Jesston is the capital city of the Mobian Confederation.


Jesston, being in a confederate district, is home to MPs from all four kingdoms, they come from each constituency of the nation (two MPs per constituency, one to Jesston, one to the capital of their home kingdom. In Jesston's case, there's only one MP). As such, there is an equal amount of English, French, and German speakers. The city is also one off the most diverse places in Mobius, religion-wise.


Jesston was established in 200 AD by human settlers after pushing out the Overlanders in the region. Jesston was the capital of the Alban-Frank kingdom Mergisland (no relation to the city of Mergiston). In 900, when the Moblos took over, Jesston became a safe area for humans to escape persecution. The city was a central part of the Jesston Revolution of 1787 in which the humans managed to declare independence and create the short-lived nation of New Mergisland until it was put to an end by Albion. Throughout the 19th and 20th Centuries, the human population on Jesston was dwindling and was getting replaced by the Mobians. In 1969, Ivo Robotnik overthrew the Albionian monarchy and established the Albion Workers' Union with Jesston (which was then renamed to Ivograd) being the capital. In 1976, Myles McCloud overthrew the Robotnik regime and re-established the Kingdom of Albion as one of the four kingdoms in the Mobian Confederation. Jesston was then renamed back to its old name and the city and its surrounding area was then declared a confederate district as Jesston became the capital of the Mobian Confederation. Jesston is currently the second largest city in the nation with Mergiston (Mobotropolis) as the largest city.

Notable Areas

  • Jesston State Hall - the building that houses the Mobian parliament, it was built in 1787 to house the Mergisland parliament but, when it was completed, Mergisland was put to an end by Albion.
  • Hundleman Palace - A royal palace built in 1787 to house the Mergisland Royal Family but, when it was completed, the Mergisland Royal Family was executed by Albion soldiers to prevent another Jesston Revolution. The palace has been inhabited by the Mobian Royal Family since 1976.
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