Joan the Rabbit is a teenage Freedom Fighter rabbit who is member of Team Joy and one of Joy's best


friends. Aside from her heroic job as a Freedom Fighter, her social life at high school consists normally of her indulging through her love of cheer-leading, playing sports such as tennis and baseball, arts and crafts and other various hobbies. She also hosts the most fun sleepover slumber parties with her friends on the weekends. She is sweet and bubbly and is considered the closest of Joy's best friends.


She is sweet, kind and bubbly in comparison to most other girls at her school who vary from snobby to shy and otherwise. She is known to "light up a room" whenever she walks in just from her sweet glowing complexion and happiness. Whenever others are feeling blue, Joy immediately tries to cheer them up and tell them that bad days don't last forever and that things will get better eventually and often helps by serving ice cream or teaching them arts & crafts. Despite being unknowingly in the most dangerous situations at times, she is quick to action and fights off her enemies like a natural Freedom Fighter and is also willing to rescue others from harm's way. She enjoys the company of close friendships and firmly believes that not everybody wants to be alone forever. She is also athletic and daily plays tennis or girl's baseball to keep up her athletic abilities as a Freedom Fighter sharp and well-trained. She enjoys shopping at the mall and sleepover on the weekends hanging out with her girlfriends before school starts so they gossip and have fun.


Joan is a tall, golden yellow rabbit with golden-yellow fur and a white muzzle, green eyes and light-blonde hair often tucked into a high ponytail or red hairband. Her bright yellow completion is what dubbed some of her classmates to compare her to being "like sunshine" in comparison to her sweet cheerful bubbly personality. She wears a red tank-top, white gloves, blue denim shorts with a silver belt and pink running shoes.


Befriending Joy

In "Pink Sugar Sunrise!", Joy is struggling with her homework when she overhears someone giggling. This person giggling was Joan who was giggling as her group of girlfriends were telling her some stories about their recent funny endeavors (such as one of the girl's siblings accidentally dropping their cellphone into a mayonnaise jar and having to fish it out while others listing through said phone mistakenly overheard it as something else"). Joan was busy listening and laughing to their stories when she heard a loud commotion and saw a young hedgehog with red hair accidentally crash into a group walking through the hallways. Seeing that the group was mean to her and didn't even bother to help pick her scattered homework on the floor, Joan politely stepped away from the story-telling to go over and help the hedgehog gather up her missing papers. There she meets Joy, a genetically specially made hybrid hedgehog who's father is Sonic the Hedgehog (and who's other father is Shadow the Hedgehog often taking to the dark side). She helps her with her papers and after introducing themselves, asks her to hang out with her girl group and later join them for ice cream after a few rounds of tennis and baseball. Joy was nervous as she didn't want to step on other people's toes but Joan insists as it would be great for her to hang out and have fun. Joy says yes and meanwhile Joan offers to help her with some of her homework difficulties which brings Joy some much needed relief as she was struggling.

Later on, Joan plays tennis and baseball with some of her friends while Joy sits back and watches as she prefers doodling on her notepad. Nevertheless, she often sees Joy and exchanges smiles to help cheer her up. Later, they all walk together to the mall after school eating ice cream where they talk over stories of their Freedom Fighter adventures and Joy is peaked by this, joyfully speaking up about her own adventures as a Freedom Fighter. However, when Joy shows a little doubt over herself being a Freedom Fighter (due to her recent trouble with her other father Shadow given his betrayal to both her and Sonic), Joy speaks up, telling her that's she's doing a great job and that whoever or whatever is bothering her, not to be taken seriously and to just believe in herself when things look dark. Joy is heartened by this and after that, Joan offers to walk Joy home in a group so that she wouldn't have to walk home alone at night in case anything bad were to happen. Joy felt safe and after walking her back to the Thorndyke Mansion where they are greeted by Cream and Vanilla the rabbit, Joan hugs Joy and she and her girlfriends all bid Joy a goodnight. Joy felt happy at this and through the weeks, a newfound friendship was born. During the last day of school, Joan invited Joy over to her sleepover slumber party where she and the girls all played board games, watched TV, listened to pop music, baked goods, crafted with rainbow stickers and gossiped about boys. Then after all the fun, the girls fell asleep during which Joan wished Joy a goodnight. They continued having fun through shopping, hangouts at the mall and sleepovers and ever since those days, Joan and Joy have maintained a close happy friendship.

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