"People always say "It's in the past", yet they never get over it!"
—Jewell to her brother[Author]
Jewell TH
November 1st
160 cm (Galaxy 1 and 3 form), 120cm (Galaxy 2 form)
middle School student
Her friends, animals, being accepted, gaining ranks, getting stronger, her imagination, anime, cartoons, games, Galaxy 2.
Bullies, death, animal death, dissection, jerky people, egos, Galaxy 1, rejection.

Jewell is the most known galaxy traveller in the series. She is easy to get mad and after a while, go insane. She fights with gadgets like grenades, "mini bombs", teleportation devices and later on, rocket shoes.


Galaxy 2

Jewell is a hedgehog who is reasonably tall. She has long blonde hair, a black jumper which has hot pink flowers with yellow spots in the middle all over it. She wears light blue jeans with two pockets. The left one has what she calls mini bombs and the other contains grenades. Nobody knows which pocket has her teleporting device. She contains her hammer in her hair and she wears rocket shoes. She has blue eyes with a heart shape shine. She has three bangs. She wears golden rings and white gloves.

Galaxy 1


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In galaxy 1, she is basically a human version of her galaxy 2 form. Except the heart shape shine is barely seen. The bangs are more to the side blending it in with the rest of her hair. She also wears various outfits. She also doesn't have her gloves or rings.

Galaxy 3

She looks almost exactly like her Galaxy 1 look. Except she has her hair in a ponytail and she also wears a different outfit which consists of a black and purple dress.


Jewell is friendly for the most part and tries to be a reliable friend. She is very emotional on the inside, although she tries her best and mostly succeeds in not letting it bother her. A running gag is that Jewell is a major anime fan, but nobody else is, so nobody has any idea what she's talking about when she mentions an anime. Jewell is easy to sympathize with other characters. The subject of dark history seems to allow her to relate and feel sorry for the character so she'll do her best to treat them with as much respect as possible. Whenever Jewell is around her friends and can be able to be happy, she usually looks on the positive side. She can be a little sarcastic and a bit of a prankster, but she's always kind and caring to her friend. She likes to try and make others smile. However, she respects them a lot so she tries not to lecture them.

Strengths and Powers

Although Jewell's stamina is rather low, she has very strong feet, meaning her kicks causes the most damage to her opponent. Jewell also has a dark form which was originally Mary. She relies mostly on her gadgets like bombs, teleporting devices, communicators and rocket shoes.

General Info

Jewell is a girl who was sent to Galaxy 2 from the power of an emerald. She then used the emerald to travel through both galaxies and she eventually access the third galaxy. She travels through all three. Her closest allies are Cyclone and Irma. She is trying to gain her rank in Master School. However, due to a traumatized past that still won't leave her alone, Jewell has an insane side that reveals her pleasure in making her enemies suffer. She thinks people with no redeeming qualities should be taken from the world. This is Jewell's secret she intends to keep from anyone. Ever since her loss in season 4 of master school, she, also hesitantly, destroys the thing or person that caused her misfortune.

Jewell is mostly friendly and softens up more and more as she spends time with people. She is a detective who does mostly good with defence. At one point, she messes up in a debate but her opponent doesn't notice. Jewell forfits due to have been cheating (Even though she wasn't). Jewell is sensitive and seeks nothing but to be loved. "Nobody knows that a friendly girl like her, can be a monster whenever she pleases" is a line said in master school by an echo woman like voice.

However, Jewell's insane side used to be split personality. Since Mary and Jewell started to warm up to each other, Mary has noticed Jewell slowly going insane. When she kills several people out of desperation, she separates her persona into two in order to keep Jewell sane. Jewell is able to control her insanity side at that point until she gets to know her better.

The insane side takes the form and personality of a little girl. She kills people without stopping, but whenever Jewell is in control, she's crying and asking why people hate her. Jewell realizes that this side was once apart of her and doesn't want to put the other side through so much pain. So she manages to make the other side apart of her again so the side no longer has to suffer. However, this kept her passion for violence and the fact that she'll easily sympathize with people, including villains.

Items Currently In Possession

  • Emerald
  • Teleporting device
    Measasoniccharacter16 zps898f9e76
  • Mini bombs
  • Grenades
  • Rocket shoes
  • Hammer


Jewell found an emerald and managed to go to another galaxy. She is trained by a "senpai" on how to fight but he eventually passes. When she finds out how to get back to Galaxy 1, she and her sister Elle start hanging out. The two become really close.

When Elle's boyfriend dumps her for someone else, she gets depressed and takes drugs. When she goes insane and hits Jewell, she runs away. Everyone except Jewell assumed she was hit by a car and died. Jewell discovers the third galaxy and finds out Elle had taken over the place.

Jewell attends Master School to get stronger and possibly gain some powers. She then meets Cyclone and Irma. She also meets a lot of other characters.

Amber uses her powers to transport the powers of Mary into Jewell's body without her noticing. She did so by putting Mary's soul into a sword which Jewell picked up and it went inside. Ever since, she had visions of Maria, sees Sonic inside the moon and has dreams of Mary inside of her body. Also dreams of her getting her eye scratched. She later discovers a dark form.


(In chronological order)

  • Journey
  • Sonic TH
  • sono inbi of Faith Fox
  • Master School
  • Sonic Beyond(Party character)
  • Becky Generations(Cameo)
  • Cyclone the Hedgehog
  • SoniGals: World of Minataurus(Cameo)
  • Return of the black knight(Unlockable party character)
  • SoniGals the Riders
  • SoniGals: Adventure Awaits(Cameo)
  • Cyclonestar: The game
  • Cyclonestar: The movie
  • SoniGals: The missing key
  • Story(Non cannon appearance)


None yet


Master School(Written version)

Light novel appearances

  • Master School(The light novel series, new and improved version)
  • SoniGals light novel trilogy(The improved version)
  • SoniGals short stories
  • Other appearances TBA

Relationships with Other Characters

Relationships with cannon characters

Sonic the Hedgehog

Jewell and Sonic are good friends. They met when she requested his help in Sonic TH. They met again later in Sonic TH. In Master School, Jewell looks at the moon and sees Sonic. She assumes it's part of her illusions. The two become close.

Shadow the Hedgehog

Shadow and Jewell are good friends. Both characters do have stronger friendships with other characters though.

Tails, Knuckles and Amy

Tails, Knuckles and Amy at first, didn't like/trust Jewell. But she eventually gained their trust.

Silver the Hedgehog

In Cyclonestar: The movie, the two work together for a majority of the movie alongside Faith Fox. The two do interact several other times but not majorly.

Characters by others

Cyclone the Hedgehog

Cyclone and Jewell are close friends and are roommates in Master School. They work together pretty well and have a number of things in common when it comes to intrests and sometimes hobbies. Afterwards, Jewell starts to see Cyclone as her role model despite how Jewell's usually assisting her in terms of remaining calm and holding onto her hope.

In the short stories, Jewell is sent through a lot of timelines in order to save Cyclone from being consumed by despair. She finally manages to save her after three months worth of timelines. However, the way she solved it was take Cyclone to Becky so she could realize that she'll leave her behind. Although she doesn't mind it, she acknowledges that Cyclone still didn't consider how Jewell herself would be impacted if she left her in the darkness.

Irma Hegine the Hedgehog

She has a similar relationship with Irma as she does with Cyclone.


Mellinda is one of Lord's sidekicks. She fights Jewell at one point and during their fight, she yells at her telling her that she can redeem herself. Jewell keeps asking why she thought her actions were right. Mellinda admits that she doesn't know if they are right. Then there is a silence. Jewell walks up to Mellinda. While Mellinda gets scared and throws knives at her but she misses her everytime only sometimes just hitting her shoulder. When Jewell reaches her, Mellinda freaks out but Jewell holds her into an embrace. Mellinda was surprised. Jewell tells her to think about being the good guy and walks off leaving Mellinda who was low on words to say. This motivates her to be a good guy.


Michal is a bully/jerk towards Jewell in Galaxy 2. When she first appears as a new student in her class, Jewell is worried about her. She walked past her whispering something in her ear. It turned out, she gave Jewell a harsh childhood by getting her foot ran over by a car, severally injuring her arm, getting her taken for three months by a stranger, having her best friend (Strong subject) rape Jewell's best friend to the point where she doesn't want to be around her any more, spreading a rumour of her sensitivity to noise and sending her lewd images online, offline and in her draws. This caused Jewell to leave her country. She turned into a "complete monster" where she used dynamite to attack and tried to kill Jewell again but seriously injured Jewell's friend instead. Jewell then gets mad and fights her. Jewell wins and has the chance to spare Michael but then goes back to everything she's done. She cries while smiling psychotically and then kills her. Michael's body remained in Galaxy 3 so her existence is forgotten.


Jordan was a jerk who Jewell didn't like at all. He was later put into her class due to his behaviour in his last class. Jordan later attempts to drive Jewell to killing herself. He does not succeed, and instead, he slowly drives her to insanity. He does so by getting his friends to mentally abuse her. He makes himself look innocent and makes Jewell look crazy. Jewell uses Mary to manipulate Jordan into leaving her alone, but Jordan was left unsatisfied. He then kills himself and makes it look like Jewell killed him ruining her appearance towards others again. She erases his existence by sending him to the third galaxy but she is still hated because of her life in childhood.


Trinity and Jewell meet in a fight and due to Trinity's determination, Jewell wins. Trinity starts to hate her thinking that Jewell cheated (without knowledge that it was her own fault, she lost) Cyclone helps get Trinity and Jewell together but fails. When Jewell saves Trinity (getting half of each of her eyes turned purple in the process for a week in the process) Which makes them become friends. When Trinity has part of her hair sliced off revealing her eye, Jewell finds out about Trinity's past and gets her a hair extension to put over her eye in the meantime until it grows back.


Jewell's best friend in Galaxy 1. When Naomi goes into hiding and is claimed missing, Jewell helps in finding her. Later, Jewell tells Naomi about the death of her boyfriend. This drives Naomi insane slowly taking her away from existence. When Naomi runs away, Jewell goes after her as she is sent to galaxy 3 to meet up with her. She finds Naomi slowly vanishing. Naomi explains that she will no longer exist and can't see her boyfriend again because she will not be alive or dead. Naomi vanishes saying "I've been such a fool" and vanishes before Jewell can catch her. Jewell goes to her star and sees a new one appear telling it Naomi said goodbye hinting that the star was the boyfriend.

Miss. TH

Her no named Mother. Jewell has a horrible relationship with her mother loving her simply because she's her mother. Everything else she despises but she says she still has her feelings for her mother despite her not acting like so. Her mother also causes a few psychotic reactions from Jewell. Jewell's mother abuses her with her sensitivity and hits Jewell at one point. She continuously insults her and insults her with her sensitivity and then says it's a joke.


Slicer is the boy she met in Master School. The two share a conversation when Cyclone is busy but is supposed to be touring him, so she leaves it to Jewell. After the tour and getting to know each other, the two suggest that they should hang out sometime. One day, she is having trouble with a vending machine so he easily helps her out and the two have a conversation on the bench. After she finds out about his abusive father, she starts to care for him and hang out with him. Besides from Cyclone, he's most likely the strongest relationship she has with a character in a positive way.


At first, Mary was a comic relief antagonist who has a playful, yet sadistic personality. She wanted to manipulate Jewell into insanity. However, Jewell manages to deny her ideals thus earning her respect. After the time, Mary turned into a hero instead of a villain. She eventually starts point out all of Jewell's emotional weaknesses and helps her overcome most of them. Eventually, Jewell says that she sees Mary as a good friend who she looks up to. Mary is touched by this and the two become companions.


"Master school? What type of name is that?" -Jewell "I'm right here!" -Jewell

"Naomi, don't get yourself worked up. There's always a chance to start over... Just trust me" -Jewell

"I feel sorry for you. I really do."

"It's okay, Slicer."

"Try to think on the positive side of things, and things will turn out fine. Sure, it sounds cheesy and stupid but, at least you'll figure out there's hope somewhere."

"Why did it have to be her?"

"Please! Help me out here!"


  • Elle(Sister)
  • Miss.TH(Mother)
  • Yani(Brother)



  • Cyclone the Hedgehog (Best friend)
  • Irma Hegine the Hedgehog (Close friend)
  • Becky the Skyhog
  • Kaelin the Hedgefox (Close friend)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (Close friend)
  • Nikiara Blitzfire (Good friend)
  • Mia "Mialeena" the Hedgehog
  • Amy Rose
  • Miles "Tails" Prower
  • Velvet the Cat
  • Vanessa the Cat(acquaintance)
  • Cassie the Rabbit
  • Trinity the Hedgehog (Close friend)
  • Slicer the Hedgehog(Close friend)



  • Lord the Bat
  • Dr. Eggman
  • Dutchess Night



Jewell is a well received character. She has become a fan favorite for her fighting style and "sides".



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Eisblume - Für immer


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Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica Rebellion OST - Take Your Hands


Jewell has barely any stamina. Even though she's very fast, she slows down really fast if she pushes herself too hard which happens a lot. She also says that she can't run as fast as her friends. She also has a mental weakness where she is easy to go insane if she is pushed to it.

Jewell has a sensitivity to noise, which backfires to her journey to partial insanity when people yell in her ears continuously. Jewell is shown to have mental weaknesses throughout Master School as Mary tells her.


Jewell was voiced by Hilary Haag.


  • The Woobie - Out of all of the characters, she seems to be the most unlikely. She has the most messed up past out of all the characters, constantly gets ignored and gets abused by pretty much everyone in Galaxy 1. She was also kidnapped as a child and had her arm experimented on with bones being chipped down, replaced with robotic parts and broken all while she was awake(Keep in mind that she was nine years old at that time and she spent three months there). Jewell is the only character who has needed rescuing from being captured that never got rescued and had to rescue herself(Which she did, killing the kidnapper with a syringe). Examples like this happen and have happened to her.
  • Unpopular Popular Character - Pretty much everyone hates Jewell in Galaxy 1. Even in galaxy 2, there are continuous jokes on how she doesn't matter(Although it's pretty light). However, she is a fan favorite character and is very loved.
  • Stoic Woobie - How she acts around Galaxy 1.
  • Anti-Climax Boss - In the light novel remake of the SoniGals, she kills the blue master and he seems to freak out when she pretty much instakilled him. It's a shame because he was built up as a main antagonist only to be one of Jewell's victims. In the end, his point was to torture Jewell so she can be the abused character that she usually is.
  • Berserk Button - When she defeats Michael, she looks like she'll spare her. However, she shows a psychotic and tragic smile and kills her hinting that she stabbed her face continuously.
  • I Just Want to Be Loved - Jewell just wants rare people to hate her. She wants them to see her as that person in the background that nobody cares about but it would be nice to be seen as more. However, things don't go her way and she's used as the punching bag of the series.
  • Innocent Blue Eyes - Jewell's eyes are beautiful and actually have a shine shaped like a heart.
  • Butt Monkey - Out of all the protagonists, she's put through the most despair. She has the most awful events to witness and have happen to her.
  • Break the Cutie - Such a sweet, innocent and caring girl that is set up with a likable personality is always knocked back by the despair the series puts her through.
  • Genki Girl - While not energetic, she's certainly positive. She looks on the bright side and smiles a lot in front of other people. She likes to joke around with people and loves seeing unique sights. There's a scene in the light novels where she buys a white dress and tries it on. She starts to twirl around by a fountain and giggles. When Becky and Slicer spot her, she blushes but plays it off as cool soon after unlike the normal reaction.
  • Tomboy - Can be considered this with some of her interests and dislikes such as how she doesn't like make up. She isn't as tomboy as characters such as Cyclone though.
  • Big Damn Heroes - She saves Slicer twice, saves Cyclone and Becky once and she saves everyone at one point. She also saves Amber at one point in order to turn back time and save Becky.
  • All Girls Want Bad Boys - This starts off when she hangs out with Slicer. He appears like the ladies's man bad boy at first but she seems to get along with him still. She simply gets closer when she finds out about his softer side.
  • Only Sane Man - She's usually the one to bring in common sense whenever her opinion is welcomed.
  • Troubled Child - As revealed with her former second side, she is just a child looking for a break.
  • Moment of Awesome - Jewell has several moments of saving the day. She also has a lot of fun fight scenes that are always entertaining even if they're messed up.
  • Heartwarming Moments - Quite a lot. When she befriends Trinity, when she motivates Cyclone, when she stops Slicer from suicide, etc.
  • Nightmare Fuel - Several times. Some of her murders, some particular moments in her past, her crazy faces, etc.
  • What Do You Mean, It's Not for Kids? - Her backstory, the gory moments she causes, the dark subjects, etc. Handled in her character. Despite this taking place in the same universe.
  • Badass - When she's fighting, she can fit this trope. Even when isn't fighting, this trope can fit.
  • Because You Were Nice to Me - Cyclone and Slicer can assist her and help with her character development. Mary also fits in here.
  • Badass Adorable
  • Shrinking Violet - Can act like this several times when people feel she's feeling down.
  • Character Development - One of the most developed. She's constantly learning more about herself and changing as the story goes on. She's still in development since she remains the victim of insanity once it's thought about.
  • Killer Rabbit - Looks weak and seems to be innocent with her fun and friendly personality, but is actually insane.
  • Nice Guy
  • Action Girl - All female characters(With few exceptions)fall under this, including Jewell.
  • Defeat Means Friendship - Jewell fights someone with all her power and loses. She then learns she can be defeated. Despite her fighting an antagonist, he simply flips her over and waves her goodbye offering her to be his ally. Unfortunately, he is eventually killed.

Fun Facts

  • Jewell is a fursona. Cyclone is also a fursona.
  • Jewell is possibly the weakest of the three. Possibly because she is a higher rank then Irma.
  • Jewell hates Galaxy 1.
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    Jewell gif

  • Jewell calls her last name "TH" in all galaxies. This stands for "The Hedgehog".
  • It is possible she has a different last name but doesn't want to reveal it.
  • Jewell is one of the only revealed galaxy travelers that is still living. The others being Lord(And co), Blaze and Faith.
  • Jewell can be seen at the end of SoniGals: Adventure awaits at Becky and the others's concert.
  • Hannah mentions to Kaelin that Jewell graduated Master High but it was announced that Story was not cannon. So there was a theory that she was once in Master High from story but like Irma, was not satisfied and went to Master School.
  • Jewell is the most energetic of the main three as well as the most unstable.
  • Jewell is most likely the most developed character in the SoniGals universe.
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