Jet the Hawk is a green, fourteen-year-old anthropomorphic Hawk, and the leader of the Babylon Rogues, who is also from the canon series. Currently, however, he suffers amnesia, and is not an active member.


Early Life

Jet was born into a clan of thieves known as the Babylon Rogues. Later in life, he became a part of the Babylon Rogues, acting as the leader of the team, a position his father had passed down to him.

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Prior to Sonic Fanfiction

It seems there may have been an incident where Jet hit his head and lost all memory of his previous life. It is currently unknown what happened to his teammates.

IncaIceBunny's Fanfictions

Sonic Fanfiction

Appearances in Chapters 1-5

The first part of Chapter 2 is taken from Jet's POV, and like the others, it is written in second-person narration. However, when Chapter 2 first begins, it states the POV is unknown.

He now lives alone in a forest, and suffers amnesia, with little-to-no memory of his life prior to that. He is seen standing in a tree, watching a large airship fly over him. He becomes angry since it ruined his sleep, and decides to go after it to give the captain a piece of his mind. As he runs after it, he doesn't mind the trees getting in the way, and just jumping on top of the branches. It occurs to him he does not remember why jumping up onto the trees is so easy for him, but he decides it does not matter. A tree then gets in his way and because he did not jump in time, he crashes into it face first. He looks up and the airship had vanished. He then decides to give up the chase.

Next to him, Jet finds an acorn, and puts a face on it, using the blood that was dripping from his beak. He asks the acorn its name and it "introduces" itself as Linda. He asks Linda if "she" has a place to stay. When he finds out she doesn't, he decides Linda can come stay with him, and decides that they are going to be best friends for forever.

Once they arrive at his home, a small tent he made out of sticks. Jet goes up into a tree and collects some leaves in order to make a bed for Linda. Linda "asks" his name, and Jet tells her that it has been so long since anyone he knows well has ever spoken to him, so he doesn't remember. He then takes Linda inside to prepare her bed, and he tells her that there is something he wants to show her. 

He then picks his own bed off the ground, a green, yellow, white, and gray board. He tells Linda it might've been something else once, and that it might've belonged to him before the night he hit his head and lost almost all of his memory, but it was probably broken now. He tells Linda he likes to call himself "Jake", and Linda "asks" why. Jet explains he doesn't know if it's his real name or not, but he calls himself that because of the "J" initial carved beneath the board. He tells her that it even though he doesn't understand why, he hates being on the ground. He tells her how he tried to fly once, but kept falling on his face. Someday, however, he wants to try it again, and to take Linda with him, since he doesn't want to fly alone.

He then notices bugs crawling on Linda, and brushes them off, though in the process, accidently knocking down one of the small sticks of his tent, though it doesn't seem to have an effect on the sturdiness. He asks Linda if she is okay, and it seems she is just fine. Jet asks Linda if she is "thirsty", and takes her to a very clean spring in the forest where they can drink from. 

Once they arrive, Jet tells Linda he wants her to "drink" first, and sets her face towards the water so she can "drink", but half of her face washes off in the process. Jet repeatedly punches himself in the face until he bleeds again, and uses the blood to recreate Linda's face. He is satisfied with the results, but feels light-headed, and close to losing consciousness. He carefully brings himself towards the spring, and scoops up some water to drink, and remarks to himself it is good, but tastes a bit like blood.

Jet looks over and sees Linda "talking" to a dark gray rock nearby. Linda "tells" Jet that the rock needs a face. Jet takes some of the leftover blood from his beak, and makes a face on the rock. He asks Linda who she's "talking" to. He learns the rock's name is "Eli". Eli "complains" that he can't "see" or "talk" very well, even though Jet gave his blood to her to use as a face, but he can't see it very well. He then promises Eli that he and Linda will "help" her find a better face. A girl's voice asks if Jet is alright, since there is blood everywhere, and she asks if it's his.

Jet turns to see a white hedgehog girl his age, presumably on her way home from school. However, Jet mistakes her for a figment of his imagination. He tells her he is fine, but Eli "needs help", and he introduces the hedgehog to him. Eli then "tells a joke" about French snails and barbecue, and even though Jet doesn't think it is funny, he laughs anyway to "make him feel better".

The hedgehog girl asks how Eli needs her help, and Jet explains he can't "see" or "talk" well, and he asks her if she has any dark substance in her "imaginary backpack" that would help. The hedgehog girl offers her a black pen, and Jet re-draws Eli's face, drawing where his blood had been. Eli's face is improved, but not by much. Jet thanks the figment, taking Linda, Eli, and the pen with him. As Jet runs off, he hears the hedgehog girl say something about the pen, but he ignores her, since he believes she is simply a figment of his imagination, and there's nothing she can do about it. 

He then decides to take Linda and Eli back home. He then has a faint memory that stealing somehow felt right, as if it were part of his previous life. Jet's head then begins to hurt because he had been thinking too much, or perhaps he hit his head too hard. He thinks about how there was always a pain in his head that happens either when he thinks too hard, or falls on his face. Though he tried his best to ignore it, it never seemed to go away. Linda "tries to help" by "putting herself next to his temple", even though it doesn't work, he thanks her for "trying" anyway. Jet thinks about how nice it is to have two best friends who care about him.

Jet receives another vague memory, this time of having two best friends, who cared for him, though he did not remember their names or what they looked like, despite that he wishes he did. He then decides it doesn't matter, since now he has two new "best friends", and thinks about his other "friends" that live in the forest with him, and thinks he might make even more friends the next day, but decides he has to get Eli "situated" first.

Jet does not formally appear in the second part of Chapter 2, but it mentioned by Thunder when she says she feels sorry for him, since it is likely he has been alone for so long, he cannot tell the difference between real people and figments of his imagination.

Jet appears again in the third part of Chapter 2, when Shadow is rolling around in a mud puddle to make camouflage for himself. Jet yells at him to get off "his" mud puddle, and when Shadow doesn't listen, he sends Linda to "attack" him. Shadow then "holds her hostage" and Jet agrees to get leaves from the tree so he wouldn't "hurt her", He grabs a handful, and claims if he grabs any more than that, the bank teller cow will make him pay in sticks, and the only sticks he has are the sticks that make up his tent. Shadow lets Linda go, and she "tells" Jet there was no need to be afraid, since Shadow was only a figment of his imagination.

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Similarities to the Canon Counterpart

In Sonic Fanfiction even though Jet currently has amnesia, he remembers he likes to fly (though he actually flies with his board, not his wings).

Jet is still relatively obnoxious, shown when he takes Thunder's pen and purposely doesn't give it back to her.

Differences from the Canon Counterpart

Jet currently suffers amnesia and lives alone in the woods. It seems that loneliness and insanity from being alone for so long has gotten the better of him, and he frequently suffers hallucinations.

He makes friends out of non-living objects, and cannot tell the difference between real people, and people inside his imagination, shown through interactions with Thunder and Shadow.

He may be more caring than his counterpart, shown when Shadow pretends to hold "Linda" hostage, and he seems genuinely concerned about "her" safety.

The first two differences can also be considered weaknesses.


Though it is not demonstrated very often, Jet has above-average physical strength.

Jet is very agile, able to leap up to high places with ease.

Jet is also a world-class Extreme Gear rider, being one of the most recognized Extreme Gear riders on Mobius.

Jet is also a professional thief, having preformed many heists, and escaped from the authorities with his fellow Babylon Rouges.



  • Unnamed father (Most likely deceased)
  • Babylonians (Ancient Ancestors)
  • Unnamed stepmother (Imaginary)




"I don't know if it's my real name or not, but I call myself Jake because of the "J" beneath the board. There's also something else that bothers me, but I can't understand why...I hate being on the ground. I know, crazy, right? I'd rather be in the air. Riding on the wind. I think I used to be able to fly/ I tried to again this one time, but heh, I kept falling on my face. But someday...someday...I'd like to try that again...and unless you're scared of heights, I want you to come with me. I don't want to fly alone."

-Jet talking to "Linda" (Sonic Fanfiction, Chapter 2, Part 1)
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