Jezz of Time is the fanfictional universe of Akamia. It spans the distant past, the present, and the future of the Sonic universe. The first few episodes of this fiction center around the eponymous character Jezz the Hedgehog, his friends, and their adventures through life and time itself.


Hero from the Past arc

After Jezz's release from the Center of the Multiverse, and the adventure that led to his finally meeting future girlfriend Shelly the Hedgehog, he went on his own to make a new life for himself in his new home time.

Jezz of Time

It was a few weeks after the events that released Jezz from the Center of the Multiverse. Now it was time he got involved and assisted Sonic and company in defeating the Eggman Empire. To do this, Jezz had gone to Wooded Valley, where he learned Eggman was clearing a forest. Jezz halted Dr. Eggman's operations, prompting the doctor to use his newest weapon, the Egg Beetle MK II. Jezz destroyed it quickly, and left Eggman and his destroyed robot behind with a message indicating that the Eggman Empire will rise against Eggman if he does not stop what he is doing, or if Sonic somehow fails to defeat him.

Jezz then went to South Island and met up with his friend Milo, who had told Jezz that his 8th Emerald had been stolen by Dr. Eggman. Jezz, somewhat annoyed and shocked at Dr. Eggman's apparent ability to steal important artifacts even after being defeated less than an hour beforehand, assists his friend, going through Green Hill to Eggman's base.

After helping Milo with his problem, Jezz moves on, going to Angel Island. There, he discovers that Iblis has appeared. Jezz, Knuckles, and a revived and now heroic Chaos, went to find Iblis. They eventually did, and defeated him on Angel Island, where he was burning trees down, which made Jezz angry. After defeating him, Iblis, being from an alternate reality and capable of speech, told Jezz that all that he knew would come to an end, and that he meant nothing. Iblis turned into a snake of fire, and slithered away.

Jezz, deciding to search for the Chaos Emeralds after realizing that Mephiles the Dark would be here too, eventually met up with his friend Milo. They talked, and Jezz told him about his encounter with Iblis, and his suspicions about Mephiles, then explained the circumstances surrounding the "originals" when Milo looked confused. Milo then told Jezz that there is a Chaos Emerald at Apotos.

There, they found Shadow and Shelly, arguing about something. Jezz helped settle the argument, then explained his own situation. Shadow told him that the Chaos Emerald was in a temple nearby, and so the band went to retrieve it.

Rise of Armageddon arc

This story arc is set 20 years in the future. The Eggman Empire has fallen to Sonic the Hedgehog and all his friends, and Soleanna has become a bright utopia, environment friendly, yet futuristic in both appearance and in technology. Jezz had married Shelly the Hedgehog, having two children by the names of Shawn and Lisa, and went on to teach history and archaeology at Soleanna University, and eventually becomes a criminal defense attorney after a case involving the murder of a mercenary named Nazo. But even in this time period, the forces of evil have not entirely been defeated, for Jezz and Shelly must now face not only what remains of the Eggman Empire (no longer lead by Dr. Eggman), but also old foe Cuezaltzin the Echidna, and Jezz's new nemesis, Dread the Hedgehog, a herald to the arrival of Armageddon the Evil. Jezz's allies, new and old, all contribute to the defeat of these new foes, but in the end, Jezz will be forced to fight for not only his life, but also the lives of everyone he cares about, and even the Earth itself.

Jezz of Time 3

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Shawn & Lisa arc

This story arc is set a few weeks after the end of the Rise of Armageddon arc. Jezz the Hedgehog has defeated Armageddon the Evil, but paid the ultimate price in doing so. But even with Armageddon, who was manipulating the situations Jezz was involved in from the beginning, destroyed, the forces of evil remain to torment the world. Shawn the Hedgehog and Lisa the Hedgehog, children of Jezz and Shelly, battle the forces of the Transk Tyranny, which is led by Dr. Garcandin Transk. Allies and enemies, new and old, rise from the ashes of the Armageddon Event, and the battle between the forces of good and evil continues.

Shawn & Lisa: Adventures in Aerolatus

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Main Characters

Hero from the Past arc


Jezz the Hedgehog

A young hedgehog who came from the past to help the future. Jezz came to the Present Day to learn what it meant to protect others and make peace. Carrying with him the mind of an Echidna acolyte, the fighting skill of the finest of Echidna warriors, and the power of his innate Hedgehog abilities and Chaos Energy, Jezz defends his new home in hopes that war and evil will leave the universe one day, never to return.

He is also the reason the Chaos Emeralds are what they are today; During a fight against an evil Echidna priest in his own time, he had accidentally made contact with the Gaia Stones, and their power merged while weakening Jezz in the process. While Jezz defeated the evil priest, the Gaia Stones will remain Chaos Emeralds as long as he is alive.

Shelly the Hedgehog

Feisty tomboy hedgehog with Chaos Powers that rival Jezz's own, Shelly the Hedgehog is the unstoppable force to Jezz's immovable object. While Jezz has more durability than Shelly, Shelly herself has much quicker reflexes, and as a result, is rarely, if ever seen being hit by one of Dr. Eggman's robots.

Shelly is the end result of an experiment by Dr. Eggman, Created by combining the DNA of Sonic the Hedgehog and Amy Rose, she was originally going to be called E-16 Sigma. Due to the sources, she rebelled against Dr. Eggman and nearly destroyed his base. Eggman then opted to give her amnesia and shoot her out in a pod. She was discovered by one of her two templates, Sonic the Hedgehog, and in their adventures, had regained much of her memory. Shelly now adventures with her boyfriend, Jezz, in the journey to save the world from foes such as Dr. Eggman, Solaris, and Cuezaltzin the Echidna.


Dr. Eggman

Scientific supergenius and robot-crazy dictator. Dr. Eggman seeks to command the entire planet Earth, and possibly the whole galaxy. He is famous for failing his every plan due to the actions of Sonic the Hedgehog and his many friends.

These days, he has focused on trying to get Shelly the Hedgehog back to his side to no avail, ultimately leading him to attempt to destroy his creation.


A God that was once created in Soleanna. Solaris was erased from the timestream when Sonic the Hedgehog and Princess Elise went back in time, ensuring that Solaris would never happen again.

This Solaris, however, is a Solaris from another dimension, and therefore was not affected by the events that lead to Solaris not existing. Like the "original", it was split into two pieces, a Mephiles and an Iblis, however, the Iblis that was created was more intelligent, allowing for speech to be possible. Solaris was destroyed by Super Shelly and Perfect Jezz. However, a small part of him survived...

Cuezaltzin the Echidna

A pyrokinetic Echidna from the Lava Reef Clan of Echidnas which came from the distant past. He had attempted to steal the Gaia Stones from the Hidden Palace, but was chased away by the guardian and only managed to take one. He had accidently dropped the Gaia Stone into the volcano and tried to pick it back up in a panic. Not able to survive the heat on his own, he was burned, but saved by the Gaia Stone, his hands covered in molten rock. He was arrested and placed in the prison on Red Mountain, which was the exterior of the Lava Reef. He eventually discovered that he had absorbed some of the Gaia Stone's power, enabling his elemental power of fire. He spent years honing his new abilities, and was eventually recruited by an unknown entity to find and eliminate Jezz the Hedgehog.

Rise of Armageddon arc


Jezz the Hedgehog

Teacher of History and Archaeology at Soleanna University, and later, ace defense attorney working at Wright & Co. Law Offices in Los Angeles, Jezz the Hedgehog has become a full-fledged member of modern society. Working as a crime fighter volunteer in Soleanna, he now sports 2 metal boomerangs, which he uses to charge with Chaos Energy and throw at very dangerous enemies to enable law enforcement to handle the situation. Jezz has also perfected his Chaos Control, and can now go anywhere at any time, so long as he knows where to go.

He is now happily married to Shelly the Hedgehog, and they now have two children, Shawn and Lisa.

Shelly the Hedgehog

Ace investigator and first-rate chef at a restaurant called "The Raven", Shelly can not only put together airtight cases for Jezz's defenses and a mean chicken pot pie, she has also honed her skills with Chaos Energy, to the point of being able to do more with her powers than even Jezz. Working together with Jezz as a crime fighter, they use tag-team tactics and combo techniques to ensure that the world is safe.

She is now happily married to Jezz the Hedgehog, with two children, Shawn and Lisa.

Twister Prower and Mia Fey

Making their Jezz of Time debut in the Jezz the Hedgehog: Ace Attorney subseries, Twister and Mia are among the finest of attorneys, playing the part of prosecution or defense, whichever becomes necessary. The former was already a good friend of Jezz, but many of their adventures had them separate.

Twister Prower is the son of General Amadeus Prower, and therefore brother of Miles "Tails" Prower. He has trained with the best in combat and survival, including Akuma and war-covering photographer Frank West, respectively. After being accused of murdering the accordian player of Castle Town, Soleanna, Jezz the Hedgehog took his case, and through the ensuing trial, he became the vessel of the now deceased defense attorney Mia Fey, who was the mentor of ace defense attorney Phoenix Wright. After his acquittal, with help from his new friend, Twister studied to become a lawyer, working for Wright & Co. Law Offices at Los Angeles, where Jezz would eventually go himself. In his cases, he makes use of a Chaos Emerald and Mia's Magatama, the former for combat when necessary, among other uses, and the latter for discovering Psyche-Locks, which show when someone is hiding a secret, which is "locked" in their heart.

Mia Fey is a deceased defense attorney, and mentor to the famous Phoenix Wright. She was killed during one of her cases by a man called Redd White, and her sister, Maya Fey, was initially blamed for the murder. After her understudy Phoenix Wright got her acquitted, Maya, who was a spirit medium trained in the Kurain Channeling Technique, started channeling Mia Fey's spirit when she felt Phoenix needed her help. With Mr. Wright no longer a novice in need of such assistance, Mia came across a fox named Twister, who she believed had great legal potential. The fox in question eventually became her vessel, and good friends to boot.

Phoenix Wright

Ace criminal defense attorney and Jezz the Hedgehog's mentor towards becoming a defense attorney himself, Phoenix Wright is the best of defense attorneys. He has a keen sense of justice, an eye for truth, and a firm belief in the innocence of his clients.

After being wrongfully disbarred for forging evidence about 17 years ago, Phoenix became a piano player in a restaurant called the Borscht Bowl Club, having lost his faith in the legal system. After a slew of cases involving rising star defense attorney Apollo Justice, Mr. Wright managed to reform the legal system, introducing the Jurist System, which, by functionality, is essentially a revival of the jury system. After this, within a few years, Phoenix took the bar exam again, and is once again a renowned defense attorney.


Dread the Hedgehog

The anti-thesis of Jezz the Hedgehog almost in the purest form. Born in the EvilVerse to be Armageddon the Evil's right hand man, Dread came to the HeroVerse to act as a herald to Armageddon's eventual release. However, while Armageddon aims for the HeroVerse's desolation, Dread has other plans for the HeroVerse...

Cuezaltzin the Echidna

Jezz the Hedgehog's old nemesis, and direct subordinate to Dread the Hedgehog. Working for Dread only by promises of power and glory, Cuezaltzin will do whatever he deems necessary to achieve his goals. However, it is looking to be the case that his superior has potential to backstab him...

Armageddon the Evil

The self-proclaimed "Master of All Evil", and literal dark incarnation of Jezz's father, Umbra the Hedgehog. Armageddon seeks revenge upon an organization known as the Light Guardians, especially Umbra, from whom he was created. Sealed away in a pocket dimension that he eventually conquered and used as his own personal sandbox, Armageddon commands an army of monsters and evil counterparts to heroes alike. There's only one who stands between him and the desolation of the HeroVerse: Jezz the Hedgehog.

Shawn & Lisa arc

Supporting Cast

Hero from the Past arc


Sonic the Hedgehog

Earth's fastest runner and most famous hero. Sonic fights the forces of the Eggman Empire to stop Dr. Eggman from taking over the Earth. In his spare time, he is known to either take a nap, or run for a few miles, looking for something dangerous to try.

Sonic the Hedgehog has been known to battle the various monsters that Dr. Eggman releases and loses control of. He has defeated every one of them. Now, he just deals in the major things that Eggman does, and helps his friends with their problems, sometimes helping with the little things if needed.

Milo the Echidna

Protector of a mysterious "8th Chaos Emerald", and friend of Jezz the Hedgehog. Milo the Echidna comes from the House of Damascus, and was born on North Island.

Milo controls the element of sound. This enables him to do many things such as break the sound barrier, create shields, and various other stunts. Milo so far has only stuck with Jezz for his early days on Present Earth, then eventually broke contact. Currently, no one knows why.

Shadow the Hedgehog

Shadow the Hedgehog, also known as the Ultimate Lifeform, is an ally of Jezz the Hedgehog and an agent of the Guardian Units of Nations. Created over 50 years ago by the scientist, Professor Gerald Robotnik, to provide a cure for a disease that Robotnik's granddaughter Maria had, Shadow's mind was reprogrammed after G.U.N. troops came onto the Space Colony ARK to stop Project: Shadow, which was when Maria Robotnik was killed.

Shadow has an entire arsenal at his command. The ability to wield guns and melee weapons, drive vehicles, and command Chaos Energy, all combined with his innate Hedgehog capabilities make him both a valuable ally, and a dangerous enemy. He also posesses some form of immortality, in that he cannot age. It is unknown whether or not he can die, as no one has ever accomplished the incredible feat of actually killing him. This immortality comes from the Black ARM DNA within his body.

He is shown to be quite a nuisance to Shelly the Hedgehog, by way of his nickname for her.


Nazo the Hedgehog

A mercenary that is powerful with Chaos Energy, Nazo was hired by Dr. Eggman to slow down Jezz the Hedgehog. He can be arrogant and full of himself, and he has a flair for the dramatic. These qualities are somewhat offset by his skills with Chaos Powers, though his arrogance can ultimately lead to his downfall in combat anyway.

Rise of Armageddon arc


Gonzo Tedman

Gonzo Tedman is a defense attorney working under the Soleanna legal system as a public defender. He defended Jezz during the first parts of his trial for the murder of the mercenary Nazo.

Statyx the Hedgehog

A good friend of Jezz's and former rival, Statyx is an agent of the Guardian Units of Nations. He is an electrokinetic hedgehog that was created to be the Ultimate Guardian. He was captured by Dread the Hedgehog and used as a power source (read: battery) for a robot that he created. He was set free by Jezz, and told his friend where to find his family, who was captured by Dread as well. Statyx then left the hideout to warn G.U.N. of what is to come.

Shadow the Hedgehog

The Ultimate Lifeform and expert G.U.N. commando, Shadow has become a master of the various weapons, bombs, and other equipment necessary for open-armed conflict. As such, he has seen the most action in missions during the Armageddon Event, facing off against the forces of Armageddon the Evil. He is extremely adept at the uses of Chaos Energy, and has proven himself an expert at unarmed fighting.

Umbra the Hedgehog

Jezz's father and a master photokinetic, Umbra hails from the Light Guardians as they existed over 5000 years ago. After being killed by Dread the Hedgehog, his spirit was retrieved by the Supreme Gaia Stone as it was being transformed into the Master Emerald many years later by an accident involving his son, Jezz the Hedgehog. Over 5000 years later, the Master Emerald eventually releases him, giving him a new physical body that cannot die, and he retains all his abilities from when he was killed many millenium ago. When Jezz unlocks his true power as a Light Guardian, Umbra teaches him how to use his new power to combat his evil twin, Armageddon the Evil.

Shawn the Hedgehog

Son to Jezz and Shelly, Shawn is a compulsive adventurer. Like his parents, he possesses Chaos Energy throughout his being, and can go past the speed of sound, also like his parents, he is marginally slower than Sonic the Hedgehog. Shawn, as well as his sister Lisa, also has trained in the ninja arts through Espio the Chameleon. He can take a lot, but can't hit as hard as his sister, Lisa.

Him and Lisa are almost always seen together, almost always on some adventure, much to Lisa's annoyance.

Lisa the Hedgehog

Daughter to Jezz and Shelly, Lisa is much more focused on bookwork than her brother Shawn. Sharing various abilities with Shawn, Lisa's abilities with Chaos Energy as well as her ninja training do more damage than Shawn's, but she can't take as much as he can.

When adventuring with Shawn, she has been known to bring along some books to keep her entertained when there was no trouble going on around them.


Metal Jezz

A robot created by Dr. Eggman to lead and command the remnant of the Eggman Empire. Metal Jezz is equipped with the ability to copy others' abilities, much like Metal Sonic, as well as telekinetic abilities, an ability that would especially be considered foreign to robots of any kind. Jezz the Hedgehog, his template, eventually met Metal Jezz face to face, and after a few encounters, Jezz convinced him to turn to the good side. After the first stages of the Armageddon Event where he allied with the Guardian Units of Nations to fight back Armageddon the Evil's forces, Metal Jezz went into stasis, with his subordinates still under his command upgrading him for battles to come.

Shawn & Lisa arc


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