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Jezz the Hedgehog

Jezz the Hedgehog
Jezz the Hedgehog

Biographical Information

Chronologically: 5000+, due to time-travel

Present: 13

Future: 33

  • Creator of the Chaos Emeralds (early title)
  • Chaos Origin (by few Echidna tribes)
  • Light Guardian (post-Jezz of Time 3)
Romantic Interests
Physical Description

African Pygmy Hedgehog

DescriptionGreen with a tuft of chest fur, has a slight aura of green when awake
  • Blue gloves with white stripes
Political Alignment and Abilities

Present: None

Future: Two boomerangs that he charges with Chaos Energy to throw at his enemies. Also uses them as melee weapons on a rare occasion when the situation requires it

  • Every known Chaos power in existence
  • Basic Hedgehog techniques (Spin Jump, Spin Dash, Homing Attack, etc.)
  • Lightspeed flight
  • Supersonic running speed, but ever so slightly slower than that of Sonic's
  • Lightspeed skating
  • Whirl Jump/Whirl Dash
Super Forms
  • Himself
  • Aelotis (Merged with Chaos, appears in Jezz of Time Origins: Jezz the Hedgehog)
  • Perfect Jezz (all 7 Emeralds and Master)
  • Dark Jezz (not technically a super transformation, as it shares many of it's properties with Dark Sonic)
  • Timemaster Jezz (Jezz of Time 2 and 4)
  • Guardian Jezz (Jezz of Time 3 and 4)
  • Chaos Jezz (Jezz of Time 2 and 4)
  • Final Jezz (Jezz of Time 4)
Other Information
American V.A.Akamia
Japanese V.A.None at this time, possibly Akamia
Theme Song(s)
  • His World - Crush 40
  • Gravity Hurts - Cryoshell (Vocals: Niels Brinck) (shared with Milo and Kit)
  • Live & Learn - Crush 40 (Perfect Jezz's theme, played in second Solaris battle.)
  • Creeping in My Soul (instrumental) - Cryoshell (Dark Jezz theme, played in first Solaris battle)
Original CreatorAkamia

Jezz the Hedgehog is a character created by Akamia. He is locked in a Super state due to high levels of Chaos energy in his being.


Early life

Jezz was a baby when he was abandoned by his parents and siblings. There was a war going on around his hut, and his family was forced to flee. He was left behind as the house they lived in was right in the middle of it, forgotten. After the battle that took place there, an echidna warrior came and found young Jezz in his bed. The echidna warrior then took him home and he and his wife raised him as their own.

When Jezz was 3, he was just noticed of his color changing, and he began showing evidence of energy that could be channeled into different forms of attacks. As a result, he was trained to use them.

When Jezz was 10, he was a proud warrior, and he fended off rival Echidna tribes countless times, but he still was having trouble using Chaos Control, and as a result, never used it in defense of the tribe. He did find a Chao Garden and found a friend he hoped to have for the rest of his life: a Chao named Chaos

At 12 years, he decided to become an acolyte and train with the tribe healer in the ways of healing and spirituality. During his training, he discovered the existence of eight powerful objects called Gaia Stones and found that an evil priest was going to use their power against the world.

Jezz, upon discovery of this, instantly set out to stop this, not even considering the consequences of his actions. He tried to stop the priest, but he tricked Jezz into coming into contact with the eighth Gaia Stone, which turned it into the powerful Master Emerald, and in turn changed the other Stones into the Chaos Emeralds we know today.

Jezz was then reverted to his current state, and was not powerful enough to stop the priest. Chaos then intervened, interacting with the newly-formed Chaos Emeralds and becoming the mighty guardian, Perfect Chaos. Jezz then combined his power with that of his best friend and brought the evil priest down. Chaos then offered to guard the Chaos Emeralds from anyone who would use them for evil. Jezz felt this would be a good idea, and accepted, leaving with his shame coming with him.

When Jezz turned 13, he grew tired of the fighting, and he left the time using Chaos Control. But he was still inept at using Chaos Control, and was stranded in an inter-dimensional time hub for millennia to come. After he met Sonic & co., he was freed by the Chaos Emeralds, and he helped Sonic and friends defeat Eggman's newest robot, the Egg Disruptor. Now he serves to seek justice and is working alongside Team Emerald to reach his goals... and help the rest of the team reach theirs.

Present Day

Jezz had grown a reputation since his return to Earth. New allies and enemies have risen in response to his return, and he had become the boyfriend of one Shelly the Hedgehog. Along with Sonic and his friends, Jezz and Shelly have battled the Eggman Empire throughout the planet, keeping it safe from Dr. Eggman.

Together, they battled the likes of Cuezaltzin the Echidna, Mephiles the Dark, and a mercenary named Nazo. All the while, they were being watched by someone, and they were wholly unaware.

When not doing battle with nefarious supervillains, Jezz studied history, science, and mathematics. Already fluent in over 7 different languages thanks to studying in his dimensional hub, he felt other fields of study to be more important.

The Future

Light and Dark

Jezz and Shelly have been together for 20 years, and by now, have been married for 15 years. Jezz became a schoolteacher at Soleanna Castle Town, teaching history. They had 2 children, Shawn and Lisa. Then Dread the Hedgehog happened.

The children had gone to investigate something they saw on television. Jezz and Shelly, just noticing that they had left, went after them. When they got to them, they found someone else, too. Dread the Hedgehog was attacking civilians. Jezz and Shelly then sprung into action, and both were promptly blasted back by the evil hedgehog. Jezz then took another look at Dread, and recognized him as someone he and Shelly had encountered 20 years before. Dread introduced himself and left, claiming that he would come back for Jezz.

Jezz then went into his history materials to find information about Dread, trying to find something he could use. He discovered that nothing that is related to Dread would be found in the history books, so he took a different approach.

Jezz told Shelly he would be back, and used Chaos Control (which he has mastered by now) to go to the distant past. He needed to consult the ancient Knuckles Clan priest.

He was informed that only one with the power of light could destroy the darkness. Jezz then went home, and pondered this message.

Soon, it happens that Shelly, Shawn, and Lisa all get kidnapped by Dread the Hedgehog, and Jezz's friend, Statyx the Hedgehog, had gone missing in action, according to reports from the Guardian Units of Nations. Jezz immediately set out to rescue his family, and find the circumstances surrounding his friend's mysterious disappearance.

Jezz found the hideout of his nemesis seemingly empty, until he was ambushed by a giant robot. Jezz dodged out of the way and saw what was powering the robot, and he was horrified; Dread had turned Statyx into a living battery for the robot. Jezz then had to find a way to disable the robot without hurting his friend. He did so, and Statyx recovered from the robot's effects on him. Jezz then asked his friend if he knew where Shelly and the children were. Statyx told him, and then Jezz went to look for them, with Statyx leaving the hideout.

Jezz found Shelly and the children, unconscious, in a cage surrounded with electric bars. Jezz, being himself, went for the bars anyway and attempted to bend them, but the electric currents going through his body would not allow him to use his strength. He was then confronted by his evil twin, Dread, in that very room. As they battled, Jezz's family had come to, and Lisa picked the lock to the cage, setting everyone free. Dread, realizing he was outmatched, retreated.


Jezz has sort of a combination of Sonic's personality and that of a wiseman. He is also known to have a short temper. He, like Sonic, has an indomitable will, and will not give up on anything. He is a pacifist, and will not fight unless he has to (or loses his temper), but is good to his friends. Jezz had once been alone for a long time, leaving Chaos behind in his own time. Meeting Sonic and his friends turned out to be good for Jezz.

In his very early time on Present Earth, Jezz was shy around Shelly, often causing Jezz to become forgetful and scatterbrained. Jezz is also helpful by nature, offering his hand whenever his friends may need it.

Jezz is fiercely protective of Shelly and friends. Especially of Shelly, due to his love for her.


Jezz has the ability to use every Chaos Power in the book, and some he made himself (and he adds them to the book, as he created the book in the first place). He also has the power to become Perfect Jezz when he uses the power of the seven Chaos Emeralds and the Master Emerald put together. Jezz also has the ability to become a dark Chaos Powered version of himself known as Dark Jezz, where normal Chaos Energy can hurt him and Dark Chaos Energy cannot. Jezz can attain this form only if he has a high amount of negative emotions.


  • Vulnerable to normal Chaos Energy as Dark Jezz, and dark Chaos Energy as normal Jezz
  • Agressive at times, which can have any possible result.
  • Really strong enemies can leave a mark on him, as well as the effect of sometimes knocking him away (with Knuckles, the latter is the most he can do). Those who surpass his power levels can use their energy to weaken or otherwise harm him.
  • The teleportation properties of his Chaos Control do not reach very far, and it takes him time to focus and use it again after a previous use. This improves throughout his lifetime to near-perfection.








"I am ready." Jezz when selected for Multiplayer in Jezz of Time.

"If you think that I will fail on my goals, think again!" Jezz, after fighting Team Fate (directed toward Spike Renzar).

"Prepare for power!" Jezz before beginning an Action Stage in Jezz of Time.

"Let's begin." Jezz before starting Jezz of Time's Training Mode.

"I must get to ARK, I have to find that hedgehog." Jezz at standstill, Sonic Heroes 2.

"I wonder what Skyler's up to today?" Jezz being himself.

"I am Jezz the Hedgehog, creator of the Chaos Emeralds!" Jezz introducing himself.

"You will pay for this!" Jezz before becoming Dark Jezz against Solaris, Jezz of Time.

"I miss Shelly...(sniff)" Jezz at standstill on the Green Hill stage, Jezz of Time.

"Because of what I am, what my own family had done, and my choice to leave, I have always been alone." Jezz tearfully confesses his loneliness in Sonic Heroes 2.

"Top victory!" Jezz after getting an S in Jezz of Time.

"Prepare to face the TRUE power of the Chaos Emeralds!" Perfect Jezz in the fight against Solaris, Jezz of Time.

"I am DONE running!" Jezz after Dark Doom points out that Jezz had left Earth to escape fighting, Sonic Heroes 2.

"Ow... I'm fine... just save her... please." Dark Jezz after getting punched out for a few seconds during Emerald Retrieval, Jezz of Time.


  • Jezz has been quick to attack people who hit on Shelly in Sonic Heroes 2. This has been partially cured in games afterward, as he just barely keeps his cool in such situations.
  • Jezz has recited the Master Emerald prayer twice in all: Once at the end of Sonic Alliance, and once before the second fight against Solaris in Jezz of Time.
  • Oddly, Jezz cannot call the Chaos Emeralds like he can the Master Emerald.
  • Jezz appears to be the only character to grant another character a Super Form if the character was unknown about it: He has done this with Shelly the Hedgehog.
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