Jonah is a purebred from the ancient Mobian "demon" race, believed to be a warband leader from one of the clans. As with many Mobian demons, there are very limited details currently available due to his infrequent appearances on Mobius.


It is believed that Jonah; like many demons, is a possession-based shapeshifter, taking on the gender and physical race appearance of any being he possesses. This is mostly speculation; however the fact that he was seen leading a group of confirmed demons supports that theory.

In the only form that Jonah has currently been observed in; that of a male Mobian bear, he has fur that is tinted blue over the majority of his body, though there is an array of longer black fur atop his head more akin to hair. His eyes are recorded as being a piercing yellow.


Wearing a sleeveless artic camouflage tactical vest and grey cargo pants; Jonah's standard attire is shared with other demons observed of the clan tentatively identified as "Clan Forex"; with Jonah's vest sporting the same crest, though in a fancier form that seems to mark him as an officer.



As an ageless Mobian demon; the fact that Jonah displays two genetic abilities is often viewed as a surprise; indicating that he may be the original source of at least two Mobian lineages of differing elemental alignments, if not related to the sources. The first of his two genetic abilities is Ice Shield, a technique he has to activate rather than having available constantly. With this ability, Jonah is able to create himself a defensive barrier of ice in almost any direction; blocking any physical impacts with relative ease and actively absorbing Ice- and Water-elemental attacks. However, this shield is unable to prevent heat from causing damage, so assailants with Fire and Light aligned techniques have an advantage when Jonah has this technique up.

In contrast, his secondary genetic ability Plunge is always active when fighting in areas around water. In these situations, Jonah becomes vastly harder to hit at a distance. While this has little meaning in hand-to-hand combat, Jonah's strength does make that prospect less ideal. This has limited effect on Electricity, which appears to have even better accuracy against him while Plunge is in play.

As far as combat techniques are concerned, Jonah shuns weaponry in order to prioritize his own strength; and considering the only form so-far observed is that of a bear, this is something that is a key point for him. Jonah's fists are reported as having punched clean through tank armor, while his kicks can shatter concrete.

As a demon; it is believed that Jonah would be an omnikinetic and Chaos wielder; and reports indicate that he has been seen wielding Ice in the form of gusts of freezing air and Earth through launching muddy blasts; both over range. Similarly, Clan Forex is believed to possess ink sacs within their bodies for utility and combat use and this demon is no exception. Jonah possesses the ability to spit ink at targets over a distance only slightly shorter than his spray of muddy projectiles.

Due to the lack of information, any weaknesses that this being possesses are still not confirmed. However, some have suggested approaching him with a large number of Fire wielders or forcing any fight to occur in an environment away from water, though this can be somewhat problematic.








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