Jing the Panda is a partially mechanical panda and protagonist in her own fan-game series.


Jing is an anthropomorphic slim panda, her hair is grey with two black strands, each tied together with a blue bow, around her neck and chest is a type of natural fur collar, on her back is a large black spot, her forearms and legs are mechanical, so are her orange eyes.


Jing is a somewhat stereotypical hero, she is very calm and relaxed but if her friends and family are threatened, she will do her best to protect them.


  • Rock music
  • Comics
  • Nature
  • Cute things


  • Dr. Nyra
  • Dogs


Enhanced Strength: Due to her arms being robotic, she can hit much harder than she ever did before.

Enhanced Speed: Also due to her mechanical parts, Jing can run very fast, but not too fast since she's heavier.


  • The circuitry in Jing's arms, legs and eyes is not water proof, if some water gets in there, it could cause them to stop functioning.
  • If Jing sees something she thinks is cute, she will stop and look at it.
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