Jimmy is a young wombat who is always drifting from city to city. He is the fursona of Zombiekiller85.

Jimmy the Wombat
Jim (his friends) Earth Boy (his teacher)
Shen (teacher)
Working on technology, practicing his powers, ramen
Bad mechanics, rain,boredom
Ashley the Bear (girlfriend)


Jimmy is a tan wombat with a tan muzzle. His main outfit mistly consists of blue. He wears a white t-shirt with blue sleeves. A blue and black coat. He also wears white pants and blue and black shoes. His gloves are blue and black. He is nearly never seen without his blue and white backpack which he carries his Ipod Touch and Playstation Vita in. Sometimes he is seen with a Samsung Galaxy S II.

Powers and Abilities

Jimmy has the ability to control earth. He gained this ability because he supposedley came from a tribe of wombats that could control earth. He can form armor out of earth to protect himself and make his hits become more powerful. He is also skilled at judo. Hew trained under master Shen, the greatest judo master who ever lived. He combines his judo with his earth powers to make a deadly combination. He is also a skilled mechanic. He was also given a spell book by John Rose. The spell book contains many different spells for him to use. He also has a super form that has extreme destructive powers. He requires the Chaos Emeralds to activate it. He hasn't revealed the form to anybody yet. He has also built an Extreme Gear in his lab so he can ride around quicker. He also equipped it with a button that cause the board to shrink to the size of a phone so he can carry it around in his backpack.


Jimmy is very relaxed. He can also be very kindhearted. He would go through anything just to make someone laugh. When he's chilled out and listening to his ipod he acts like a completely different person. He becomes much calmer and he usually relaxes and watches all the action, instead of being in it like his usual self. When he's on his Ipod he doesn't like violence and wishes all the things around him would be calm just like him. He can also be psychotic when he has too much power. Most of the time he wishes he could just sit on a bench and let the world move on without him. He is too relaxed most of the time to even care if one of his loved ones died.


Jimmy was raised in the tribe of the Kiliks, a deadly tribe of wombats with the ability to control earth. His father was one of the strongest members of the tribe. He had always been proud to have a son to continue his bloodline. Living with the tribe meant moving to new homes all the time. Jimmy was sick of never staying in one place, which is another reason he left the tribe.

At the age of 15 Jimmy tried to leave the tribe to pursue his dreams of becoming a mechanic. His father didn't support the decision and forced to stay. Later that night he snuck out and started to pursue his dreams. He soon became a drifter because he had nowhere to stay. He soon found a large house near the outskirts of Station Square that was for sale. He had racked up lots of money from gambling so he decided to spend it on a new house. He currently lives there with his dog, Miku. The house also has a custom labratory that Jimmy built so he could make new inventions.


Sparks The Hedgehog (unintententional. all he was doing was being too relaxed about the fact that Falco died.)

Sync the Robochidna (Sync hates him for making him a corrupted being)


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