"I will not let anything stand in the way. I will fight for my friends, and no matter what you throw at me, I will NOT be stopped!"
—Johnny D. the Fox

Johnny D. 'Jon' the Fox

Biographical Information
  • ジョニーD.・ザ・フォックス
  • Jonī D. za Fokkusu
Age 22 (SFW only) / 20 (DeviantART only)
  • José F. the Fox (father)
  • Manuela the Cat (mother)
  • Annette the Cat (older sister (she is 20 years older than him))
  • Various cousins, uncles and aunts (the majority of his uncles, aunts and cousins live in the US and not where Johnny lives)
  • Vanity the Ocelot (Solian counterpart)
  • Jaycey D. the Fox (Genderbend counterpart)
  • Jeremy D. the Fox (Moebian counterpart; arch nemesis)
  • Video Game Nerd
  • Flame boy (used by Toxic)
  • Fox boy (used by Toxic, again)
DOB February 4, 1991
Theme Song(s) M.O.V.E. - Blazin' Beat
Physical Description
  • Mobian Fox
Gender Male
  • Fur: Brown with white scruffy muzzle and white tip of his tail
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Brown
  • 93 lbs.
  • 4' 9"
  • White/Grey button shirt
  • Aqua blue T-shirt
  • Blue jeans
  • White/Black sneakers
  • White fire-resistant gloves
  • White bandages wrapped around his hands and fingers (they are not affected by his pyrokinesis)
  • Glasses
  • Wireless headphones
  • Silver Military Dog Tag
Romantic Interest None
Political Alignment and Abilities
Ability Type Power
Alignment Good
American V.A.
  • Jonnathan ********
  • David Kross (SFW only)
Japanese V.A. Yoshinori Fujita (SFW only)

Johnny D. the Fox, or better known by his full name as Jonnathan Álvarez, or simply Jon Álvarez, is the fursona of JonTheVGNerd. His real name is Jonnathan, used by most of his friends, but is normally referred to as Johnny. He is a current street racer and former Pokémon trainer.



When Johnny was only 3, he loved cars, even remote-controlled vehicles and had always dreamt of dreaming variety of things, but prefers to be the greatest racing driver in Mobius when he becomes older. As he gotten older, he also become prevalent, albeit being picked on by some other classmates, during his educational years, but has also sought to be known as a quiet young fox around many classmates. While that may be the case, he has gotten along well with other classmates throughout his educational years.

The Fire Born Inside...

By 9 years old, he began to experience bullying during school, causing him to lose his temper, trying to hold back his anger. However, when they attempted to physically attack him, he began to yell in rage, as flames begin to emerge and surround him. The bullies, horrified and shocked by seeing this, they run away. Johnny felt quite terrified as if he was being burned alive, but after several minutes, he has gotten used to his newly-bon fire powers, also known as Pyrokinesis. As he got older, he kept mastering the use of pyrokinesis. Sometimes, his pyrokinesis can be materialized out of anger, thanks to his short-tempered behavior that has now slightly altered his calm and passive personality, although he always kept his mood in check, regardless on what was about to happen.

First Adventure

His Very First Pokémon

"I'll protect you, Dismal, no matter what."

"Evil" Within

Following J's Footsteps

His Very Own Toy Cars

Former Pokémon Trainer, Current Racer

First Near Death Experience

The Fiery Ally and Friend

"Am I really chosen...?"

Gaining New Powers/Fiercest Battle Ever

"Will I ever see you again?"

Separate Minds

Racing Teams

Exclusive only for DeviantART.

Team Youth Racers:

  • Johnny D. the Fox (Leader)
  • Zack 'Z.K.' the Hedgehog
  • Akira 'Tetsujin' the Ocelot

Physical Description

He wears his aqua green shirt, followed by his steel grey button-up shirt (although he never buttons his shirt at all), his navy blue jeans, black and white sneakers, has eyeglasses and wears wireless headphones around his head or neck. He also has a short black hair and has dark brown fur. He also wears white heat-resistant gloves and has bandages wrapped around his hands and some to his fingers and thumbs due to suffering a blister breakout throughout his hands when using his pyrokinetic powers for the first time several years ago, which was hidden by his gloves, although this was actually caused by third-degree burns from the battery acid from one of his cars. He now sports white bandages around around his hands, and some on his fingers as a replacement for his gloves. He also wears his unique silver military dog tag wrapped around his neck. Unlike Tails, Johnny has only one tail, rather than two.


Although Johnny tends to be random at times, he is a caring and honest fox, who is willing to do anything to help his friends or others in need and always has a lively mood, despite his pyrokinetic nature. He is also very caring and would do anything he can to protect them from danger, such as Dismal. Johnny is also a well-trained racer who never backs from a challenge and had won numerous amounts of races, despite experiencing near-fatal collisions.

He is also shown to have an irrational fear of heights, whether climbing up ladders or standing on top of a high-rise building, or in an airplane (to lesser extent). Nevertheless, he is still a kind, confident and courageous fox who will stand up to his friends and do whatever it takes to take down anyone who would harm him or his friends.

In terms of having slight mix of emotions, he is almost quick to lose his temper (much like Fiamme's short-tempered nature) whenever he encounters Dismal being abused and attacked too much and lashes out at the attackers with death threats and verbal languages (censoring included), and retaliates them with his vicious fire attacks, should the said attackers show ill-will against him. To top it off, his extreme anger may end up feeding into his mind sometimes where Rakumei is, thus making him more prone to summon her and have her take control of him and create deadly attacks to create extreme harm to the said attackers. Although when people try to annoy him and question his pyrokinesis, he will be simply annoyed and will eventually become angry if they annoy him further.

Overall, he is a caring fox at heart, always standing by with his friends and will defend them by any means necessary. Although he likes spicy food, he prefers carrot cake as his favorite food, stating that "it helps maintain [his] stamina, health, versatility and awareness. Not to mention the ultimate hunger killer". While this is the case of satiating his hunger, it does not increase his stamina in any way.

Likes & Dislikes


  • Hanging out with friends (although he has barely met his real-life friends, which depresses him)
  • Kids (to an extent; mostly well-mannered children)
  • Epic musics (Japanese musics, video game musics, anime musics, etc.)
  • Taekwondo (but has retired, despite reaching at a high level)
  • Visiting cities (he's a city boy himself)
  • Singing (he has a lot of talent in singing the songs in Japanese)
  • Fancy and expensive clothes (he LOVES showing off his cool outfits)
  • Street racing (to an extent)
  • Carrot cake (his favorite food)
  • Honeybun (his second favorite food)


  • Being insulted (literally)
  • Being alone (to a lesser extent, however)
  • Basketball (prefers racing, due to his poor aim at shooting hoops)
  • Rap/hip-hop musics (they're OVER-RATED!)
  • Lack of anime shows to watch (they're not OVER-RATED!)
  • Lifting heavy objects (may be strong, but not Superman strong)
  • Darkness (to an extent, although this does not count as a fear)
  • Coffee (enables hyperactivity)
  • Nature (to an extent, is not comfortable to deep woods)
  • Sudoku (too, effin, HARD!)
  • Fanboys (to an extent, does not approve on how males chase after one female)
  • Fangirls (same as fanboys)
  • Loud snorings (makes him cranky due to not getting enough sleep)
  • Energy drinks (makes him crazy over time after consuming them, also negating his pyrokinesis)
  • Books (isn't really a book reader)
  • Cold weather (if it's less than 30°F)
  • Water (can sap away his pyrokinesis easily, even if he swims)
  • Pulling pranks (even the most harmless pranks would result in hurting people, in which he intends on avoiding it at any costs)

Biggest Fears

  • Heights
  • Roaches (to an extent)
  • Bees (non-anthro ones)
  • This music (LITERALLY fears this song, which would result him in suffering through lack of sleep and constant nightmares)

Friends, Rivals and Enemies





Johnny's Pokemon

Electro-Q (Electabuzz)

Electro-Q (エレクトロ-キュー Erekutoro Kyū) is a male Electabuzz and Johnny's first Pokémon. He is a level 41 Electric-type Pokémon, most likely because of his extensive training, thanks to Johnny. Electro-Q acts tough and as a powerhouse, and isn't very bright as he would solve problems by using electric attacks, which annoys Scratchy and Juggernaut. He also tends to be arrogant sometimes, such as accidentally knocking the door too roughly (due to the fact that Electro-Q have plenty of strength to knock down heavy objects). His unique clothing consists of those of a Muay Thai fighter, although despite his notable attire, Electro-Q uses electric attacks, rather than using his actual Muay Thai combat techniques. He is also shown to be treated as if he was a younger brother to Scratchy, even though he is physically taller and stronger than her. Electro-Q is also shown to have a huge rivalry with Ryushu's Typhlosion, Kagemusho, as they often compete against each other on who is the toughest, much to Scratchy's annoyance. He was given to Ryushu by Johnny, because Johnny is more interested in racing and is currently with Ryushu.

Scratchy (Sneasel)

Scratchy (チクチクする Chikuchiku) is a female Sneasel and Johnny's second Pokémon. She is a level 35 Dark/Ice-type Pokémon, and, unlike Electro-Q, while Scratchy may not be as tough or powerful than Johnny's Electabuzz (or Electro-Q), she is fast, best known for her quick agility, smart and somewhat sensitive. The reason why Scratchy gets sensitive most of the time because she feels worried about her friends and her trainer, Johnny and Ryushu. Scratchy also has her unique clothing attire which would resemble more as a tomboy, which would explain why she acts like one. She also treats Electro-Q as if she was the older sister of him, which tends to annoy Electro-Q sometimes, even though Scratchy is shorter than him. She was given to Ryushu by Johnny, because Johnny is more interested in racing and is currently with Ryushu.

Juggernaut (Kyogre)

Juggernaut (ジャガーノート Jagānōto) is a genderless (although Juggernaut is referred as a male) Kyogre and Johnny's third and powerful Pokémon. He is a level 72 Water-type Pokémon, although despite being powerful and massive in size, he is not invincible, due to the fact that Johnny's Electabuzz, or Electro-Q, has managed to defeat him, mainly because water conducts electricity, thus inflicting twice the damage if underwater or on shore. Unlike other two Pokémons, Scratchy and Electro-Q, Juggernaut does not sport any clothing attire. He is considered to be an extreme pacifist (although he can still attack when provoked) and somewhat unsociable to new people (mainly because of what happened when Team Rocket thugs captured him). This may take some time as Juggernaut can identify on whether people are friendly or not. Despite his massive size, he is a major softie, one of the reasons why he refuses to be involved in battles unless he is told to do so by his friends or by his trainer. He was given to Ryushu by Johnny, because Johnny is more interested in racing and is currently with Ryushu.

Johnny's Race Cars

Because of his rather short stamina and the inability to run fast, he relies on his vehicles as a means of arriving the destination quicker, or for racing purposes.


The 101 is a modified supermini (or hot hatch). It sports aftermarket front and rear bumpers, as well as side skirts, with a bulletproof rear window, custom wheels, custom headlights and taillights, with sponsor stickers, with dark green/brown and cream paint job. On the rear, the 101 has no rear wing, making its acceleration much more dynamic. Despite it's excellent speed and handling, it is not suited for combat as it can be easily damaged, even when crashing through even lighter objects. It also handles off-road environments very poor. While the 101 is covered with some scratches and weathering, it still handles like any normal vehicle would.


The P10-XR is a heavily modified supercar that has been converted into an ultimate street racing vehicle. It consists of numerous sponsor stickers, including the number "59" badge on its hood bonnet, a unique racing vinyl, racing windows and racing wheels. The car also has a three-tone paintjob, mainly its racing vinyls, such as, orange, green and blue. It also has customized body kits, spoilers and windows, making it more of an open-air feel (though this would be bothersome for Johnny if driving fast). While it is faster than the 101, and slightly stronger than the small speedster, it cannot withstand such damage when involved in combat and its performance at off-roading are tedious and difficult to navigate through, as it is preferrably reccomended for flat and straight asphalt roads.


The Toreador is a modified chopper, which is used as a nickname by Johnny. Aside from its unique paintjob and decals, its bodywork has visible scratches and grunges, making its appearance resemble as an under-maintained bike. Oddly, it is still drivable, as if its still in good gondition. It also has notable front mudguards covering its front tire, with 6-pointed metal studs attached to it and black carbon fibre mudguards. It is rarely driven by Johnny, most likely because he is highly prone to falling off the bike while navigating through a corner or being dismounted away while airborne, thanks to Johnny's irrational fear of heights, making the Toreador suspecible to damage if either landing on the ground incorrectly, or if driving the chopper improperly. Johnny's only solution on driving the chopper is by switching it to overdrive and have it driven by his "biker avatar" while controlling the bike.


"Tiny", a nickname given by Johnny, is a modified, hulking big rig, known for its brute strength and intimidating appearance. It consists of having a large, nearly-indestructible bullbar for its front bumper, custom hood, two fuel tanks attached onto both of its sides, a radically large rear wing, custom hood and sun visors, along with its roof parts, and its twin exhaust pipes from the back. As well as having its off-road tires, the truck also sports its four-tone paintjob, one being the main paintjob, a grey matte finish, the other three having racing stripes-like vinyls, such as mustard yellow, forest green, and light blue, despite it being covered in scratches. It's air filter helps the big rig navigate through even the deepest waters, as long as it doesn't end up being submerged. "Tiny" can single-handedly plow through lighter objects and its combat ability (not counting kinetic abilities, due to it being a non-anthro vehicle) are a force to be reckoned with as it is able to crash through decaying buldings, having it shown little damage after plowing right through it.

Sheer Impact

Another unique nickname by Johnny, and the second intimidating vehicle, with "Tiny" being the first, the Sheer Impact is a modified monster truck, with its oversized wheels/tires that is capable or flattening things that stand in its way. Having its blower popping out from it, putting it over a whopping 1021 BHP (mentioned by Johnny), the monster truck has a red paintjob, with yellow racing vinyl and with red wheels (as well as large tires), as well as its headlights covered with black tape that are crossed out. It also consists with no front windows, with the exception of its side windows and its rear windows completely covered with a large sheet of metal, making it almost impossible to see what's behind. The monster truck sports its unique racing number "77", despite suffering from weathering that peels away sponsor decals and vinyl paintjobs. While it is not tougher than "Tiny", the Sheer Impact is still one of the "danger factor" vehicles, due to its massive height and its ability to crush through anything in its path, with the exception of larger objects, which may damage it upon impact. While the monster truck rarely has problems of rolling over, its high center gravity makes it very easy for it to roll over, if going through a corner incorrectly, or if it pivots on either side while navigating through large slopes, thus damaging the monster truck from rolling over or landing upside down. There is also a running gag where the Sheer Impact was inadverdently destroyed by a runaway G.U.N. Truck while chasing Sonic. Despite the Sheer Impact's high strength, it withstood no chance against a behemoth truck. The ST0MP3R ended up a similar fate, along with "Tiny".


The V8 XR is a modified, modern muscle car. Sporting its unique body kits and its rear wing, as well as its paintjob, it also sports its artwork on either side of its doors that resembles as warring spaceships. It also sports its unique exhaust system located behind the trunk of the car, as well as its wheels. On the roof, it contains a racing badge number "25". Unlike the P10-XR and the 101, the V8 XR is suited for combat, but it is inferior on withstanding major damage against unbreakable objects. However, its speed and handling are almost unmatched, said to be the fastest modern muscle car on Mobius, although its traits are offset by its lack of off-road capacities.

Ronin Mk IV

The Ronin Mk IV is a new vehicle, albeit showing some of its rust from its bodywork; it is a souped-up rally car, colored in black matte paint finish, consisting of modified front and rear bumpers, with its front bumper consisting two additional lights for increased visibility. It also has a modified hood bonnet, rear wing, headlights, tail-lights and its rear window. The vehicle also sports its unique vinyl (as well as its sponsor stickers), consisting a fist emerging through, followed by an explosion; its three-tone paintjobs are, green, blue, and red. Unlike the V8 XR, P10 XR, and the 101, the Ronin Mk IV handles very well on the off-road environment but suffers through rugged and rough terrains, making it difficult to control or maintaining its acceleration.


The Undertaker is a customized 1940s hot rod. Unlike most other hot rods which usually sport flame vinyls, it has two yellow stripes on top of its roof and sporting its red paintjob. On both sides of the Undertaker, it contains three bombs, which are artworks, each with their unique appearances. The front contains customized headlights and its grille, as well as having its customized supercharger from its engine. As it also has custom wheels, it sports a modified trunk and tailights. One of its notable feature are open windows from its rear and the front and also containing suicide doors that opens at the back. Oddly enough for a speedy hot rod, it handles off-road very well, thus not reducing speed when navigating through rugged terrains.

Syndicate GT

A nickname given by Johnny, the Syndicate GT is a modern, heavily modified mud racer. While it basically looks like a luxurious SUV, it is completely customized with modified bumpers and a custom front bull bar, customized hood, grille and headlights. On the roof, it contains roof lights and a spare tire that is mounted onto the roof rack. There are also air filters on both sides of the mud racer, and it has no mirrors, making it quite difficult to determine who is behind him. On the rear, it has modified tailights, as its wheels are modified as well, making it more off-road friendly. The vehicle is covered with racing stickers, with the addition of having its light blue paint job, with three-tone racing vinyls on both its side and across the front and the back; the colors are green, yellow, and navy blue. While it is not as fast as the other vehicles, it is capable of off-roading, and that Johnny mentioned that the Syndicate GT is his favorite vehicle to drive around even the most toughest terrains to drive through.


The F80 is a modified 1930s pickup truck. Before it was new, it was nothing more than a completely rusted out vehicle, though it still managed to hold together. This vehicle was completely restored into a brand new vintage truck with modified body work, bumpers and front and rear wheel metal sheet-like arches, customized headlights and tail lights, modified grille and wheels, as well as white wall tires. Its painjob somewhat resembles as techno-like paintjob, with neon green, light and dark purple colors, with its main color from its body work being clear white. On the back of the cab, it contains a large barrel attached to its exhaust pipes, which means that it would be able to last longer when driving. Unusual for an old and classy pickup truck, it handles very well on the off-road environment and has average speed and strength, making it an all-rounder racing vehicle.


The GT101 is a modified late-1960s supercar. Unlike the P10-XR, it is not as fast as the souped-up and modernized sports car, or as sleek and sporty than the Blacksun J-GT. The GT101 consists of a three-paintjob livery, which includes, light aqua blue, very light green, and mustard yellow (with a slightly dark tone to it), whereas its base color is platinum gray with matte finish. The car doesn't have much racing stickers than the P10-XR, but the GT101 does consist of having modified rear bumper, exhaust systems and roof scoop, as well as having modified "fins" on both sides of the vehicle, and also consisting modified rear wings, hood and wheel arches. Despite having its front bumper unmodified, it does come with a specially modified front bull bar that has been permanently mounted on the front bumper, with the addition of fog lamps that are mounted on the front bull bar. The vehicle lacks the front windshield, which may pose a risk as the speed can generate G-forces that can disorient Johnny's vision if he doesn't wear safety goggles. Because of its lack of windshield, it is very easy for this vehicle to be stolen if parked or if enemies are capable of jumping inside the windshield without any efforts of attempts of breaking in and try to force Johnny out of the vehicle. Despite having multiple lights on the roof, the headlights and the front bull bar, it is highly inferior to off-road environments.

Blacksun J-GT

The Blacksun J-GT is a japanese sports car converted into a racing machine. This vehicle sports racing-like aftermarket body kits, hood bonnet, racing windows and carbon fibre rear spoiler. The car also sports custom headlights and tail lights, as well as having custom wheels. The car has a dark cobalt blue painjob, and has racing-like vinyls, each with three colors (orange, yellow and light blue), as well as sporting the badge number "32" on both the the hood bonnet and the side doors. It was mentioned that Johnny frequently drives this vehicle around Mobius, and due to the fact that the Blacksun J-GT is an all-purpose sports car that is now converted into a purebred street racing vehicle, it is not useful for any types of off-roading. On the rear, it boasts the badge from the rear trunk, under the name "BLACKSUN", despite the fact it's actually known as the Blacksun J-GT itself.


The Sandcutter is a dune buggy modified for off-road (and on the road). It sports off-road racing tires, modified front bull bar/grille, modified headlights, modified side skirts, turning signals that are mounted on both front fenders and a rear spoiler that mimics as the rear bumper. It also sports customized hood and roll cage, thus making it more of an open-air feeling to it, and there is a modified sun visor mounted on the front roll cage. On the back of the Sandcutter contains modified tail lights, as well as having two nitrous tanks mounted on the back, as well as having a large exhaust pipe in the back. The dune buggy also contains of having a lime-green paintjob as well as its racing stripe vinyl suck as yellow, blue and red. Due to it having no windshield, Johnny does wear goggles or, more importantly, his racing helmet and outfit to reduce the risk of being fatally injured. The Sandcutter is not only fast, but it is also an all-arounder dune buggy, and can handle both off-road and the asphalt, but also suffers from low durability on ramming through objects.


The Enduro is a modified dirt bike, built for off-road purposes, consisting of customized, front/rear mudguards, front forks, handlebars, side panels, exhausts and front visor window. It also consists of having a yellow paint job, with orange and red stripe livery, and also has some dirt and scratches from the dirt bike. The Enduro also bears the racing badge number "10" on both side panels. It is exceptionally lighter than the Toreador, and much easier to control, despite its high acceleration, although it is highly fragile along with uneven terrain, which can result throwing Johnny off from his dirt bike and inflicting injury if not equipped with biker gear (e.g. helmet, biker armor).


Kutter, another nickname after Toreador, is a customized chopper; while it still has some scratches and dirt from the bike, it is considerably bulkier than the Toreador, which can take quite some time for Johnny to handle it, especially it's speed and somewhat difficult handling. Kutter consists of a burnt sienna color, with tribal-like stripes vinyl with white, yellow and red colors added to the livery. It also boasts a modified parts such as the handlebars, wheels, headlights, footrests, exhaust pipe, engine and front/rear mudguards. On the back contains a gas canister that is designed to refuel the modified chopper. Overall, while Kutter has better speed than Toreador, it is, as mentioned, much bulkier and much difficult to control.


Tike is a European-esque hot hatch (or commonly referred to as supermini) that has been modified for racing. Unlike the 101, Tike is cleaner and pristine. It contains racing windows, both on the sides and the front, although it tends to become obscured sometimes when driving, even though the P10-XR uses a similar feature for the front windows. It also lacks side mirrors, making it difficult to determine on which is which. It also has modified bodywork, especially its front spoiler, trunk, and exhausts. It also boasts numerous racing stickers throughout the supermini. On the rear, it contains a small rear wing and has a normal rear window. While not as fast as the 101, Tike makes up for quick handling and easy control, although it does not deal well with both combat and damage due to its rather small size.


The Butane is a customized, race-oriented dune buggy. The Butane's overall bodywork is filled with grunge and dirt, as opposed to the Sandcutter's pristine condition. The Butane has a red, matte paintjob with slight dark grey and steel grey racing stripe livery across the Butane. It also has modified frames and front bull bars and customized bodywork. The Butane, like the Sandcutter, has no windows, so it is advisable for Johnny to wear goggles during races or driving around, so debris will not obstruct his vision. The Butane also has modified roof scoops, rear wing and lacking the engine panel. Although the buggy does not sport any sponsor stickers, it does, however, contain the racing badge number "99", both on the hood and on the roof. While its performance is similar to the Sandcutter, it is slightly more durable and versatile, as well as agile in terms of handling.


The ST0MP3R (leetspeak for Stomper) is a customized monster truck that takes the resemblance of a stock car, built for raw power. Unlike Sheer Impact, STOMP3R does not contain weathering and scratches, and also lacks dual wheels from the ST0MP3R and it does not contain a racing badge number. It consists with an orange color with steel grey livery across the monster truck, as well as sporting sponsor stickers, from the front to the back. On the trunk contains two large nitrous tanks and also contains carbon fibre side panels of the ST0MP3R. The front windows contains a grid mesh attached to the windshield built for some protection. While STOMP3R isn't faster than Sheer Impact, the ST0MP3R still makes up for raw power and durability to deal damage.


Hayato is a customized Japanese superbike, designed for sheer speed and agility. Apart from its modified bodywork, it also has carbon fibre frame and customized swingarm, as well as its unique exhaust pipes from the back of the superbike. Hayato also contains a tinted visor in front, along with customized wheels and headlights. The superbike contains a red color with dark grey racing stripes across the bike. It also bears the racing badge number "42" on the sides and the rear. While incredibly faster than the Enduro, its traits are offset by its cons, with having little to no control on an off-road terrain, and somewhat difficult control from its extreme speed and acceleration, especially if it's at over 200 MPH. It also suffers from its extremely low durability rate, especially when driving through even the weakest objects.


Indiana is a chopper-like dirt bike. Despite having its appearance of a classic chopper, it handles and behaves like any dirt bike would, despite that its overall appearance was modeled after it. Indiana also sports a black color with red-orange flames to it. Unlike the Enduro, Indiana does not have any scratches, grunges or weathering. On both sides contains side panniers which are used to store items inside. While its performance is equal to the Enduro, it is slightly more durable, but it still unable to deal greater damage and can be easily wrecked if not driven properly.


The WildTrek-X is a heavily modified pickup truck, designed to handle even the toughest terrain. Although not faster than the F80, it does make up for tough strength and durability in terms of dealing damage and combat. The truck has spotlights on both the front bumper and on top of the rear roll cage for greater visibility when traversing around the darkness. The WildTrek-X also has off-road tires to tackle even the most toughest terrain and also contains a supercharger from the hood. It also has modified light guards around the tailights, The WildTrek-X's rear window contains grid mesh and its side windows are covered with carbon fibre, along with its trunk panel; it's bed contains a large toolbox on top of the truck, through it never becomes thrown off when driving on a rugged terrain. It also has semi-dark mustard yellow paintjob to it, along with a racing stripe livery, with burnt sienna and burgundy colors added to it, as well as the racing badge number "71" on both sides panels. Despite its somewhat low speed, its strength can withstand some damage, though not as tough as "Tiny" would, and its off-road capabilities are also unmatched, along with some other vehicles.


The Ridgetail is a customized trophy truck built to tackle any terrain, on or off. While some call it as a spiritual successor of J's Desert Hawk, the Ridgetail, however, is not a living mechanical being; it normally behaves like any normal vehicle would. It consists of a modified from bumper with headlights from its brush guard, modified wheel arches, and a rear roll cage, which contains a spare tire in the back. It also contains off-road tires which makes it much suitable for off-roading, despite that it can handle asphalt terrains very well included. Unlike J's Desert Hawk, the Ridgetail does not have a racing badge number on its roof and it also lacks roof lights on top, hence the reason for having headlights on the brush guard. The trophy truck has light lime green base color, with light blue racing stripes across the truck. It also has semi-dark green at the back of the truck, although it is difficult to see. Being a trophy truck, it has no windows, so it is advisable for Johnny to wear safety goggles if the truck would become faster. It also lacks side mirrors, making it tricky to anticipate on either side. While the Ridgetail is lighter than the WildTrek-X and the F80, it is much versatile in terms of speed, agility and handling, despite slightly lacking durability.

Johnny's Backup Race Cars

Main article: Johnny's Backup Race Cars


Base Stats
Stamina2 (Very Poor)
Attack10 (Superior)
Spcl. Atk10 (Superior)
Defense9 (Great)
Spcl. Def8 (Very Good)
Speed3 (Poor)
Reflexes8 (Very Good)
Magic10 (Superior)
Intellect7 (Good)
Total 67/100
Other Stats
  • Poor (w/o eyeglasses)
  • Good (w/ eyeglasses)

Johnny wields excellence in pyrokinetic powers (although his do not surpass Fiamme's), making him the most notable opponent to face off with. He is also very skilled in video games (mainly racing games) and has no problems with his flexibility (albeit to a lesser extent). He can also absorb fire powers used by enemies and uses it against them, no matter the consequences. He is highly adaptable to hot and arid environments, thus dealing double damage against enemies while traversing through the hot climate and would not suffer from dehydration, hyperthermia, or heatstroke. The hotter the climate, the greater his powers increase. He is also a skilled driver, though isn't as popular as J would. Nonetheless, his driving skills are also a force to be reckoned with when it comes to racing. He is also highly immune to Fire or variant types of Fire attacks (e.g. Scorch, Flame, Napalm), even lava, although the latter would still throw him back. To date, he has yet to earn Scorch, Inferno and Napalm abilities, however. His powers can be greatly doubled if teaming up with Fiamme, making both his and Fiamme's fire powers unmatched. His flames are a red-orange color, but can be changed to a blinding white-blue color if siding with Fiamme. This also works for Kotuumath, but to a lesser extent, although this can also grant increase of the overall power, despite the fact that Kotuumath has a wide variety of different Elemental abilities. Although Johnny does not wield any weapons, he can, however, create some with his pyrokinesis.

Fire Abilities

  • Hinotama: A hinotama (Japanese for fireball) is Johnny's basic attack. It manifests into a ball of fire from his open hand before throwing it at his opponent. They explode within the opponent's proximity, even if not within contact. He can also materialize two additional fireballs, totaling up to three for greater damage. If all three are thrown at once, they explode simultaneously with a moderately-large blast radius, even stunning his opponent momentarily.
    • "Drive-By Fireball Strike": The variation of hinotama, while sharing the same traits of attacks, this can be done by shooting fireballs at oncoming enemies while driving the vehicle with his other hand. The effects of his attack are the same.
  • Firewall: Johnny's defensive ability, he raises his arms up high in the air, which creates a wall of fire that protects him from direct harm. If an opponent attempts to cross through a wall of flames, they would receive burn damage if attempting to do so.
  • Burn Palm: While a variation of the Fire Palm, Burn Palm is a different version of it; Burn Palm inflicts the same damage as Fire Palm would, but it leaves a mark similar to a sunburn, which can gradually reduce the foe's strength for several minutes before the mark disappears.
  • Firestorm Spear: Johnny does a pose with both hands clenched, as if he was holding a spear, as it creates a spear-like flame that can be used either as a meleé weapon or a ranged attack, depending on the distance he throws. It can also add additional burn damage if it hits the target.
  • Fire Stomp: This is most likely done by stamping his feet onto a downed opponent, in which his feet is coated with flames in the process.
  • Burning Impact: This is mostly done while airborne, allowing Johnny to clamp both of his hands and slam it down upon landing, releasing a wave of fire within the opponent's radius at short to medium range.
  • Hammer Strike: He holds his arm up and poses as if he was holding a hammer, with flames materializing to resemble as a large hammer (roughly resembling as Amy's Piko Piko Hammer) and swings it down. Upon impact, it releases a burst of flames within a moderate radius against nearby foes.

Scorch Abilities

Note: This is not confirmed as of yet, though his abilities are still listed, and his ability ONLY works if in a very hot environment, such as the volcano.

  • Meteor Berserker:
  • Afterburner:
  • Phoenix Slash:
  • Dragon Sabre:
  • Scorch Eruptor:
  • Thermite Brigade:
  • Molten Spear:

Inferno Abilities

See Inferno Johnny for the list of Inferno-related abilities.

Napalm Abilities

Note: This is not confirmed as of yet, though his abilities are still listed.

  • NaPalm: This conjures liquid napalm coating his hand and inflicting it onto an enemy, which does not result in damage, but rather, become immobilized. Furthermore, any types of fire attacks Johnny uses can engulf said enemy into flames, with burn damage added to it.


Despite being physically light, he is shown to have an extremely short amount of stamina if running for too long, which would explain his favor for power over speed, despite being a light weight character. While he can ride bikes, he is always prone to falling off whenever the bikes tilt on either side after stopping, thus crushing him with minor to moderate injuries if he does not set his foot onto the ground to keep the bike in balance (unless he is wearing biker outfits that can prevent him from being crushed or falling off). Also, he cannot navigate through even the easiest turn because of the weight of the bike and his light weight prevents it from making a turn, thus increasing the potential risk of crashing and inflicting serious physical injury. Also, unlike Tails, he lacks the ability to fly, due to the fact that he only has one tail instead of two, hence due to his fear of heights.

One of his greatest weaknesses are the extremely cold weather (the minimum temperature is 30°F), even with protective clothing, as his pyrokinesis greatly deteriorate while trekking through the cold weather, as well as his strength being lowered from the freezing temperatures. Eventually, his pyrokinesis releases vapors if attempting to commence an attack. After prolonged minutes of the cold temperature, Johnny will eventually lose conciousness as his body slowly turns blue, signifying severe hypothermia, thus rendering his pyrokinesis useless. It could take weeks, or months, if avoided from the cold environment, for him to slowly regain his body heat to restore to its appropriate temperature, unless the user(s) also has pyrokinesis to speed up the recovery. The same applies for Hydrokinesis and water environments as they can cancel out his pyrokinesis and his strength can drain further if attempting to swim on shore, leading to fatigue, confusion and unconsciousness, even on direct sunlight, unless he is not on the water, thus increasing the risk of drowning.

For Johnny's vehicles, aside having their own weaknesses, unlike J's vehicles that behave on their own like Mobians, if coming onto contact with a beam from the Roboticizer, they would instantaneously explode in a wide blast radius if coming into contact with the Roboticizer or if attacked at least three times by roboticized Mobians, the latter result which is potentially dangerous whenever caught in a blast radius upon detonation from the vehicles (belonging to Johnny) attacked.

Although immune to any types of Fire attacks (it can still throw him back, however), he is not immune to the rest of different elemental attacks, with Water and Ice being his greatest weaknesses. While Wind-related attacks are not his weakness, it can throw his aim off when commencing a pyrokinetic attack.

Super Forms

So far, Johnny has three super forms, such as:

In this case, Johnny cannot turn into "Super" form, even after collecting seven Chaos Emeralds. This is likely because Chaos Emeralds have very little effect on Johnny and his pyrokinetic powers. While this can be done by collecting 7 Sol Emeralds, teaming up with Fiamme as an alternative means is also proven to be highly effective without the need to search for the Sol Emeralds.

Johnny does remain the same, with no transformation to his appearances, except that his body and attire has a darker tone, and his voice is a mixture of Johnny's and Rakumei's (although Rakumei's voice is hard to hear, even though it can be heard) and his pupils are red, which strongly resembles to Rakumei's eyes. Also, both Rakumei and himself can switch minds, and that his mixture between Johnny's pyrokinetic powers and Rakumei's spectramancy powers makes it a completely lethal combo. Despite the name, however, it is not an actual super form, but rather, having Rakumei take full control of him and his pyrokinesis.

A replacement for Evil Johnny, Rage Johnny makes up for his second superform. This can be easily triggered by becoming overly angry either from repeated insults or his friends, including his loved ones, insulted, from enemies, this dramatically increasing his attack power (at the cost of defenseive power) and overall speed. His appearance remains mostly the same, save for the lack of irises and pupils from his eyes, including ragged hair. Flames can be seen emitting from his eyes, signifying his sheer anger. The more insults being thrown at him by enemies, the angrier he becomes.

More information coming soon!

While this is unconfirmed, his third and final super form, which grants him the use of Scorch, Napalm, Blaze and Inferno abilities. His appearance is yet to be confirmed.

Other Forms

Non-super forms that are roleplay-exclusive.

Twisted Dimension Johnny

This is the version of Johnny that appears in the Twisted Dimension in the RP Hedgehog's Guids to the Multiverse. In this version, Johnny is a disgraced racer turned into a serial killer, and his home are made from his own vehicles he disassembled them, making a crudely-made shed that serves as his home, with suspension parts serving as poles with heads from his victims, mainly from Overlanders, which also serve as a warning for unwary people, particularly Overlanders. Those who step onto his territory, he would kill them with a fire axe and behead them. If he encounters the heroes, however, he will simply simply follow them around. His clothes are completely worn and tattered, and has an eye patch around his left eye, with a bandage wrapped around it, as well as a patched wrapped around his throat. His headphones are also worn and cracked, his military dog tag rusted out and has missing eyeglasses. While known for being silent, if he were to speak, he would have a raspy voice in an omnious manner. Despite his disturbed nature, however, like his original counterpart, he is willing to protect other heroes, but seldom uses pyrokinesis and would instead rely on his fire axe as his primary weapon.

OOC Johnny


Johnny has cosplayed as several other characters, most likely in video games, such as:

  • John "Soap" MacTavish from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
  • Guile from Street Fighter
  • Cole from inFAMOUS
  • Scout from Team Fortress 2
  • Mash from MotorStorm: Apocalypse
  • Sparkster from Rocket Knight
  • John Tanner from Driver: San Francisco
  • Chris Redfield from Resident Evil Code: Veronica X


  • "Name's Johnny!"
  • "Heat? Heat ain't my problem, 'cause I got fire powers up my arsenal!"
  • "MY RIDE!!!"
  • "Rakumei, Goddess of Death, I invoke thee now, to slay thy foe!"
  • "Unless the ocean's clear, nice and warm, I honestly don't want to take a swim."
  • "What sorcery is this?!"

More coming later.

Character Interactions

Tectonic the Thylacine

Johnny, despite his high age, views Tectonic as a younger sister torwards her, much like Tectonic who views Johnny as her older brother. Even though Tectonic definately hates fire, Johnny promises that his fire powers are indeed harmless to her. This would explain why Johnny does enjoy having fun with kids (even though Tec is a pre-teen), he does have a child-like manner and he always makes her happy, or if Tectonic does whatever she can to make him happy, if he were to end up in a sad mood.

Ryushu the Cat

Despite him being a former Pokémon trainer, both he and Ryushu bear a close sibling relationship to each other. After a recent outburst of finding out that Johnny was working for G.U.N., despite the fact that he wasn't actually working for them, nor has he been one of the Overlanders. After Ryushu was forgiven, Johnny admits his feelings towards her, like an older brother he is. He also gave his three Pokémon to Ryushu as a gift, implying that his intents was to become a racing driver, rather than becoming a Pokémon trainer.

Jeremy D. the Fox

Johnny has always been enemies with Jeremy, his counterpart, and has even trespassed Johnny's dimension once to create such chaos that forced him to reboot everything. Despite that Johnny has some equal terms to Jeremy when both of them were confronted by different dangers, he still holds a lot of grudge against him. Although Jeremy was as powerful as Johnny, he is still easily damaged by Johnny's fire attacks, as to Johnny being damaged by Jeremy's water attacks. Even though Johnny was relieved that Jeremy and the Moebians are no longer torturing Dismal, he now has bigger things to worry about as Jeremy makes a nefarious attempt into stealing his vehicles.

Lupe the Doggat

Johnny finds Lupe an interesting person (and his great friend) to talk with, since both he and Lupe are the only two fursonas who are capable of speaking Spanish.

Rakumei the Cat

A separate entity and a former alter ego of Ryushu the Cat. At first, Johnny thought that Rakumei was evil, but when he realizes that she's not, he easily befriends her, due to the fact that Johnny was into horror movies, but not into horror games, due to his concerns of getting bad dreams. He hangs out with Rakumei most of the time, but usually hangs out with Tectonic more often. However, when he tries to do a chant that'll make her reunite with Ryushu ends up in disaster as Rakumei ends up merging with Johnny instead...


At first, Turoka would view Johnny as a threat, but by then she realizes that he isn't a threat and quickly befriended him. Johnny always goes to see Turoka in her dimension when it comes to making her happy and helping her when she is about to give birth to eggs. Although Johnny was being viewed like a son, he's more of a great friend, much like Rakumei.

Renée the Magician

Dismal the Hedgehog

At first, Dismal is scared of Johnny when he brought in his friends that are too scary for him to handle. Just as when their friendship is about to be severed, Johnny consoles him about what happened to Jeremy, and they are now friends again.

J the Hedgehog

While it is unclear if Johnny had met J before, he used to be a famous racer, though he retired so it's up to Johnny to become the famous racer too, but he has never intended to steal J's fame and fortune. Instead, he simply wants to prove his friends that he is also a formidable racer, although he's not really a popular racer, as mentioned by most fans, most likely because he loves to show off. He also expressed sympathy towards the teen-now-adult and retired racer hedgehog. This was proven wrong, however, as Johnny has shown exceptional skill and style and gained some popularity to the fans and friends alike.

N the Hedgehog

Being J's younger brother, both N and Johnny have good terms with each other, especially with his mechanical skills that helps maintain both his vehicles and his own aircraft to be put for better use.

Miley the Hedgehog (Troll)

After he mentions that he is, ironically, at least a year older than her, Miley happens to appear from seemingly out of nowhere and starts to fall in love with him in a really wrong and unfourtunate way.

Memphis the Light


Originally, he became an honorary member of the G.U.N. after rescuing Leon. However, after realizing that him joining G.U.N. would put up a huge strain on his friends, he voluntarily left to be with his friends and allies.
"Even Though I DID join up G.U.N... to me, it's not worth losing my friends and being forced to become enemies with them. If I have to choose between being in a military organization and being with my friends... I'd rather side with my friends. They mean a lot to me. And I mean't a lot to them in return."
—Johnny D. the Fox

Leon S. Kangaroo


Johnny gets along well with Fortunata, due to the fact that he shares the same pyrokinetic abilities to her, though his are less powerful than Fortunata's, but has mentioned that with his fire abilities and Fiamme's to be used against enemies, the two would be a force to be reckoned with. So far, Johnny is unaware that Fortunata is actually Fiamme, the goddess of the fire element.

Gideon the Moose

Although having little interactivity, Gideon seems to have little trust towards him due to the fact that he works for G.U.N., despite Johnny's reasons.

Vegas the Fox Hybrid

While there are some interactivity between the two, they get along well with each other, and Johnny doesn't really mind about being teased or bossed around by her, no matter the consequences.


Upon meeting a green Creeperhog, he seemed startled at first, but after finding out that he is friendly, the two gets along well with each other and considers the friendly Creeperhog as his pet.

Katherine Bloodson

This character is currently in an interaction from this RP. Changes may occur as it progresses.

While at the hospital, Katherine, the arctic wolf, came upon the emergency room and has requested to heal him, which the doctor allowed her to do so. Despite successfully healing him, however, his strength is still sapped away due to his low body temperature from the Northern Great Sea.


  • Both Lupe and Johnny are the only two fursonas who can speak Spanish, with Lupe being the first fursona to know Spanish
  • Johnny is the second oldest fursona and the only fursona who knows how to drive vehicles. However, he is actually the first oldest fursona as a Mobian
    • To date, Johnny is the only fursona who is a racer
  • Although not classified as a nerd, he is always seen wearing eyeglasses
  • While he is highly skilled at video games (mainly racing and shooting games), it was never mentioned neither by Johnny nor his friends
  • His middle name "D." is never mentioned or revealed
  • Since 2011, his appearance has been changed radically from two years ago; He had a gray jacket, no glasses, headphones or his dog tag, and his fur being light brown.
  • Although he has never wielded a Chaos Emerald before, it is rumored that Chaos Emeralds does not turn him into his "Super" form, even if collecting all seven of the Emeralds. Likewise, he is the only Mobian to have only at least two super forms, as any other items do not grant him any types of super forms
    • Originally, he had three super forms. This however has led to his second super form to fall under the Other Forms section
  • Despite Johnny being able to speak Spanish, he never spoke Spanish on any roleplay pages
  • When not around with his friends, he has a tendency to talk with himself at frequent times*Johnny is born on February 4, which is also JonTheVGNerd's birthdate. Although he is Aquarius, he possesses Pyrokinesis instead of Hydrokinesis (ironically, his Moebian counterpart is Hydrokinetic)
  • Although he dislikes books, he does not hate them to an extent, but this is due to his lack of interest in reading.


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