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Jet, as you saw, is a Ram Thing. He is pretty capable of ramming into people hard enough to give them headaches. However, some headaches wear of on him, causing his weakspot to appear, a red swelling. Jet is a beige ram thing who wears blue shorts and has coloress legs.


Jet is a mean, selfish man who uses 2 forms. His hedgehog businessman form and his true form, a Ram Thing. Like Eggman, he needs Chaos Emeralds for his own inventions.


Age 1-16: At age 1-4, Jet was a baby. He knew nothing about why he was born yet. At 5-13 years old, he knew why he was alive. He was born to become a big ego. But at 14-16, Jet became less energetic and met Eggman at highschool. He then mentioned to Eggman "When your older, you should make some robots. You design what they are for and just get on with them." . At an older age, Eggman made his own badniks and Jet became an adventurer.

Age 17-23: Jet was inspired by Eggman's badniks. He then made his own but it turned against him, causing him to get supernatural powers and the ability of a Ram. One day, Jet became an evil mastermind and refered Eggman as a Bald Bloke.


Jet can merge people together and make a single form. He preforms this action with himself and That Bald Bloke in case of emergency. He also has the power to make a single cell organism of a Ram Thing so it duplicates. He even puts it in food so anyone who eats it slowly turns into a Ram Thing.


Jet has the ability to warp through time and quickly build stuff in a second. He can even run as fast as Sonic the Hedgehog


Theres not much but Jet is so tall, anyone who climbs onto his head gets thrown of after the red swelling is hit. The most annoying part is that they take maximum damage from this attack. During Jet's fight, you can get Tails to give you more health.


On Jets head is his weakness, a red swelling. You have to hit this red swelling 20 times to defeat Jet.


  • Jet is the real first person to find a Chaos Emerald.



Jet as he appears


Jet using his power orb.

Jet Battle theme

Jet Battle theme

Jet's boss theme.

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