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Jimmy the Cat is a powered trooper from the United Elemental Republic, where he serves as a border guard. So far, Jimmy has found himself in combat with the Pyranic Empire on a number of occasions.


As the personal body structure makes little difference for fighters wearing powered body armor, Jimmy has a fairly wiry build that gets masked by his body armor. Jimmy's fur has a more traditional "tabby cat" patterning to it, with his khaki fur striped with chocolate brown in stripes across his back. His exposed skin is tanned from sun exposure. Almost in keeping with his color theme, his eyes are brown with faintly slit pupils to amplify the amount of light he intakes.


Typically; Jimmy wears the simple uniform of an off-duty powered trooper of the United Elemental Republic; a silver shirt with the crest of the faction embroidered over the heart, and a pair of slate grey trousers along with white sneakers.


As a border guard; Jimmy has been given free reign to modify the colors of his Hydration-type Battle Armor as he sees fit, in a manner similar to elite soldiers of many other factions aside for G.U.N. itself. Not one to simply hide away or take a simplistic pattern, Jimmy's armor is painted with the upper body pieces primarily hunter green, going through a gradient transition over his waist and thighs to become Delft blue from knees to feet. This shade of blue is also used for patterning over the upper part of his armor; which distorts his appearance to some degree.



Jimmy has the genetic ability known as Dilute; a gift from his family bloodline dating back to a point he is not completely certain of. Dilute has a fairly simplistic function - incoming Poison attacks have their effectiveness halved against Jimmy, though not the effects of actually being poisoned should that occur. Dilute is somewhat underwhelming for the young feline as he serves as a powered trooper, which means he is normally in combat wearing a sealed suit that is not threatened by poisons; though it does serve to assist to some degree against Poison-aligned acidic bursts.

Jimmy has some level of hydrokinetic power; augmented by the Water-aligned nature of Hydration-type Battle Armor itself. While the only modifications made to his suit have been cosmetic, he rarely employs his hydrokinetic skill offensively, instead simply using the enhanced powers granted by his suit to augment his defenses against other elemental powers. The exception to this is in the instance where he has to fight a being elementally aligned to a force that is weak against Water.

Instead of the normal elemental focus shown by many within the United Elemental Republic, Jimmy has more standard tastes for combat, though fairly atypical ones when it comes to his preference in firearm. Looted from the battlefield in pretty much perfect condition; Jimmy typically wields a Chopper Submachine Gun taken from a border skirmish against the Pyranic Empire. While the disadvantages to that gun are severe, Jimmy seems to like the gun as a sweeping tool; spraying bullets while letting his armor's innate strength remove the weight as an issue. Along with this, the cat is a highly skilled fighter in close-quarters, especially thanks to the same enhanced strength from his powered battle armor. When fighting; Jimmy prefers a high-speed aggressive fighting style to throw his opponent off-balance, always trying to keep an advantage of stability and initiative.

Unfortunately; Jimmy is left in awkward defensive predicaments due to his armor. While most powered troopers have a pronounced weakness to Fire and Electricity; the Hydration-type loses the Fire weakness to double-down on the electrical, the Water-alignment making electrical currents travel even faster through the suit than normal. Similarly; it is still vulnerable to Magnetic attacks pulling it apart. Out of armor; Jimmy retains that weakness to Electricity.








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