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Jimmy the Fox is a former G.U.N. marine who defected from the Second Naval Division to The Trolls after the loss of his arm.

Jimmy the Fox

Biographical Information
Romantic Interestspending
Physical Description
  • Fur: Dark green, with white fur around his muzzle and on the tip of his tail
  • Hair: Turquoise
  • Eyes: Pale blue
  • Standard G.U.N. issue marine fatigues
  • All G.U.N. emblems have been removed or vandalized
  • Standard G.U.N. tactical response body armor
  • All G.U.N. emblems have been removed or vandalized
  • Black leather combat boots
  • Black-painted cybernetic left arm
Political Alignment and Abilities
Second Naval Division (Marine, formerly)
  • Experienced naturakinetic
  • Practitioner of the Insect-style combat techniques
  • Experienced with firearms; primarily ballistics
  • Moderate hand-to-hand experience
  • Moderate training with knives
  • Enhanced strength & durability in cybernetic
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)Pending...
AppearancesNone so far
Original CreatorFlashfire212


The most striking aspect of Jimmy's physical appearance is that it is unbalanced. While more muscular than the hero of Mobius he physically resembled; the fox known as Tails; his left arm is sleek and metallic black; moving and shifting with mechanical precision, a few places highlighted in silver and khaki green. To contrast; his right arm is covered in the same short green-black fur as the rest of his body. Similarly, he only possesses a single tail.

In an attempt to further distance himself from a paint-drenched Tails, Jimmy chose early on to grow out his hair in a manner out of military norms, sporting a rather defined patch of turquoise hair atop his head, while he also has pale blue irises.


Despite defecting to The Trolls; Jimmy has not quite given in to the meme-culture and partial hive mind that permeates that faction, similar to other members of the elite factional groups like Reaper's Legion. As such, he has chosen to retain and wear his former G.U.N. uniform of marine fatigues and combat armor, though with all markings signifying him as a member of G.U.N. and the Second Naval Division in particular having been either removed or replaced with the stylized scythe emblem that unofficially marks out Reaper's followers.



A trained soldier by nature; Jimmy is an experienced shot with a firearm. While not the weapon he trained with; he has developed an interest and so-called "bond" with an Anvil Corp. H-170 Assault Rifle, despite the weapons failings. After acquiring the weapon, he had it painted into a similar metallic black and silver design to his cybernetic arm, and has indicated to Troll technicians that more custom modifications will be requested eventually. Similarly, he also possesses a standardized combat knife that he uses primarily as a day-to-day utility, rather than a true weapon.

One part of his arsenal that is already modified is his cybernetic arm. While the original android limb was designed to help him live out a civilian life in his own care, he had it replaced with a stolen combat arm shortly after defecting over to The Trolls. This arm possesses greater physical strength than his organic body, and backs that up with thicker armoring thanks to his G.U.N. produced body armor. This combat arm was modified with one of the Trolls preferred weapons, a biomodification microchip launcher, which serves him as his sidearm in case of emergencies.

Outside of his physical forms; Jimmy studied naturakinesis as a child, and shortly before joining G.U.N. received training in the Insect style combat forms. With this; he learned the ability to harden small chunks of fur and launch them as stinging missiles, as well as techniques to allow him to cling to walls and ceilings or produce his own web-like substances. For the most part, these skills have fallen by the wayside with his focus on his firearms as a marine; but it is plausible he could relearn them in time.

Primarily, Jimmy has a number of weaknesses that could be taken advantage of. Jimmy's elemental combat techniques are rather weak; and not of any real notice to competent wielders of Fire, Earth, Wind and Ice powers among others. Similarly, his chosen rifle only has a maximum magazine size of fifteen rounds; and the backup microchip launcher suffers from a small clip size and unpredictable, randomized ammunition effects.

Nature Techniques

Insect-Style Techniques

Elementless Techniques








  • As with many Troll characters; Jimmy began life as a 'recolor' of a canon character; in his case Tails. This has been lessened.
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