This is a page about Jimmy the Fire Spirit, a character created by Flashfire212. This character has been adopted by, and is currently owned by Lucentstar

The entity that identifies itself as Jimmy the Fire Spirit is an artificial creation produced by Opfer Biologic Industries as an example of their elemental spirit-soldiers.


The entity known as Jimmy is often described as being an amorphous ball of fire around a central copper core. This is his inactive state, and his "true" appearance. As an Elemental Spirit-Soldier; Jimmy is essentially a hybrid of an elemental force - in his case, fire - and a biological processing agent derived from a currently unidentified species; so it is not entirely certain what Jimmy's biological 'species' is. This control core is a coppery color and serves as a combined brain, heart and cybernetic control point, located in his chest when active. This copper color also sets the color of his eyes, as with most Spirit-Soldiers.

Jimmy has two typical active forms. In his inactive/social form, he appears to be a Mobian reptile of some kind, though far taller than most Mobians, with skin made of a rippling orange, often changing between different colors depending on dietary intake.

As Vulcan-18, his combat form; the Fire Spirit becomes more draconian in appearance and stands at average height for humans, often producing flaming spikes and talons atop an elongated version of his normal form. The flaming skin covering his body clearly forms scale-lines, while the color often darkens and does not shift as often.



As an Elemental Spirit-Soldier, it is assumed Jimmy's abilities are very similar to those of the demonstration entities revealed by Opfer Biologic Industries. In his combat form, Jimmy has access to almost any sort of Fire-elemental technique, though he has a preference for overwhelming gusts of superheated air and steam for ranged combat. Similarly, it is expected that he has a high strength in hand-to-hand combat, especially in conjunction with the "Biological Defense System" in his DNA.

As part of his construction, Jimmy possesses a genetic ability from an unknown family; Scorching Scales. It serves as an almost instinctual defense system in physical combat by hardening scales of fire directly underneath physical impacts, mostly with the intent to disable melee weapons and injure his assailants through flame and ambient heat. While highly effective, this increases his vulnerability to water. By forming scales in the path of impacts; it creates a hot spot that is vulnerable to pressurized water. While this is active in both of his forms

On top of his weakness to water, the removal of oxygen from his environment poses a major threat to the bio-robot. The body that interacts with the environment is almost entirely constructed from fire; so anything that can extinguish fire can "temporarily disable" the soldier.

Fire Techniques

Elementless Techniques

Signature Technique

  • Boiling Fire Fist - As Vulcan-18, he channels a large burst of Fire into his hand and shapes it into a fist, superheating the contact portion. He then throws a punch and whips the fist-shaped fireball towards a target, the attack attached to his body by a tether of flame. What makes this notable is that this technique is employed as a water counter, with the fist being enlarged to whatever size he needs to block the oncoming attack. However, the recovery time prevents him from creating and launching these attacks frequently.


In his social form, Jimmy has the mentality of a child; normally with an emphasis on playing games and making friends.

In his combat form, Jimmy is a dedicated commander; not bothering to speak outside of issuing and acknowledging orders.



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