by Infinite, the main antagonist of The Phantom Storm, as in both Rising Courage and Sonic Forces, he lets the player's Avatar(Rex Storm in the case of Rising Courage) run with their life just to satisfy his sadism
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