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She is a short purple hedgehog with a disorder that gives her the appearance of a 4 year-old, even though her natural age is 45. She has short quills, most of which sweep up (not dissimilar to shadow the hedgehog) but she has two that hang down resembling bangs. She usually has a snide grin grin, just under her red eyes. She is almost always siting on her thone. (which is a levitating chair that allows her to travel faster than on foot). Her usual attire is black robes with interior black-and-purple leopard-print interior


Despite her appearance, Jezibelle is someone how doesn't mind using people to achieve her ends. If you cross her, she will use her appearance to make you lower your guard and attack you when you least expect it. She is cold, calculating, and a perfectionist. She doesn't care how many of her agents die as long as it contributes in the creation of her perfect world. 


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Jezibelle got her abilities from her future self's DNA. Her ability is to mutate beings into her mindless slaves. Her powers can turn them into anything from firespewing winged beings to misshapen brutes. All of her slaves have no memory of their past lives and all wear black collars with a neon purple crown logo (Jezibelle's symbol)


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