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Jimmy the Catcoon is a young thief who many believe to be either self-employed or working for factions such as The Pickup Merchants. However; Jimmy's true loyalty is to a certain faction working against society on Mobius. While his underground dealings are fairly well noted, it is also Jimmy's well-known obsession and addiction to sweet foods that lead to his nickname Jimmy the Sticky.


For a young feline hybrid who is never seen without some kind of candy in his mouth, Jimmy seems remarkably healthy, if not somebody who has been through battles with a number of small chunks missing from the edges of his ears. With the familiar wiry form shared by many cats and raccoons in fighting fitness, Jimmy's fur is the inverse of many raccoons. With silvery-white markings around his eyes, the majority of his fur is black with dark gray highlights, even his long, thin tail. His eyes are similarly grey, keeping with the mostly monochromatic look he has going on.


For a young thief, Jimmy prefers to work shirtless, claiming that he doesn't need the hassle of extra fabric in his way while moving. Indeed, the punk styled studded wrist guards and belt that he wears are worn with only a pair of dark navy blue pants and black sneakers for the most part, fitting with his more shadowy appearance. In order to carry his loot, Jimmy wears a small black backpack that seems designed for minimum obtrusiveness. Even his jewellery fits this shaded theme, with the two stud earrings in his right ear both appearing to be made of silver, rather than gold. The final piece of his look is normally a lollypop hanging out of his mouth and a bag of candy attached to his belt by a string.



Jimmy is primarily a noncombatant, and claims to be an unaligned criminal contractor for the most part. His skills are mostly tied to stealth and theft, with his childhood career as a cat burglar granting him skill at moving quickly yet silently, and helped improve his abilities in stealth. Active at night, even without any true masking of his appearance, Jimmy has never actually been caught on any of his operations, either solo or ones performed for his employer. Indeed, contrary to his nickname, Jimmy is normally fairly selective in his thefts, only taking what his is asked to by his employer or the most valuable items when housebreaking, along with any candy he sees.

In more recent years, members of the grey market and criminal cartels nominated Jimmy as the most likely actor in a number of thefts staged against G.U.N. and a number of the United Federation's minor factions. He has indeed shown the ability to pick locks, hack security systems and drive or pilot a wide variety of vehicles.

When forced to fight, however, Jimmy comes into many issues. Despite his skills at stealth and silent motion, he lacks any true training in hand-to-hand combat. Indeed, he relies on a number of basic combat techniques to get him through any close-ranged fights. At range, however, Jimmy is a fairly good shot; though not one anybody would refer to as an expert or master. Jimmy's weapon of choice is a modified Eggman Empirical Enterprises Egg Burster assault rifle, a gun designed to fire a three-shot burst every time the trigger is pulled. A weapon only occasionally seen in the hands of certain Egg Pawn designs or used by Dark Legion members, Jimmy claims the gun was taken on one of his burglaries, though this is only taken at face value.

Aside for his combat inadequacies in close range, Jimmy is also noted to be fairly easy to bribe. A slave to his addiction, if offered sweet foods in exchange for putting off his missions, Jimmy does not hesitate and will gladly eat his fill of any kind of cakes, pastries, ice creams and especially candy put in front of him. This weakness is what led to his nickname, after he managed to get multiple things stuck to himself during a meeting with fellow thieves due to the sugar syrup coating his hands.

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