see also Spiny the hedgehog


He has orange fur,peach skin (arms,belly,ears,muzzle).A blue jetpack decorated with stickers,green shoes (based on sonic's red ones) with a white strap and a red buckle. aqua pupels,small black nose and white gloves.dark blue inhabiter rings on the shoes and gloves,big open eyes


a genrally nice guy but can be over protective.Can also have a bad temper at times.very talkative towards enemys but packs a punch.very peacefull but annoying (very annoying in the air)


He had a peaceful life until his parents got kidnapped.He tried to rescue them, but eggman's robots were to strong for him.And so he set out to get stronger.And when he did he got there beat eggman's robots then when he got to them they had been roboticized.And they attacked him, he beat them not realising that he killed them.So he set out to protecting mobius and stopping it from happening to others.

Special Abilities

flight from his handy jetpack.Super speed thanks from sonic teaching him.quickfire (fires his guns rapidly).


light speed attack without the super form,light dash (without using a ring trail),triangle jump (only on a wall),chaos control (with a chaos,sol emerald),spinning kick (starts spinning on the spot and kicks his leg out).super form with the chaos emeralds,hyper form with the super emeralds,subspace form with the malice emeralds,dark form with negetive chaos energy.running loop (spins round enemies to distract them or to annoy others)

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