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John Nah is a young cadet looking to enter into G.U.N. as a driver, front-line defender or medic, though he has not yet indicated his final aim.

John Nah

Biographical Information
Romantic Interestspending
Physical Description
  • Fur: Faded blue, with peach muzzle skin and silver accents on his quills and tail
  • Eyes: Silver
  • Standard G.U.N. cadet helmet
  • Standard G.U.N. cadet fatigues
  • Standard G.U.N. combat boots
Political Alignment and Abilities
Weaponry & Equipment
  • Experienced in hand-to-hand combat training
  • Moderately trained in the use of warhammers
  • Some training in battlefield medicine
  • Some training in marksmanship
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorFlashfire212

Physical Description

Young with the figure most expect from a cadet soldier, John is a hedgefox with the traditional attributes inherited from both parent races - the quills of a hedgehog and the ears and tail of a fox. His fur is mostly a faded blue color, with silver-grey highlights on his quills and tail alike. His eyes are notably silver and attentive, always bouncing from point to point.


As most would expect of a cadet, John spends most of his time during the grueling training in his training uniform. While this is fairly simplistic - black helmet, standard olive-drab fatigues with black body armor, and black leather boots, it is comfortable enough for the young cadet to feel fine in it.



One of the atypical features of John is the fact that he has not quite been assigned into a focused stream as a soldier. Instead, he has received a mixture of training types to go with his lack of elemental prowess. For the most part, his trainers seem to have him picked out to be a close-quarters combatant, carrying around a brutal warhammer as his personal weapon. Currently, he carries a Fear Hammer, with the psychological influence factors toned down to avoid major impacts on his allies.

Similarly enough to his fear hammer, John also has been receiving training as a medic, with his family providing him with a fairly common Chaos Healkit which his supervisors allowed him to keep and utilize. While the Chaos Healkit is primarily a conventional medkit that he has augmented with the extra implements that his commanders have highlighted, it also possesses a number of small crystals that possess a weak Chaos Force connection. While not something he can control or manipulate, it has been observed that these crystals can be used to grant power-focused soldiers more power to assist in healing or augment their combat prowess. While he does not personally use these himself, other cadets have been known to borrow them in emergency circumstances.

Aside for these, John has received some training as an emergency driver; potentially setting him up to drive medical transports and assist as a medic; but this has not been confirmed by his trainers.


Allies & Enemies





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