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Jimmy the Pyrohog is the chief of police from the Pyranic Empire's City of Pompaville. While typically deskbound, Jimmy still serves as part of the city's active Riot and Anti-Terrorist squads, likely due to his experience as a former soldier.

Jimmy the Pyrohog

Biographical Information
Romantic Interestspending
Physical Description
  • Fur: Warm red-brown, with orange streaks atop his quills & tanned skin
  • Hair: Silver
  • Eyes: Grey
  • Black suit jacket
  • White shirt
  • Tie
  • Black suit pants
  • Black leather combat boots
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Possesses the genetic ability Fireblind
  • Fairly efficient leader
  • Skilled shot with firearms
  • Experienced driver
  • Semi-competent hand-to-hand fighter
  • Some level of training in Insect-style combat techniques
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)Pending...
AppearancesNone so far
Original CreatorFlashfire212


A fairly hard-bitten individual; Chief James Andrew Pyrohog - better known as Jimmy the Pyrohog - is a red-brown hedgehog with each quill streaked with a splash of orange. Despite his suntanned skin, he rarely seems to have a smile on his face, typically instead presenting the world with a harsh grimace. Similar to many other Mobians, Jimmy has separate hair atop his head from his conventional fur, which in his case has aged to silver-grey a fair bit earlier than many people expected. As fitting with his almost grim visage, his eyes are often compared to stormclouds, a violent grey color.


While many photos in his office show Jimmy both in his youth and in the uniform of the Pyranic Empire's special forces, since transferring his commission to law enforcement, James has taken to wearing a black suit and white shirt as a new uniform of sorts, only altering with a number of ties. However, a key distinction from many other desk-bound officers is his leather combat boots. While typically stuck behind a desk, Jimmy is also seen in body armor with an assault rifle leading his riot squad or anti-terrorism unit out whenever a major crisis occurs.



Jimmy is one of many in his family to unlock the genetic ability known as Fireblind. This ability provides him with an additional sense, the ability to "see" heat. When he closes his eyes, Jimmy is fully capable of locating the thermal presence of bodies and approximating locations incredibly quickly, a skill that resulted in his role as a military sharpshooter. While little is known of those days, the previously energetic pyrohog returned and transferred to the police corps as a dark, dour presence.

Over his years in the military, Jimmy clearly acquired a lot of knowledge about firearms, as one of the first requests that he made upon becoming captain was to ensure a stockpile of Hammerforge Industries RT-116 Assault Rifles for the anti-terrorism and tactical response squads, even as he positioned himself as a tactical leader for those teams. While more commonly employed by the special forces, the RT-116 has proven to be a reliable weapon, and one that Jimmy has proven himself to be an expert in using both with conventional vision or his Fireblind senses.

Along with his skill with a rifle, Jimmy has shown the standard Pyrohog emphasis on Fire-elemental mastery. While not a certified master, he possesses considerable power and experience in employing these powers. Curiously, he only sparingly employs them as a police chief, despite their almost routine use in the police and armed forces. Jimmy also seems to have some knowledge of the Insect-style of martial arts, though he lacks the ability to fully employ any of the more esoteric forms. Typically, he utilizes the more reactive and reflexive forms in combined use with the standard combat techniques taught to the police and military, even lightly biting targets while in close-quarters.

Outside of combat, Jimmy is a fairly efficient leader, though many of his men are uncertain of him due to the dark nature and secretive persona he sticks to. He has also been seen driving patrol cars and armored vehicles fairly adeptly.

Jimmy has a number of psychological weaknesses, includinginformation redacted; at the discretion of the adopter. Outside of these, he has the fairly standard weaknesses shared by most Fire wielders.







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