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The founder of the Powers Club, John acts as a mentor figure to the rest of the group, generally helping them get to grips with their powers. However, he has more than a few skeletons in the closet that insist on making themselves known, and 3 alternate personalities that keep trying to control him.


John is a usually purple hedgehog with a grey stripe down his right arm. His colour varies with personality: his anti-hero persona is grey with a red stripe, his villain persona is red with a blue stripe, and his heroic persona is blue with a purple stripe. All of them have green eyes, grey gloves and white shoes.


John in his normal state is a friendly, amicable man, constantly helping others whenever he can. He has a lot of experience working with people who have power genes, the Power Club among them, and he’s helped a lot of people come to terms with his powers. However, he’s also darkly pragmatic and secretive, creating contingency plans to stop Kable and others he believes are risks to the safety of those with powers. He keeps these plans secret to everyone but his closest allies, leaving people in the dark for their own safety. As such, he can have issues with trust, only amplified by his dealings with Ice years before.

His anti-hero state is what you’d expect: a brooding, jaded man who is more than willing to solve a problem the most violent and pragmatic way possible. However, at his heart he’s still a hero and will do whatever it takes to keep those he cares about safe.

His hero persona is extremely close to Sonic the Hedgehog: a charismatic man who, despite his constant sarcastic quips, has a heart of gold and tries to solve problems the most heroic and coolest way he can, even if it doesn’t solve the problem as quickly as he could.

The villain persona is cruel and cunning, using his words to manipulate people into fighting him and defeating them in the most embarrassing and effortless way possible. However, even he has standards and wouldn’t harm John’s friends unless driven to extreme rage.



Powers and Abilities

In his standard form, John has very few powers of his own. He can draw slightly on his other persona’s powers, able to burn people slightly with his touch, or produce tiny amounts of metal, or charge his hands with static electricity, but using these draws the respective persona to the front of his mind.

His anti-hero form can create steel from his bare hands. He usually does this to create giant swords that he wields with relative ease. His hero form has lightning powers, able to project lightning from his hands, as well as charge his punches with electricity. Finally, his villain form is able to create and control fire in a wide variety of ways, being the most destructive and most powerful of the 4 personas.

Any of the personas can swap in any time they like, but John regularly takes drugs that stop them switching in. The drugs also mean his mind can be read by telepaths, which it usually can’t be due to his battling personas warding away intruders. The effects last for 24 hours, and there’s no real side effects that John isn’t used to. Of course, this means that his personas might not be there when he actually needs them.


  • John’s personas are based on the 4 character categories on the main page: Hero, Anti-Hero, Villain and Neutral.
  • John plays Sol Badguy In Guilty Gear.

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