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John the Muskrat is a lawyer; DJ and semi-professional surfer who lives in Central City in the United Federation. While not a highly celebrated lawyer so far, John's skill in both music & surfing has led to a fairly solid reputation.


Slightly shorter than average, John has fairly bright yellow fur and fair skin with a regular suntan during surf season. His light green hair is short and straight, though it often tends to puff up into a small afro while drying much to his annoyance. This is joined by slightly darker green stubble on his face, though he tries to keep it neat while practicing law. He does his best to keep himself in very trim shape, with arms and legs both toned.

Similarly to the stubble; John has a surprisingly large number of piercings for a lawyer, forcing him to remove most of them while in court despite his fame for them in the surf. He has both nostrils, nasal septum, lower lip, upper part of his right ear and his naval pierced, while his eyes are light blue and often seem to glimmer with a laid-back sparkle as he grins.


While in court; John seems very forthright and dignified wearing his standard suit and tie; though aside for the black suit and white shirts he likes to make things interesting with bright, colorful ties to go with his bright, colorful appearance. Off-duty however, John prefers to wear new, sporty clothes that are typically white and a touch on the small side in order to accentuate his physical fitness. Aside for his piercings, John wears no other jewelry.



John seems to be a walking surprise to many that know him - as it stands, he is regularly questioned about whether or not he is from the Party Dimension; such is his skill and personality type in more performative roles. Further breaking the expectations about the surfer that places semi-professionally; John bears two elemental affinities and neither of them are Water. Instead, he possesses access to some degree of spectrakinesis, and more ironically; pyrokinesis. His command over both is rather limited due to his training and role, with the only notable technique from either he seems to utilize is creating bursts of embers to start fires, a skill he typically only uses to create beach bonfires after surfing to help dry his short yet thick waterproof fur. His skill in shadows tends to be even less useful, with the only major usage he gets being utilizing the natural sense of his location in darkness to navigate at night without threat of attack.

As a lawyer, John is mostly inexperienced more than anything else. He has only really handled relatively minor cases, though he has become acquainted with a number of Central City Police officers through this. The primary reason for this is simply due to his packed social life; though he does try his best to maintain his legal role as his primary job, rather than take the leap into professional circles for his more obscure roles. To his credit, he is incredibly well spoken and skilled with words, though some tend to indicate that he may not be the best fit as a lawyer.

Away from the courtroom, John has two passions that both earn him money and keep him sane. The first is DJing, where he is often compared to the small handful of Party Dimension residents that come to perform in clubs and dance halls around the United Federation. John has a natural sense for rhythm and timing, much like the performers of that foreign region. Beyond that, he has an incredibly broad taste in music, allowing him to mix and roll sets that are often unusual mixtures of genre without losing the feel. While not his preferred sound, he is also experienced in record scratching and beat mangling.

When he gets the chance to go beach, John is often seen at surfing meets, with many United Federation semi-pro events extending invites to the muskrat lawyer. Normally seen in a set of white boardshorts and carrying a large white and gold surfboard, John has won a number of these smaller surf meets thanks to his natural balance and rhythm on the board, as well as his occasionally risky choices for waves.








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