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The entity that identifies itself as Johnny the Light Spirit is an artificial creation produced by Opfer Biologic Industries as an example of their elemental spirit-soldiers.


The being referred to as Johnny the Light Spirit is often occasionally mistaken for a will-o-the-wisp or another supernatural entity. Primarily, this is due to the metallic platinum core surrounded by multicolored flickering hard-light fields, almost like a solid state hologram. This is his inactive form and his actual true appearance, the basic core of an Elemental Spirit-Soldier. Due to his biological core having more genetically in common with a Chao but with spliced Mobian DNA, it is uncertain what Johnny's true biological race is. The platinum core is his brain, heart and cybernetic control system, and it automatically positions itself in his chest when active.

In his "social active" form, Johnny typically manifests himself in an owl-like form, though the color of his feathers varies wildly in accordance to his multi-spectral existence. Standing taller than most Mobians, his eyes are the same platinum white as his core.

In his "combat active" form as Helios-3, Johnny's typical owl-like form takes on more serpentine features, extending out to average height for humans with a wingspan of a similar size. His individual holographic feathers seem to blend together like scales; granting him a more draconic appearance.



As an Elemental Spirit-Soldier, it is expected that Johnny's combat skills are similar in elemental might to the more common varieties displayed by Opfer Biologic Industries. In his combat form, Johnny has access to almost any sort of Light-based technique, though he typically prefers to unleash AoE detonations for his ranged combat might. Similarly, it is expected that he has high hand-to-hand skill, though he has been observed teleporting or transitioning at the speed of light.

As part of his design, Johnny has access to a genetic ability derived from an unknown family known as Blinding Bright. This technique instinctively activates to counteract his natural weakness to darkness, increasing his physical brightness when struck with a shadow-aligned impact to nullify the attack and potentially blind his assailant. As it is reflexive, it is a rapid-fire technique with no openings for the natural weakness; though the blinding aspect is not an issue against opponents who either have mechanical vision augmentation or other methods of navigation.

As a Helios-series unit, Johnny's primary weakness is tied to his construction. Due in part to the solid-state holographic construction of his body, he is unable to be regarded as stealthy at any time as his core is always mildly visible through his translucent form. This is even more pronounced via mechanical view filters, which make it vastly easier to accurately strike the power cell beneath once his holographic shell has been weakened a little.

Light Techniques

Elementless Techniques

Signature Technique

  • Featherlight - A defensive technique created by Johnny that is performed in both of his forms, his Featherlight technique functions by projecting his light feathers without the hard-light construction, meaning that his opponents are more likely to miss striking him altogether. While effective, this level of deception has been known to backfire against observant opponents.




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