Jinx the Energyhog is a character adopted by TheSkullWolf.


Jinx is a female Energyhog, an unique variation of a regular hedgehog. What makes her so unique is that she is able to obtain energy by draining it from other life forms. However, she is sometimes unable to contol this ability, causing her to drain allies by mistake. She tries to prevent this by draining plants when they are available.


Jinx is a very shy person. She doesn't usually talk to people she does not know well, and when she does, she rarely says more than a couple of sentences. She likes to be in quiet environments and doesn't like loud noises. She also does not fight unless provoked enough.


Not much is known about Jinx's parents, except that when they discovered Jinx's ability, they became afraid of her. So they left her at an orphanage, and she never saw them again.

In the orphanage, Jinx first began to lose control of her power, and began to drain the other orphans. She decided that she had to get away from the orphanage, or risk the lives of others. One night, a ten-year old Jinx escaped from the orphanage, draining the life out of a guard in the process.


As an energyhog, Jinx can drain the energy of others, possibly killing them in the process if she doesn't stop. While she's draining, however, she is left wide open to an attack, making it unwise for her to attempt the ablity against a group. She can also use darkness-based attacks.

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