John and Miyu Winters
Also known as
Mr. and Mrs. Winters; Mr. and Mrs. Macro's parents
3 ft. 6 in.; 3 ft. 3 in.
84 lbs.; 80 lbs.
43; 42
January 27; March 6
Business man; Stay at home mom/homemaker

John and Miyu were a young lynx couple who were unable to have any kids until they found a rather large baby who they adopted and raised as their own.


John and Miyu are both very kind and caring people. John is intelligent and has a commitment to doing jobs right. He has some technical skills since he helped Macro make his extreme gear. He is generally very calm and conservative.

Miyu is very nuturing, wanting to help everyone and everything. Along with this she is gentle. She is a good conversationalist and will talk to anyone. She is friendly and most people like her. Her kindness and wanting people to like her is probably a trait Macro picked up.

Physical Characteristics


John is an orangish brown colored lynx of average build with black stripes. He has blue eyes and a white fluffy muzzle.

Miyu is brown with long black hair that comes down onto her forehead. She has purple in her ears and a smooth white muzzle. Her eyes are cyan.


John wears a sky blue turtle neck with a suit coat and khaki pants. He has black dress shoes.

Miyu wears a loose fitting pink shirt and grey leggings. She wears black slippers.


John and Miyu both grew up in a small town where they met and got married at the age of nineteen. They built a country house together in a rural area and John went to work in the business part of a factory which was a bit of a drive from their house. They always wanted kids but were unable to have any. One day they found an unusually large baby right outside their door. He was newborn but already slightly larger than the average adult Mobian. When they found him they also saw a wormhole closing in the sky which made them theorize that he came from another zone. The baby was Macro. John was a little reluctant about the whole situation at first but Miyu recognized that Macro was just a baby and they couldn't leave him out there alone. They never saw any sign of the wormhole again so they raised him as if he were their own son. When Macro was old enough Miyu homeschooled him and he lived with her and John until he met Klinx and Slash and moved in with them.


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  • Miyu was named after the lynx character from the cancelled game Star Fox 2.
  • John's design was inspired by that same character.


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